AMC Update Monday 6/7/04

All My Children Update Monday 6/7/04

By Lori
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Erica is surprised to have received a call from Bianca. She says she wasn't told when she took the call that it was her daughter. She asks how Bianca is. Bianca says that she's okay and that she's doing a little better each day. Erica asks how Bianca knew where to find her. Bianca informs her that everyone knows about her stint as Desiree DuBois. Erica says she assumes that means there will be a cavalry out to get her and bring her back. Bianca, now in tears, says no one is coming to her rescue; they've decided to leave her in Las Vegas where she is. Bianca asks if she still wants to be left alone; is this why she's ignoring her calls and changed her hair and her name? Erica says she intends to stay in Las Vegas and she's happy that everyone respects her decision. Bianca asks if that's all she has to say. Erica asks Bianca why she called if she wants her to stay in Las Vegas. She reminds Bianca of the hurtful things she said to her before she left. Why did Bianca reach out to her? Does she want things to be right between them? Bianca, crying, says Desiree sounds just like Erica Kane. Yes, she says she said some terrible things, but she left her at the worst moment in her life. So, Erica says, this is about recriminations. Bianca says she just has to know why she turned her back on her and hurt her. Erica says she didn't mean to hurt her. Jack, who has just entered the room, asks Bianca to let him talk to Erica.

Isabella asks Edmund to forgive her. What she says sounded cruel. Edmund says he's with her on this one and leaves to check the grounds. Maria is angry with her mother for talking that way about her marriage. Maria insists that her marriage is fine. Isabella challenges how her marriage can be fine without the marriage bed. Maria says that her mother first insults her marriage, then insults her sex life. "This conversation is over", she says. Isabella leaves, reminding her daughters that there is always hope for a troubled marriage. Maria tells Anita she needs to find Edmund, but she doesn't know what she would say if she finds him. Anita says she'll find Edmund and speak to him for her.

Anita finds Edmund, who asks her what Maria did to deserve a marriage such as this one. Inside, Olivia arrives to drop off Anita's divorce papers. She asks Maria how Edmund is doing. Maria says that he's great, then admits she's lying. She says he's not doing well and she feels clueless as to how to make him believe she loves him. She says she just ripped into her mother for bringing up the subject. Olivia asks what subject Maria is referring to. Maria asks Olivia how she can convince Edmund that it's okay they're not having sex, when it's driving her crazy. She says they had great sex and now she's lucky if she gets a kiss and a hug goodnight. She shouldn't complain, however. After all, he's in a wheelchair. Olivia says there's a variety of ways they can make love. Maria says he won't hear of anything else. Plus, she can't convince him because she can't convince herself. Olivia empathizes with her. Maria says she wishes she had words to make things better, but there just aren't any. Meanwhile, Anita tells Edmund he's lucky to have found someone who loves him. While he may have lost the use of his legs, she has lost her trust and her faith in Bobby. Edmund doesn't realize how lucky he is. "Yeah, I do," he says, thanking her.

Kendall tells members of the Securities and Exchange Commission that she is there to protect her interest in Enchantment and Fusion. She says she heard a private conversation between the Laverys, and it appears they have committed a serious crime. They may be honeymooning in cell block 8, she says. One member says if they married for the purpose of funneling money, they want to know about it. Ryan tells the members that Kendall has no evidence. Greenlee says, "Miss Hart is the ultimate woman scorned". The members ask Kendall for proof. Kendall says she doesn't have any proof. When she says it appears they have committed a crime she's referring to Ryan waiting until after he married to file the transfer papers. However, as much as she hates to admit it, their marriage is real. The SEC members ask about the minister's comments about Kendall being at their wedding in a white gown. Kendall says that she's one desperate woman. She says she heard they were getting married and showed up as bride number two. A board member says he can't imagine why Kendall would lie. He congratulates the couple and the members leave. Kendall starts to leave but Ryan stops her and asks her what this performance was all about. Kendall tells him and Greenlee that she saved their butts. Ryan questions her about her comment about hearing a private conversation. She tells them to relax and that she just wanted to keep those suits away from Enchantment and Fusion. Kendall asks Ryan again if he married Greenlee for love, and he says he did. She tells them that if they don't like the trunk she got them, they can consider this their gift. She leaves, and Ryan tells Greenlee he thinks they are still in trouble. He mentions the trunk and the fact that she said she heard a private conversation. He says the trunk was heavy and Bianca opened it and shut it quickly. Then he heard Bianca talking to someone. Greenlee realizes Kendall may have been in the trunk and they think Kendall knows their marriage is not legitimate. She may have some serious ammunition against them now.

Jack gets on the phone and talks to Erica. He tells her he misses her and loves her. Erica asks Jack how he is. He says he'd be better if she were home. Zach is seen watching Erica from a TV monitor. He calls an associate who taps Zach into Erica's phone conversation. Erica tells Jack she misses him too, but he can't get her to come back. Jack says he realizes Erica has made her choice and he will honor it. She thanks him and says since he respects her wishes maybe there is still hope for them someday. Jack says someday won't happen if she's not sober. Erica hangs up on him. Bianca tells Jack he did the right thing. "We'll see, won't we," he says. Erica prepares to leave the bar, but is stopped by the sight of several bottles of alcohol. Lily sees Jack and says she can tell that he's sad because his mouth is down. She thinks it's because of her because she feels that she gets in the way. Jack assures her that she's not in the way. He asks her for a hug, but she is silent. He says it's okay and that he understands. Lily tells him she wants his mouth to turn up.

Zach approaches Erica and asks her why she's always hanging around at the bar. Erica tells him that he's her boss, not her keeper. Furthermore, she'll be moving out of this hotel as soon as possible. Erica walks away and Zach gets a phone call from his associate, who tells him the Lavery match looks legitimate. The SEC is dropping the case. Erica returns to her room with several bottles of liquor.

Kendall goes to see Bianca and says she wants to talk about Ryan. Bianca tells Kendall about Erica, and Kendall is angry, saying Erica is throwing her life away for nothing. Bianca suggests they change the subject. What did she want to say about Ryan? Kendall says she knows his marriage is not real and they haven't even been between the sheets. When she heard it she knew that Ryan still loves her. Bianca asks if Ryan knows that she knows. Kendall says it nearly killed her, but she didn't spill. She's going to be patient and wait for the right moment to say anything. She doesn't want to screw it up this time. Bianca tells her that she already screwed it up since she hid and spied on Ryan. She's the reason she's not married to Ryan. She insisted on demanding proof of his love instead of just believing he loved her. She "pulled a mom" and tricked Ryan. Now Ryan will only tell her to go to hell. Bianca realizes she has gone off on Kendall a lot lately, but it's because she loves her and can't bear her to see her like mom. Kendall asks if that's how she sees her. "Not yet", Bianca says. However, she needs to think twice before she runs after Ryan. She may end up as far away from love as she is now.

The show ends with non-verbal scenes accompanied by a musical background. Ryan is staring into space and Greenlee is watching him. Jack is looking at a picture of Erica in her showgirl costume. Erica is drinking brandy while Zach is looking at the Pine Valley Bulletin. He notices a picture in the paper of Maria and stares at it. Edmund finds Maria and holds his hand out to her. She climbs in his lap and rests her head on his shoulder.

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