AMC Update Wednesday 6/2/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 6/2/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Before the end of the wedding, Babe interrupts the ceremony to make an announcement. She says that she and Bianca gave birth together at the same time. She says that both babies were like a light underneath the dark storm clouds. But she mentions that only one of them made it. So she and Bianca have mourned the loss of a child together. She first announces that she was the lucky one whose child survived. But she says she cannot turn her back on Bianca because it would not be right. She says that she and JR thank God every day for blessing them with their daughter. She says she wants Bianca to be a mother too, not just a godmother. She tells Bianca that when Bess says her first word, takes her first step, starts school, gets married, and has her first child, that she wants Bainca there.

Hearing this, Kendall angrily tells everybody that Babe is deliberately lying, sounding so kind and great, acting like she cares about Bianca only to cover for her miserable, pathetic life. Everybody, including Bianca urge Kendall to stop disrupting the ceremony and shut up. But Kendall refuses and tells Babe she will not get away with what she’s done to Bianca. Kendall tells Babe that some day her fairytale will end and she will crash and burn. Bianca tells Kendall she must stop berating her best friend. But Kendall urges her sister to see that she cannot trust this girl and must see her for what she really is. JR then urges Kendall to calm down. But she refuses. Ryan physically removes Kendall from the room. Bianca apologizes for Kendall and says she did not know what could have set her off. Babe still sounds as though she had no clue what was up with Kendall. JR and Babe ask the preacher to let them continue the wedding. Bianca agrees to continue. The preacher continues.

In Adam’s study, Kendall tells Ryan that Babe is a worthless lying tramp, trying to make herself look good, she’s a phony bimbo wannabee Chandler matriarch who wants the wealth and power of the Chandler name, she’s lied about everything and has played Bianca and she will not let her get away with it. Ryan protests that Babe has done nothing wrong, has been nothing but good to Bianca. But Kendall does not listen to what he says.

In the wedding room, the preacher officially announces that Babe and JR are married, that Elizabeth Miranda is officially christened and Bianca is officially her godmother. After the christening, Bianca and Babe are very happy with their interaction with Bess. Bianca apologizes for Kendall. Babe sounds like it’s o.k. and tells her she knows that Kendall must be very stressed and is just trying to protect Bianca. Bianca tells Babe and JR that as much as she loves Bess, she realizes that she is theirs and she will not intrude on that. She says she realizes Bess is one young person, unto herself, not a “replacement” for Miranda and she tells them that she will not be “crashing” in on any family dinners. They both sound very gracious to her and JR hides his suspicion.

Krystal approaches Babe and tells her what she did was brave and good and she is so proud of her daughter. But Babe inquires to her mother if what she did was really right.

Mary Smythe approaches Greenlee and asks where her “son-in-law” is. Greenlee informs her mother that Ryan is having a private conversation with Kendall. Immediately, Mary assumes that her daughter has lost her man to that crazy drama queen. But Greenlee tells Mary she trusts her husband. Mary tells her daughter that she is a fool. She keeps urging Greenlee to stop sitting there, while her husband is with Kendall. Greenlee walks away and runs into Jack who somehow knows she is looking for Ryan and he informs his daughter that Ryan is with Kendall. He also tells her that he believes she made a mistake marrying Ryan. She says he must not worry about her. He says she can do him a favor, due to the fact that he has to worry about Erica, Bianca, Kendall, Reggie and Lily. He doesn’t want to worry about her also. She keeps protesting to her father that she and Ryan have a good relationship with trust and mutual love. But Jack doesn’t buy that for a minute.

Kendall informs Ryan that Babe has lied about way too much. She inquires whether Ryan actually knows that Babe has been legally married to Paul Kramer, and never told anybody, and married JR while still legally married to Paul. That makes her a bigamist. Ryan tells Kendall that Babe and JR and their family and friends have gotten over that and Kendall must get over it also. He asks whether she will blame Babe for everything, including the little tantrum she is now having. He tells her that she is obsessed on getting even with Babe, due to her own deep, dark trust issues, including his marriage to Greenlee. She tells him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but she asks him to admit that he married Greenlee for the sole purpose of hurting her. He tells her that he married Greenlee so that he can have the life and the business opportunities he wants. He says with Greenlee, he does not have to explain himself, watch every word he says, be grilled or tested. He says with Greenlee, he can have peace.

