AMC Update Tuesday 6/1/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 6/1/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Before JR’s and Babe’s wedding starts, Tad asks Jamie if he is really o.k. with Babe and JR getting married.. Jamie assures his father he’s moved on and is no longer “jealous” of Babe and JR but he expresses that he knows that there is something not right going on with Babe and JR.

In Adam Chandler’s study, JR and many others are waiting to hear from Babe about whether the baby is her’s or Bianca’s. JR urges Babe to tell everybody that this is their baby and that she did not die. Kendall asks Babe why she overheard her calling the baby Miranda and asks if it is in fact her sister’s baby. Krystal tells her daughter that she may go ahead and tell them the truth. Babe hesitates. Krystal tells her daughter that her momma is here and she’s with her all the way. At that moment, Tad and Jamie enter the study, observe the group of people gathered in this room and ask what is going on. JR informs them that they want to take Bess away from him. Tad announces what’s going on, obviously revealing the information to everybody in the interest of not getting Krystal in trouble for what she did. He informs them that the DNA test has confirmed that Bess is 100% JR’s and Babes. But when he leaves, Kendall inquires just what kind of credibility Paul Kramer would have in knowing or truthfully admitting who the baby is. David Hayward admits the same thing. But Tad tells them that he somehow knows that Bess is JR’s and Babe’s and not Bianca’s. But Kendall, Jack, Ryan and Greenlee all somehow seem to have a sixth sense that there’s something wrong with the DNA test. Greenlee admits to Kendall that she was hoping to hear that the baby was, in fact Bianca’s also.

Outside, JR holds the baby. Babe comes to out view him, but her expression is not encouraging. He tells her that there are people waiting, there is nothing to give either of them any cause for alarm, and that they should get on with the wedding. She tells him that she really loves him, but she does not seem happy. When she leaves, Kendall comes out and assures JR that she would never wish the pain that Bianca has been through, upon anybody, especially not him. But she informs him that she knows that Babe has lied to him over and over again, she’s found out that Babe’s ex-husband was the pilot who crashed the plane with both Babe and Bianca gave birth, and she witnessed, for herself, Babe calling the baby Miranda, so she inquires to him just what he expects her to think, given the situation. But he firmly tells her that she was wrong to consider that Bess is not his child, and that nobody will take her from him. Adam Chandler comes out and informs his son that the “rumor” is off. Kendall tells him she will take her seat if he still wants her at his wedding. He coldly tells her she can stay. When she leaves, Adam privately tells his son thank God the baby is theirs.

Jamie privately talks to Babe, assuring her that he is so happy that everything has gone o.k. He tells her that he knows that JR has suffered a serious blow when his mother died. He also warns her that JR may not recover from knowing about some of the recent secrets, but he tells her he’s glad the tests have revealed that Bess is their child. When he leaves, Bianca comes out, still completely clueless of what everybody else has suspected. She can sense that Babe is very upset about something and asks her what is wrong.

Krystal talks to David Hayward, telling him how grateful she is that her grandchild is o.k. But she can sense that he is not o.k. and is grieving for Bianca’s loss. She stops talking and puts her arms around him, telling him she is sorry for what he is feeling.

Upstairs, Bianca, having no clue what is going on in the other room, informs Maggie that although she loves Bess, she knows she cannot believe that she is Miranda as she once did. Bianca seems very encouraged to inform her friend that she is really making major “breakthroughs” for which her shrink will be very proud of, now that she’s come to the realization of who the baby everybody knows as Bess really is.

The wedding finally starts. The preacher announces the wedding and the formal names of Adam Chandler Jr. and Arabella Carey joining in holy matrimony. At that moment, he asks if anybody can show just cause why these two cannot be legally bonded, may they speak now or forever hold their peace. Nobody speaks. JR speaks his piece and plays his “perfect husband” role. He holds the baby and says all his lines to wed Babe. She says all her lines. They declare in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit, that their wedding is validated. The preacher declares in the name of God, he pronounces them as husband and wife. However, Babe keeps hearing and reliving the conversation she had with her mother where she admits that she cannot take Bianca’s baby away form her mother, regardless of any argument Krystal presents. At that moment, the preacher announces that Bianca and Jamie are the godparents of the baby and asks if they are both ready to accept this responsibility for this child. They both reply yes. But at that moment, Babe interrupts the ceremony. She says she must say something very important

Livia Fry confronts her niece Danielle about the outrageous charges put on her credit card. She says she can tell that Danielle used her credit card without asking. Derek enters and confronts his daughter about using her aunt’s credit card without authorization and informs her that that is credit card fraud, which is punishable by law. Derek hands his daughter an apron. She says she refuses to wear it and asks what it is for. He says he’s gotten her a job working in a restaurant kitchen in order for her to pay back Livia’s credit card bill. She informs them that she does not need this job because Bianca Montgomery has offered her a youth marketing position at Fusion. Derek informs her that Bianca is Reggie’s cousin and she is to have no more contact with Reggie or anybody in his family. She tells them this has nothing to do with Reggie; this is a job for her. At that point, Derek discovers Danielle’s tattoo. After unsuccessfully trying to discipline his daughter, Derek tells Danielle that she is on the next train back to her mother’s. He tries to protest that he doesn’t want to get rid of her. But she walks out the door, announcing that she is gone.

Reggie opens the door and is greeted by Jack’s autistic daughter, Lily and a woman who is there to assist her. The woman informs Reggie about Lily’s disability. She also informs him that Lily’s favorite teacher has moved away and she was caught running away, due to her not wanting to stay in school without her favorite teacher.


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