AMC Update Thursday 6/3/04

All My Children Update Thursday 6/3/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Reggie attempts to communicate with Jack’s daughter Lily, offering her breakfast. She tells him she’s already eaten and recites her breakfast. Then, when she sees the plate of food, she freaks and throws it. At that moment, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Danielle. She hugs Reggie and tells him she needs his help. She also views this very “odd” girl she’s never met. Lily freaks when she sees Danielle wearing a red headband. Danielle asks what Lily’s problem is. Reggie explains that Lily has this “autism” thing and is alarmed when she sees the color red and Danielle should respect that. But Danielle does not understand and believes that Lily is just behaving like a nut to attract attention and it’s a joke. Lily covers her ears and yells stop it, while Danielle keeps taunting her, and Reggie tries to break them up. At that moment, Jack enters and is surprised to see his daughter not knowing why she’s there. Reggie explains that her social worker brought her there because she ran away after her favorite teacher quit. Suddenly, Jack’s presence seems to motivate Danielle to exhibit good behavior and she tells Reggie she’s sorry. Reggie tells her that sorry doesn’t cut it. She’s really gone too far and can’t keep making excuses for herself. Right at that moment, Derek enters and tells Reggie, yet again, that he’s going to get in big trouble for messing with Derek’s daughter. Jack tells Derek that he must stop harassing his son because Reggie has not done anything wrong. Derek concludes that all the headaches involved with Danielle will quit when she goes back to her mother. They leave and Reggie mentions that “somebody” has been a lot of trouble. Jack says he hopes Reggie is referring to Danielle and tells his son that he believes he’s done well with Lily but warns him that dealing with her and her disability may not be easy. Reggie replies to his father that “when have they ever done easy?”. Jack hugs Reggie and tells him how proud he is of his son.

In the place where Tad has discovered Krystal privately crying, she suddenly has what seems to be an anxiety attack. He tries to help her. And suddenly her attitude of wanting to be left alone changes and she tells him she’s scared and he cannot leave her. He carries her out of the place. He takes her into the room where Babe and David try to help her. Adam, JR and Liza watch from a distance. David has Krystal breath into a paper bag. But Tad tells him Krystal’s life may be on the line. David tells Tad that he is not a doctor and should not question David’s ability to treat her. He tells her she will be o.k. and knows she’s just suffered an anxiety attack. But Tad keeps venting his attitude that he knows how to take better care of Krystal than David does. The others leave David alone with Krystal. She tells him something about the truth. But he tells her he knows the truth hasn’t always been his friend. Liza tells Tad that it seems odd that Krystal would have this stress attack, on her daughter’s wedding day of all times. He reveals to her that he found Krystal in one of the tunnels crying. Liza says she finds that very odd and warns him that there are way too many secrets about Krystal and her daughter that nobody knows about.

David talks to Krystal, assuring her she will be o.k., but sensing that she still has feelings for Tad. He warns her that Tad’s girlfriends usually don’t have very long “shelf life” and even if they make it past the expiration date, it means nothing. He leaves, making it look like he’s got an attitude.

After the wedding reception, Bianca asks Greenlee what she really is thinking for why she’d marry Ryan, knowing he’s in love with Kendall. Greenlee tries to make light of it. But Bianca tells her it’s no laughing matter. Greenlee asks Bianca what she believes is the reason Greenlee married Ryan. Bianca says she believes the reason is to get back at Kendall, by taking her man and her company. Greenlee tells Bianca that she did not choose to be Bianca’s cousin, but she believes that she has made efforts to be nice to Bianca. Bianca says Greenlee’s few kind moments with her do not absolve what she’s done to Bianca’s sister. Greenlee protests that Kendall is her own worst enemy and lost Ryan because of her own behavior. She says she will not apologize for her marriage. She says she and Ryan get along, she does not give him the grief Kendall does and she believes she’s done nothing wrong.