Krystal tells her daughter she must not regret anything because she did a very loving thing for Bianca and for the baby. She also urges her daughter to “bury” this secret like china. She tells Babe that she must focus upon her husband, her daughter and her future. Babe tells her mother that she is not really Bess’s mother. But Krystal tells her that she is, she was the first person to hold her and care for her. But Babe reminds her mother that Kendall does not see it that way, but she can live with Kendall’s anger, and the guilt. She says she can live with everything because she knows she did it for Bess. She says that she regrets what she has done. But she declares that she made her decision because although she loves Bianca, she admits that she loves JR more.

Unknown to Babe, JR is alone in another room, not on the “same page” as she. Jamie enters and urges his brother not to let Kendall get to him. He reminds JR that he overheard Kendall admitting that Bess is not his kid and wonders if JR has suspicions about that. JR tells Jamie that he never wants to hear that again. He tells Jamie that Bess is his and nobody else’s. Jamie reminds JR that she is also Babe’s child. JR tells his brother that he does realize that Bess is Babe’s child also. But Jamie can tell that JR is hiding something. Jamie tells JR that he needs to go downstairs and join the reception. But JR tells Jamie that since he is the best man, he must cover for him. When JR is alone, his father enters with the new “acting nanny”. He instructs the woman to take his baby downstairs but asks that she does not let her near Bianca Montgomery. When JR is alone with his father, Adam tells him that he is very proud of how he’s handled himself at the wedding. But JR says there’s still something he has yet to do; kill Babe. Adam urges his son to carefully watch his tracks. He tells him how easy it would be for any “disgruntled wife” to get him in trouble for mental cruelty. He tells him although they both think Babe is trash, in order to win his court battle with her, he must do everything to make himself look like the most loving heroic husband and father there is. And he tells him he knows he can do it, when they know how important it is.

Tad tells Jamie that he need not worry about JR. But Jamie tells his father that he knows that something is not right with JR. Tad seems as though he believes there’s no need to worry and he sees nothing abnormal about JR’s behavior. At that moment, Babe and JR enter and Tad announces the happy couple is right there. JR captures Babe and kisses her and looks like she’s the love of his life. Jamie announces that they must do their wedding dance. They play romantic music and Babe and JR dance. She apologizes if he may have disapproved of her acknowledgement of Bianca. He tells her she has nothing to apologize for, that she was only helping her friend, and he kisses her.

Tad views Krystal, sees her walking inside and follows her, unknown to her. She goes inside and stands by the brick wall, crying hysterically, believing she is alone and not spied upon by anybody. At that point, Tad makes his presence known and startles her. She demands that he gets out and leaves her alone. But he tells her he just wants to help and needs her to tell him what’s wrong.

Liza approaches David and asks about his “involvement” with Krystal. He tells her he knows the only reason she wants to know is because she believes if he sleeps with Krystal, it will enable her to “snag” Tad. He tells her he remembers the time she almost got him to help her kill Adam. But he admits that he regrets that they never went through with it, because it would have saved the world of so much pain and injustice. As they both sit there, she asks where his “date” is. He says she’s probably making out in the wine cellar with her boyfriend, Tad, and sounds like he’s not going to get stressed over it.

Bianca tells Maggie that she is worried about Kendall. Maggie says Bianca must not blame herself for Kendall’s behavior, Kendall brought it on herself. She tells Bianca that everybody has grieved the loss of Miranda. But Bianca informs Maggie that she knows Kendall has gone through a lot being rejected by Ryan.

Kendall suddenly realizes she cannot keep distancing Ryan and apologizes to him for going off on Babe. He tells her that if she really feels that way, she may apologize to Babe, not to him. She tells him that he must help her before she wrecks what’s left of her life. . She says if he chooses Greenlee, that’s fine. But she wonders what motivated him to make that decision, at the time he did. He says it’s love, he loves Greenlee. She tells him she does not believe that and whether he stays married to Greenlee or not, he must know that Greenlee does not love him, only she does and she knows he loves her too. And she grabs him and kisses him.

Brooke tells Adam that she might owe him an apology. She tells him that she seriously believed that he would do something to sabotage JR’s and Babe’s wedding, but surprisingly it was Kendall that did that. She tells him she wants to commend him for his good behavior. But she tells him he’s acting too calm and content, not like Adam Chandler, and she reveals that she does not buy his façade.


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