AMC Update Tuesday 6/8/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 6/8/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Tad enters Adam Chandlers study. He asks where everybody is. He notices a book about divorce case law pulled from the shelf and wonders who’s been reading it. At that moment, JR enters. Tad asks him if he’s considering a divorce. JR reminds his stepfather that he knows that Tad knows all about keeping secrets and playing sneaky games and he knows Tad must have breathed a sigh of relief after confirming the DNA test results. Tad admits that he does. JR informs Tad that he realizes that he was just checking the law books to find out whether his marriage is really legal and also tells Tad that he has outgrown baseball cards, is no longer a kid and Tad needs to realize he’s a grown man. He reminds Tad that he’s survived a lot throughout his life and he will survive whatever is before him. At that point, Tad reveals to JR that he has a date scheduled with Krystal.

Bianca returns to Jack’s with a cake for Jack’s birthday and asks Reggie how Lily is doing. Reggie remarks how amazing Jack is with his daughter. Outside in the hallway Greenlee enters with Ryan. He tells his new wife that he thinks it’s great that she’s ready to celebrate her father’s birthday. Right behind them, Kendall enters with a cake and gift for Jack. Sensing that there may be a conflict, Bianca tells everybody that she knows they are all there with a common interest; to celebrate Jack’s birthday, and so they all must realize that they are there for him, not for themselves. She privately takes Kendall aside and says she is surprised to see her. Kendall asks if Bianca believes she’s going to be making trouble for Ryan and Greenlee. Bianca admits that the thought has crossed her mind. But Kendall tells her sister she is there for Jack. Greenlee asks Ryan what he believes Kendall is up to. Reggie asks Kendall and Bianca what they believe should be done with Lily. Greenlee suggests that it may be too overwhelming for Lily to see all these new faces all at once. At that point, Kendall volunteers to leave. Right when she goes out the door, she runs into Jack with Lily. Kendall introduces herself to Lily, telling her that she is sort of a cousin to Lily, she is Bianca’s half-sister. Lily inquires how people can be “half” sisters. Are they only “half” people? Kendall admits that she knows it’s a difficult concept. Jack explains that Kendall and Bianca have the same mother but different fathers. But Greenlee is able to help Lily understand that she and Lily are both daughter’s of Jack and that makes them half-sisters. Privately, Greenlee asks if Kendall is on drugs. Kendall replies she’s just high on life. Greenlee says she does not buy Kendall’s “nice act” toward her. But Kendall tells Greenlee that she can help her by referring her to a really good shrink.

In Vegas after the dance, Erica gets an attitude. But when she looks in the mirror, she sees Bianca telling her mother that she is hurting everyone. Erica tries to erase her image of Bianca. At that moment, Zach Slater enters and tells her that maybe she shouldn’t go out tonight. She tells him of course she plans to dance tonight, she is a professional and that she is fine. But he tells her that she appears drunk. She tells him that all he cares about is that he is right and that he makes a fool out of the rest of them. But she does appear to be slurring her speech and getting intoxicated. When Zach leaves, she secretly pulls a bottle of booze out of her drawer and pours it. Just then, an image of Jack appears in the mirror and tells her he will not talk to her until she stops drinking.

Babe is concerned about her mother’s panic attacks and says they must go and visit Dr. David Hayward. David tells Krystal that she has something very special there; a daughter who cares about her. Babe informs him that he either needs to treat her mother and assure them of a clean bill of health or else he needs to teach her CPR so that she may help her mother. Babe says she will wait outside. At that moment, David tells Krystal that he must say those words again, that she may take off her blouse. He tells her that her heartbeat is slightly above the normal rate and asks whether he should take that as a compliment. But she informs him that she has a date scheduled tonight with Tad. He also mentions the knowledge he has of lie detector tests and tells her that he can do one on her right there. He asks her to breath and examines what happens when he says Tad Martin, and then what happens when he says David Hayward. He tells her that he believes that Tad Martin is hazardous to her health but that aside from her very bad taste in men, she is in perfect health. He tells her he is keeping his eye on Tad Martin. When Babe re-enters, Krystal informs her daughter that she’s fine; all David has discovered is that she has a “bad case of Tad Martin”. David asks where ‘the cad” is taking Krystal tonight. At that moment, Tad enters and lets everybody know that he is there for Krystal. When David is alone with Babe, he tells her that her mother is fine except for the “lance” she has on her arm which she needs boiled. Babe assures David that her mother will not come to any harm with Tad, thanks David for taking care of her mother and gives David a hug. At that moment, Liza enters and confronts David. She keeps trying to inform him that he needs to take Krystal away from Tad so that she can have Tad, reminding him they have a common goal.

When Erica returns to her dressing room, another dancer tells “Desiree” that she’s missed many of her dance moves. Erica tells the girl that she messed up also. The girl responds that at least she was sober. Erica tells her she better not go there or she will not come back in one piece. At that point, the girl turns around and goes out the door. Alone again, Erica pulls out her bottle of booze and paper cup and pours herself some more. After engaging in another confrontation with the other dancer, Erica again turns to the mirror and sees Bianca telling her she is not “fine”. Then she hears Reggie say the same. Then Jack. Then Kendall. They keep taunting her again and again in her mind until she covers her ears. At that moment, Zach enters and tells her that she ruined her whole dance act. She tantrums telling him he will not drag her down, nobody will. She says she will prove to all of them that she is better than any of them. She smashes the mirror and starts to cry. At that moment, Zach carries her out the door.

Tad takes Krystal to a local baseball game. He first startles her by spilling popcorn. They laugh and have a lot of fun together, get rowdy and enjoy their date together. Krystal gets into a little “scuffle” with a girl there. Then she suffers another panic attack. When Tad tries to revive her after she passes out, she believes she sees Bianca asking her to confess what she has done. And she says to whom she believes is Bianca: “It wasn’t Babe. It was me.” Tad inquires just what she is talking about.

David assures Liza that she does not need his help in “freeing up” Tad and getting rid of Krystal. He informs her that Tad Martin will screw it all up all by himself.

While JR is lost in thought in the study, Babe goes to seduce her husband. They make jokes about her being his secretary. She kisses him and leads him into the bedroom. As he walks out of the study with her, he looks behind, regretting living a lie again.

Jack goes though all the gifts he’s gotten from his guests. Lily enters and seems to be upset knowing that everybody has gotten a present wrapped up in a box except for her. Bianca and Kendall assure her that not everybody has a present in a box and some times it’s better to do something else for someone instead of a material gift. Lily says she knows of something she could give to her dad. She asks Jack that if she says “yes” now for his birthday, will it count as a birthday present? He says you bet it will and she gives him a hug.

After Zach has taken Erica to his home, and she “dries out” on his couch, she no longer has her blond “Desiree” wig on and looks just like Erica with her natural dark hair. He tells her he does not plan to fire her because she’s a great dancer when she’s sober. But he tells her she has a drinking problem. She says that’s not a nice way to talk to a “lady”. But hearing that, he pulls her up from the couch, drags her to the mirror, makes her look at herself and demands to know where she sees a “lady”. He tells her that playing Desiree Dubois doesn’t serve her well. He concludes by telling her that he will stay out of her business. She may lie to him all she wants but she can’t keep lying to herself. He also lets her know that he’s confiscated all of her booze and has locked her in his room for tonight. Alone, Erica gets on her cell phone and calls Jack’s number. When the phone rings at Jack’s party, Ryan picks it up. When they hear Ryan address Erica, everybody turns. She tells Ryan she needs his help.


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