Kendall tells Ryan that she knows that he still wants her. He tells her that after all they’ve been through, why does she get the idea that she can just seduce him and he’ll forget all about it?. He tells her that it’s the same message; Kendall wants what she wants when she wants it. And he tells her it’s for that very reason why marrying Greenlee was a “no brainer” because Greenlee does not raise the bar nor makes unreasonable demands as Kendall does. Right when Kendall puts her hands on Ryan and kisses him, Greenlee enters and witnesses.

Bianca goes to find Kendall who tells her sister that she is very confident that Ryan still wants her. Bianca inquires if Kendall plans to have an affair with a married man and tells her sister she has to get over Ryan and realize that it’s over. Kendall keeps telling Bianca that she knows that she and Ryan are meant to be. But Bianca sits her big sister down and tells her she is bordering on obsession. She tells Kendall that Simone informed her that Kendall locked Greenlee in the closet. She tells Kendall that she knows that she has gone through obsessive behavior herself when she kidnapped Bess, their mother has her own problem hiding in Vegas. She says she should know what Kendall is going through and what she must wake up and realize. She tells Kendall she must realize that she cannot have Ryan. She says that she has learned the world is not a salad bar and she cannot help herself to whatever she wants and Kendall needs to know that also. She reminds her that Ryan is married, not shacking up, not dating, not going steady. He’s married. Kendall says that may be, but everybody knows the marriage is totally bogus. Bianca says that may be the way she sees it, but it is the choice Ryan made and also reminds her sister that the very thing that makes Ryan so special in the first place is that he honors his commitments. Still Kendall does not listen.

When Ryan and Greenlee return home, he is silent and looks to have something on his mind. She asks him to talk. He tells her that he wants “this” to be over tonight. She asks whether he is referring to his entanglement with Kendall or his entanglement with her. He says that he can tell that she knows he married her merely as a firewall for his mess with Kendall. She reminds him that if he simply wanted her to have equal business partnership in Fusion, he could have just thrown money and lawyers at the “problem” instead of marrying her. She asks how far he’s going to go to get over Kendall. He says he does not want to want Kendall, she is a bad habit for him, just like a drug. Greenlee tells him jokingly that he could start a 12-step program or see a shrink in order to get over Kendall. She tells him she can help him with that, play his “therapist” and do “role-play” as though she is Kendall. She makes herself Kendall. She flips her hair to “visualize” Kendall’s curly hair and speaks, imitating Kendall’s voice, the way Kendall would talk to Ryan. She tries to seduce and kiss him. And he does not resist. She slaps him to let him know he is failing to resist his addiction.

Babe goes to make certain her mother is o.k. Krystal assures her that she is and tells her daughter that she must not worry and instead should be getting her honeymoon started with JR. But Babe cannot hide how depressed and distraught she is feeling. When Babe leaves, Tad enters and surprises Krystal again. He makes a comment about how all the stars in the sky can make anybody feels small. She says actually they kind of make her feel larger than life. He asks whether she means that she is happy to be alive. He assures her that she simply had a panic attack and St. Peter did not consider taking her quite yet. She tells him that maybe they should celebrate the sheer thrill of being alive. She says maybe they should do something like dinner or a movie. He asks if she is asking him out on a date. He asks if she would not believe that the last attempt they made with dates was unsuccessful so that they should call a moratorium on dates. She says her “near brush with death” changed that for her. And they agree to go out.

JR enters the room to see Babe. She asks where he’s been. He tells her he’s been checking on Bess and she’s been sleeping like an angel. She tells him that they should now start their honeymoon, still having no clue of his secret plan. He tells her that there’s been so much stress today and he’s not in the mood for romance. She says that none of that matters. All that matters is the two of them. He tells her he loves her more than anything but just needs a chance to “recharge”. He tells her he will go and look in on Bess, but they will reconnect tomorrow morning. She says that everything will be better in the morning.

It looks like Ryan and Greenlee are making progress with his “therapy session”. She tells him that she knows about his resistance when Kendall stripped down to nothing. At that moment, she starts taking off everything. But he resists her advances right before she’s taken off enough. She leaves and tells him the next morning they will pick up where they left off.

JR privately tells his father that this “farce” of a marriage is really pushing him too far. Adam assures him that it won’t go on much longer. He just needs to play the part a little longer and very soon Babe and her mother will be history.


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