AMC Update Thursday 6/10/04

All My Children Update Thursday 6/10/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Tad is ready to take Krystal out of the hospital. But David Hayward says he needs to examine her for himself and make sure she is o.k. Tad informs David that his father has authorized Krystal’s release and David is not even on staff anymore, so he has no say in the matter. David announces that the board has reinstated his permanent staff privileges. David takes Krystal into his room. Tad tells his father that it’s a big mistake that David is now on staff. Inside David’s exam room, Krystal asks him what he wants. He says he’s not worried that she has any medical problems. It’s more for personal reasons, meaning his attitude about her involvement with Tad, and some information he’s puzzled about, that he wants to talk to her. He inquires about the confusion over whether the baby everybody assumes is Babe and JR’s Bess, is not actually their baby. He informs her that Liza is sniffing around, concerned about that. Krystal tells him that Liza is a liar and just acting out of jealousy toward Krystal’s relationship with Tad. He informs her that he found out from Liza that a doctor and old friend of his is Babe’s father, never having known before of his friend and colleague’s involvement with Krystal. Hearing this, Krystal gives no response and walks out of David’s office.

Babe walks into a chapel by herself. She notices the priest wearing overalls. He informs her that the chapel has been damaged by the storm a few months ago, but God willing, it will be repaired. He asks her if she has anything on her mind, sounding like he’s never met her nor knows anything about her. He tells her she can pray and the Lord will hear her prayer. She tells the strange priest who does not know her that she lost her little boy; he died in a crash during the same storm that damaged the chapel. She confides in him that she only had her baby for a few precious moments and he was gone. She tells him she was sick with a fever after giving birth, but even thereafter, her mother wanted to keep the news of his death from her. The priest says her mother must have just wanted her mother to protect her. She tells him the moment she found out, her heart went right back to the time and place where she lost him. He asks her to close her eyes and not be afraid and talk to her baby. She says: “hey, little man. This is your momma. I’m here to ask you to forgive me. I should have taken better care of you.” She tells him she loves him so much, feels so close to him and hopes he feels close to her.

Ryan and Kendall enter the empty room where Erica has been staying but don’t find Erica. They are alarmed to discover the room has been trashed and her things are still there. They meet Zach Slater. Ryan asks who he is. He does not answer in a courteous way. Kendall exclaims that she recognizes clothing and belongings of her mothers’. Ryan demands that Slater tells them what he has done with Erica. Right away, two guards come and grab Ryan’s arms, ready to remove him from the room. Slater informs Ryan and Kendall that he is the owner and he is renting it to one of his dancers, Desiree Dubois. Kendall says she knows that Desiree Dubois is really her mother, Erica Kane. Slater is taken by surprise to notice that Kendall is Erica’s daughter and informs Kendall he’s heard all about her. Instantly, Kendall assumes Erica’s told him all about what a terrible person she is. He informs her, quite the contrary, Erica spoke very highly of Kendall. But he goes on to admit that “Desiree” is having problems. Kendall expresses that she knows that Erica is drinking, which Slater confirms. He tells them he has no clue where Erica is but if he finds out anything he will tell them. When Slater leaves, Ryan informs Kendall that he does not trust that guy. He gets on his cell phone and calls one of his contacts. Ryan tells Kendall that apparently Erica knew that Slater was following her and left her hotel room. Kendall notices Erica’s scarf, puts it around her neck and remembers how her mother likes everything neat and tidy. So that confirms to her that Erica must not have willingly left the room with that mess.

Bianca goes to Fusion and asks Kendall’s colleagues if they’ve seen or heard from Kendall. She informs them that Kendall has not answered her cell phone and she has noticed Kendall’s car is not at her home. Simone and Mia say they have not seen her. Bianca says she thought the only thing occupying Kendall’s mind, these days, would be work. But Greenlee informs Bianca that work is not Kendall’s number one priority. At that moment, a man arrives, delivering an enormous box, large enough to fit a human being in it. Immediately, Bianca knocks on the box and calls out to Kendall, assuming her sister is in the box. Greenlee informs Bianca that she knows that Kendall has invited herself to accompany Ryan on his trip to find Erica.

