AMC Update Friday 6/4/04

All My Children Update Friday 6/4/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca goes to see Ryan and says if he's playing games he has to stop. She mentions him kissing her sister. Ryan says that was Kendall's idea and he's trying to discourage her. He shows her a colorfully-painted trunk that Kendall sent as a wedding present. He is not keeping it. He gets on the phone and Bianca looks at the trunk. She opens it and finds Kendall inside. Kendall motions for Bianca to not let on she's in the trunk. Bianca shuts the trunk as Ryan approaches. She tells him it's empty. Ryan says he thinks the trunk is ugly and he's going to have it thrown in the incinerator. Bianca tells him he can't have it burned – it looks hand-painted. She would like to have it. When Ryan dismisses her request for the trunk, Bianca asks for a glass of water. Then she tells him that he can go get ready because she'll get her own water. When Ryan walks into the next room, Bianca opens the trunk again and tries to get Kendall out of the trunk. Kendall can't believe he plans to take the trunk to the incinerator. She spent good money on this. She tells Bianca she's there because she needs to find out how Ryan really feels about Greenlee. Bianca tells her what she needs is a shrink, and she's taking her to her's right now. Kendall says that kiss was all she needed to know that she and Ryan aren't over. She knows that by hiding in this trunk she'll hear something. She won't get caught. Bianca reminds her that Greenlee isn't even there. Kendall says she'll wait. "What am I going to do with you," Bianca says as Ryan re-enters the room and the trunk is closed. Ryan asks her if she was talking to someone. "Yes I was," she says. She says she was reciting a personal mantra that helps her relax.

Greenlee goes to Stuart's art gallery and asks him if he knows where she could find a Dynamite Kiddo comic book. She wants to give one to Ryan. Stuart just happens to have some in a shoebox on his desk. He says he collects them. He offers one to Greenlee as a wedding present. While Stuart tends to another customer, Anita walks in carrying a miniature art object. She tells Greenlee she heard the news about her marriage and seems happy for her. However it hasn't worked out for her. She tells Greenlee she is getting divorced. Greenlee is surprised. She says Bobby sounded sincere when he said he wanted to make his marriage work. Anita tells her that Bobby lied about being in Las Vegas with Erica. Greenlee talks down about Erica, saying Erica thinks the whole universe is about her. Anita says this is more about Bobby and his lies. She gave him a second chance and she got slammed. Anita shows Greenlee the small statue she brought in. It was something that Bobby spotted and believed it was worth something. She bought it for him as an anniversary gift. Greenlee gets a call from Simone. It sounds important, with Greenlee saying no one is going to jail. She'll handle this, she says as leaves. Stuart returns and Anita shows him the art object. He says she could probably get $3,000 for it. Anita says that will be just cover it.

Ryan asks her where her water is. She says she still will get it. She encourages him to leave for work and she'll let herself out. Greenlee enters and tells Ryan they're in trouble. When she sees Bianca, she says it can wait till they're alone. Bianca says now that Greenlee is there, the three of them can move the trunk to her place. Ryan shoos her out, saying he'll buy her another trunk. Greenlee tells Ryan that Cambias stock took a hit because some people don't believe they're a real couple. She says if they can't prove it, they're in trouble. Members of the Securities and Exchange Commission are expecting them in the Cambias boardroom within minutes. Ryan says they could get charged with securities fraud. What if they get ahold their their prenup? Greenlee says a lot of marriages have business clauses written into prenups. Ryan asks about the no sex clause. Kendall, who is hearing this from the trunk, gleefully smiles. Greenlee says if they stay together for six months no one will know they haven't had sex. Ryan says he has an alternative. How about they make their marriage real and consummate it right now? He says maybe they could fall in love for real. He asks if she wants to hop into bed? Greenlee says she'd rather not break their prenup. She doesn't want to make love because of the SEC. She'd only want to do it because they want to together. She says they've pulled this off so far. She shows him the comic book and he is thrilled. They leave together and Kendall gets out of the trunk.

Erica is eating breakfast at the casino and nervously drops a coffee cup. Zach sees her and asks if it's too hot, or was she hoping for vodka. Erica reiterates that she doesn't have a drinking problem and says she doesn't have to prove it to him. He asks if there are any more ghosts and she says the only one haunting her is him. He shows her the Pine Valley bulletin with a cover story about Ryan and Greenlee getting married. Erica can't believe it. She says Ryan must have gotten caught in Greenlee's web and Kendall must be very upset.

