AMC Update Wednesday 6/9/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 6/9/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

From Vegas, Erica talks to Ryan on the phone while he’s at Jack’s birthday party and she asks him if she can trust him. It sounds like she has deliberately dialed Ryan’s private cell phone and has no clue she’s reached him at Jack’s. She sounds very drunk and disoriented and like she is hearing and seeing things. While Ryan talks to her at Jack’s, everybody stands silently, watching and listening to the phone conversation. She cries and begs Ryan to help her. He promises to be there as soon as he can. When she hangs up, she sees blurs and her balance becomes shaky. She is haunted by a vision of an unidentified person dressed in black and screams to them that Ryan is going to come and make them go away. Ryan informs Jack and the others that he talked to Erica and she sounded drunk. They all ask where she was. He reports that Erica told him she was in hell that she asked him to help her and he says he must go and find her. But at that point, Kendall tells him he’s not going. He tells her that it is not her call to make and protests that Erica is very upset. Kendall says she is intoxicated. Jack says she is ill. Kendall asks everybody to take a vote on what should be done with Erica. But Jack protests that it is none of their call to make about what Erica should do, and if she chooses to call only Ryan, trusting only him, they all must respect that. He tells her that all he wants is for Erica to be back and be all right and that once Erica is back, Kendall can do whatever she wants to express her anger toward her mother. But he will not let anything stop any effort to help Erica. Kendall asks everybody if they really believe that she wants to hurt her mother. She cries and tells Bianca that all she’s ever wanted even before she knew that Erica was her real mother was to know that somebody out there wanted her and needed her the way she needed them. Bianca hugs her. She informs them that her “dream came true” with Erica for about five minutes. But then Erica left and took that all away from her. Jack asks Kendall if she wants Erica back. Kendall says that Erica should have called. Jack says that it might be better that she called Ryan, because Ryan might be able to be a little more objective than any of them, and not arouse any emotional upheaval the way others too close to the situation could. Bianca agrees, as does Greenlee, as does Reggie.

In Vegas, Erica is being tormented by a dark figure that looks like a card dealer throwing cards at her and laughing. She apparently sees this as the “grim reaper”. She demands that somebody opens the door so she can get out of this room an get away from this “person”. She then huddles under a blanket and lies on the couch, muttering that she does not want to die.

As Krystal is passed out from another panic attack, Tad hears her mutter something about Bianca, Babe and JR. Krystal sees Bianca wanting her to confess that she falsified the DNA test, which caused Miranda to be taken from Bianca.

Liza is at David Hayward’s home. He tells her that if she wants to “break up” Krystal and Tad, she is on her own with that. But she urges him that he must help her and he should want to. She informs him that she has found Babe’s real father on the internet. She informs him that Babe’s father is a doctor. Dr. Ron Fitzgerald. David reveals that he knows the doctor and is very surprised that he is Babe’s father. Liza asks David if he has any idea where the doctor is living and practicing. David admits he has no idea what he’s doing now nor why Babe’s father chose to be a surgeon, as he remembers him most recently. Liza suggests that he calls him and asks him and invites him to a surprise party where he runs into Krystal and Babe. Liza protests to David that Krystal is a gold-digging lying mother. David says that that is a problem that Adam Chandler must deal with, but which she need not. But she tells David that everybody needs to know the truth about Krystal Carey. David tells Liza that it’s a very blurred and fine line that separates obsession from sickness and she needs to get Tad out of her mind. She tells him that’s like calling the kettle black. He tells her she must let go, that Krystal is not responsible for all the ills and tragedies in the history of the world. He tells her she needs a good therapist and demands that she gets out of his cabin, now.