JR tells Liza that he is not about to “share” his company with Ryan Lavery, especially when Ryan wants to share it with Greenlee Smythe. He also tells Liza that he does not want her getting in his way, or he will let everybody know about the plan she has plotted to run Krystal and Babe out of town. Liza inquires if that means he’s trying to blackmail her. He tells her that he needs to preserve a legacy for all of the Chandler children, including his child, and for her child as well. And he doesn’t want any “little Lavery’s” taking over his family’s company. He asks her if she’s “with him”. She says she is as long as there is no “hostile takeover”. They end their interaction on a courteous note. But right at that moment, Krystal enters, aware that Liza is trying to dig up dirt on her and her daughter. She tells Liza that if she wants to go after her, she may go for it, but if she does anything to hurt Krystal’s “baby doll”, Krystal will part Liza’s hair with a chainsaw.

Dr. Martin tells his son that he should not let David Hayward get to him. But Tad tells his father that David is so arrogant. Dr. Joe asks Tad if he is just primarily concerned about David’s medical privileges or if there’s more involved, meaning both of their interest and competitive attitude toward Krystal. Tad admits that’s true. As soon as David appears, he goes to confront him about what has happened to Krystal. David makes a sarcastic comment, and clearly displays his jealousy toward Tad’s involvement with Krystal.

Greenlee urges Bianca to tell her everything she knows about Kendall’s secret plan. She tells Bianca that she knows that Kendall has some secret plan and Kendall must have secretly overheard something she should not have heard, by hiding herself in that big box. Although torn between her loyalty to her sister and being decent to Greenlee, Bianca divulges that what Kendall has discovered can send Greenlee and Ryan to prison. But Greenlee concludes that although Kendall’s behavior, recently, indicates she’s really lost it and may be after revenge, she knows that Kendall’s love for Ryan is stronger than anything else, so she would stop short of anything that would hurt him.

Kendall admits to Ryan that she did not just accompany him on this flight because of Erica. She came there because she wanted another chance with him. She admits that many people, including Bianca, believe that she will never change. She admits that when she walked into this room, she saw all too close and too personally what has happened to her mother. She says she knows she is very much like Erica. When she feels she cannot trust, she runs and does crazy things. She knows how Erica is hiding with the alcohol. She says that she knows she once reached out to Erica and saved her, and if she can, once again, save her mother, then maybe there is hope for her yet. And she tells him, that on a similar note, she wants that chance with him, to be saved. He tells her that he cannot save her. But at that moment, she divulges to him that she was hiding inside that big box, eavesdropping upon his board meeting with Greenlee and the others. He tells her although he did not know she was hiding in the box, she has just confirmed his suspicion. She admits that she wanted to get to the bottom of why he married Greenlee. Right there, unknown to them, Zach Slater hears and sees their conversation from his surveillance camera screen, just as he had spied upon Erica the previous day.

Babe privately talks to “Bess” telling her that she has gone to pray for her baby boy. At that moment, she is surprised to see David Hayward enter her room. He sounds like he’s coming for a ‘social call’. She asks if he’s concerned about her mother. He says no, assuring her Krystal is fine, but he’s concerned about her and her stress. But he’s obviously up to something, involving finding out the true DNA of Bess. He listens to her heart with his stethoscope. He, then, informs her that he heard on the radio that her “ex”, Paul Kramer, is alive. He expresses surprise to discover she is not happy to know that Paul is not dead. And right at that moment, he tells her that her heart has skipped a beat. She tells him she must take care of the baby. He sounds very friendly, informing her that he knows she is under a lot of stress, and assures her that she may tell him anything that is going on with her. At that moment, JR enters and demands to know what David is doing. Babe urges JR to calm down and not be rude to David. David informs JR that he is the same guy who saved his wife’s life. He leaves but tells Babe she may call him if she needs anything. She is surprised to notice her husband so stressed, tells him he thought he’d gotten over his fear of somebody taking Bess away. And it seems she can tell there is something going on with JR that he is not revealing. He asks her what, specifically she has done to make sure Bess does not get taken away. She looks away and tells him the DNA test confirmed that she is theirs. But she then tells him she needs to leave and lets him watch Bess. JR privately tells Bess she is safe and will always be safe with her daddy.

Krystal tells Liza that it is none of her business how she had her daughter. The doctor she conceived Babe with was only a sperm donor and Liza had better leave her alone. Liza demands to know what Krystal plans to do, beat her up? And she makes crude comments about Krystal being a tramp. At that moment, the two women engage in a catfight, right for Tad to witness. Krystal manages to knock Liza out. Tad pulls her away, informing her she’s just gotten out of the hospital and he tries to revive Liza.

David is still ready to put his plan into motion to prove the true DNA of Bess and who's baby she really is.


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