Maria and Edmund are in bed together. She tells him it's good to have him there. They start to kiss and Maria tries to take the romance further. A nervous Edmund tells her they should get dressed because the kids will be up soon. He says Maddie will want pancakes. Maria says Maddie can have pancakes later. She has something else in mind for breakfast. Edmund stops her advances and tells her that part of their life is over now. He knows that she wants him, but he can't do this. Maria says they can still make love, although maybe differently. They can still hold and touch each other. They don't have to lose it completely. Edmund angrily grabs her and says he doesn't want her – not like this. He quickly says he didn't mean that. Maria says she knows what he meant, and walks out.

Danielle goes to see Reggie but he slams the door in her face. She walks in anyway. She's there to apologize for her behavior toward Lily. Danielle says she feels badly about what she said and would have backed off if she had known that Lily was challenged. She thought Reggie was punking her. Reggie says he told her the truth three times but she refused to believe him. She says she was wrong. He tells her this is over. She says he's right, this is over. She walks out. Lily enters the room and asks if she too should be sorry for yelling at Danielle. Reggie says she doesn't have to be sorry. She sees something red and goes crazy. Reggie asks her why she doesn't like red. She says it hurts her eyes. It's like moving lights she sees while in a car. It hurts, so she tries not to look at them. Jack has entered the room and is watching silently. Reggie tells Lily that Danielle talks and doesn't make any sense, but Lily is awesome. Jack says that Lily certainly is awesome.

Bianca arrives at Jack's and greets Lily, who tells her she looks different. She's bigger. Reggie re-enters the room looking for his take-home quiz. Lily gives it to him. He looks at it and says these aren't his answers. She says they're mine. His were wrong. Reggie is pleased to see that Lily has aced his quiz. Jack says he's impressed, but Reggie needs to do his own homework. He says he'll speak to Reggie's teacher about doing a make-up quiz. Lily goes back to her room and Bianca tells Jack that his place is suddenly crowded. It reminds her of the big honeymoon he was planning to take. The only thing missing is the bride.

Erica, mostly speaking to herself, asks why Kendall pushed Ryan away? The only reason he would marry Greenlee would be because of Kendall. She says no man worth having would cave into a woman's every demand. She hears Jack speaking to her, telling her to listen to herself. Erica looks at Jack and tells him he betrayed her. Jack says the betrayal was only in her mind. Zach looks back and asks how did he betray her? Erica says she doesn't need his lecture about her drinking and asks to finish her breakfast alone.

Jack tells Bianca he can't help Erica unless she lets him. Bianca says those problems run in the family. Kendall is messing up her life as well, she says. Jack tells her she can't fix her sister. He says Erica and Kendall have their own demons that they have to face on their own. He's thankful for the rest of his family. Bianca tells him that she needs to get her own place. Lily needs her own room and she needs to jump back into her life. Jack says he misses her already. Lily enters the room and asks Jack what she's supposed to do after she brushes her teeth and reads 14 pages of her book. Jack suggests they figure it out together, and they go into her room. Before she leaves, Bianca picks up a photo on Jack's table of Erica in her showgirl costume.

Erica's phone rings. She answers it saying, "This is Desiree DuBois." Bianca is calling. "It's me," she says.

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Maria goes downstairs and finds Anita, who asks if she's OK. Maria says she'll be OK soon. Maria asks Anita if she talked to Bobby. She says no, but she talked to Olivia Frye. Maria tells her she's really sorry. Anita is nervously awaiting the arrival of their mother. She's going to tell her the news. Isabella arrives and Anita tells her she has something to tell her. Isabella assumes Anita is pregnant, and excitedly hugs her daughter and says she's happy for her and Bobby. Anita says that's not what she was going to say. She tells her mother her and Bobby are getting a divorce. Isabella says they can't do that. Marriage is a sacred covenant. She took an unbreakable vow before God. Anita says Bobby didn't seem to see it that way when he cheated on her. Isabella asks Anita if Bobby wants a divorce too. She says he wants to work things out. So there's still hope, Isabella says. Anita says his lies have wiped out any hope she has. Isabella says it's not right for her to throw Bobby away because of his weaknesses. Look at her sister, she says. Look what Maria has to put up with for the rest of her life. Maria stops her mother from saying more because Edmund has just entered the room.

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Ryan and Greenlee are in the boardroom before the SEC members. They question them about their marriage, noting that Cambias transfer papers were drawn up before the marriage but not filed until afterward. Ryan tells them the papers were supposed to be filed but were not due to an oversight. One member mentions that Ryan was at Kendall Hart's home all night. And they have a signed affidavit from Rev. Lovejoy that only minutes before they were married, he was considering marrying Miss Hart. They ask if this marriage is a ploy. Do they need to investigate. Kendall storms into the room and says no investigation is necessary. She can tell them everything they need to know about this marriage.

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