Tad takes Krystal to the hospital. At this point, she is completely aware of everything going on and is no longer hallucinating and seeing Bianca. Dr. Joe Martin says she must stay in the hospital overnight although she says it is not necessary because she is fine. When Dr. Joe leaves and she is alone with Tad, she tells him that he need not stay with her. He tells her that he feels responsible since her took her to the ballgame which caused her stress. She asks what she might have said when she was passed out. He informs her that she was mumbling something about Miranda, about Bianca, and about Babe and JR. She gives no indication that she’s afraid that Tad is “onto” her. She protests that she and her daughter are both under stress about Babe’s marriage. And she acknowledges that there is stress due to her daughter’s best friend losing her baby. But he reveals to her that he knows that there is something much more involved in all of this. He tells her that he knows that she is a good person and whatever is going on, she can trust him and tell him whatever it is. She admits that she is so afraid. He asks what about. She says about Babe; she is so afraid that her daughter will lose everything she has ever loved. He tells her that his own family life was no rosier than hers. He informs her that although he is a “Martin”, he had many different parental figures and family crisis in his life, growing up. He says he has his own nightmares now. He may have had a happy ending, but he tells her that many times no matter how many times we want to forget the past, it comes back and haunts us. He tells her that he wants to help her to feel safe and to be the guy that will be there for her. She puts her arms around him.

When Kendall and Bianca go outside Jack’s door, Kendall tells her sister that she wishes she knew if her mother really wanted or needed them. Bianca tells Kendall that even if Erica came back and wanted to be with all of them, she does not believe that things would ever be the same after Bianca lost Miranda. Kendall mentions that she believes that could have been largely her fault. Bianca says that maybe they all play a part in driving Erica away. But Erica made the choice to flee to Vegas, refused to contact any of them and is drinking. And that is not for anybody to blame themselves for.

Erica awakens and finds herself lying on what looks like a hospital bed or a casket. She screams No! No! No!

In the private Jet, Ryan asks Greenlee if she is really o.k. with his plan to go and save Erica. She assures him that she is completely o.k. with it, realizing Erica chose him, she trusts him, and because Greenlee realizes Erica is not very trusting of her, she knows Ryan must go alone. Right when Greenlee leaves, Kendall suddenly appears. She promises to Ryan that she is not there to make any trouble. She tells him that she knows that before she came along, Erica and Bianca were as close as any mother and daughter could be. She says she just wants to help. But he tells her that her accompanying him to see Erica is a bad idea. She tells him that she needs to do this for Erica, for Bianca and for herself, and she urges him to let her come with him. Ryan tells Kendall that he needs her to make promises to stay out of his mission to find Erica. She agrees. He announces, that against his better judgment, he will let her accompany him.

As Erica sits in what appears to be a casket she looks all around her and sees her family dressed in black, at her funeral. Kendall, Jack and Reggie look at her casket but say nothing. She sees Ryan from a distance and cries that Ryan would not come and get her out of that death trap. She urges Jack to get her out of there. He tells her that he loved her, past tense. But Reggie assures him that Erica is in a better place, now. They leave and Kendall and Bianca appear. Kendall says they fought too much and wasted too much time But Erica begs her to believe that there is still so much time left. Then, she sees her two daughters abandon her just as her fiancé and future stepson have done. Then she calls to Ryan and asks him to help her. He tells her that he knows his dad is finding peace in the afterlife and he knows Erica will also. Ryan joins the others. She keeps pleading for Ryan to save her from the man in the room. Then she urges Jack not to leave. But Jack closes the door. All the others leave with him. And she is left alone in the room with the man in the dark, dealing the cards.

At Jack’s, Bianca sits on the couch with her uncle. He tells her how proud he is of her for being so strong. She tells him that she doesn’t believe she’s done anything special but she does not know what to do except to keep going on. And he tells her that she must believe that some day, some way, everything will work out. He tells her she must not give up hope because she’s given hope to the entire family.

Liza gets on the phone and contacts Dr. Fitzgerald, Babe’s real father, informing him that she owns a television station and wants to interview him for his expertise on pediatrics. She offers to fly him out to Pine Valley for the interview.

Alone, in David’s’ cabin, he remembers the conversation he had with Liza where she knows there is something fishy with Krystal declaring that the baby is a Chandler.


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