AMC Update Monday 5/31/04

All My Children Update Monday 5/31/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Erica looks horrified at her card, a queen, and the king card being held by the figment of her imagination representing her father. She tells him she doesn't want to play this game anymore. There is a knock on the door. It is Zach. Erica hugs him and asks him to please make him go away. She quickly realizes what she is doing and apologizes to Zach, calling him Mr. Slater. He says there's nothing to forgive. He can see she's been drinking and asks her out to dinner. After all, she's drinking on an empty stomach. He doesn't want her falling on her butt on stage. Erica says she'd rather stay in her room and enjoy the view. Zach says it would help if she opened the blinds. She winces when the light shines in the room. Zach tells her he's concerned about her. He asks who's haunting her, her father? Erica asks him what he knows about her father. Zach says he knows Eric Kane passed away eight weeks ago. He ran a search on the Internet and saw his obituary. He knows she, her daughters and her half brother Mark in Tokyo are the survivors. He asks if she's talked to her daughters about this. Erica says she doesn't want to talk about this. She tells him not to shrink her. She pours another drink but he stops her, saying she doesn't need it. He pushes her away and she tells him not to touch her. He says he's cutting her off. He will tell his employees to to serve her any more drinks. She says no one tells Erica Kane what to do. He says he's still her boss and if she doesn't show up for work on time and sober she's fired. Later, Erica is sleeping and dreams about seeing herself in a rocking chair. She tells him to go away and leave me alone. She wakes up and sees the rocker in her room rocking by itself.

Bianca tells JR that Babe wants her in their baby's life, but she's getting vibes from him that he doesn't want that. JR tells her if he had her way, Bianca would never hold his daughter again. JR says he's concerned about his daughter's needs and her own needs. He's worried that if he lets her take Bess, he'll be sweating waiting for her to bring him back. Bianca tells him he has every right to be afraid. But she wants him to understand something. She say she will not put Bess at risk. So she plans to go ahead with being Bess's godmother, but after the ceremony she plans to stay away. She asks if it's OK to see Bess if JR is with her. JR says of course that's OK.

Babe is with Krystal agonizing what to do about the baby. How can she tell JR that their baby is dead? Jamie knocks on their door and tells Babe he needs to talk -- now. Jamie tells her he knows about her marriage to Paul Kramer. He wants to know before the wedding if there are any other secrets she's keeping from his brother. Babe says no and promises to be the best wife she can be to JR. Jamie says it looks like she and JR will go the distance.

Kendall is ready to tell Bianca that Miranda is alive but Ryan tells her to slow down. Kendall says Bianca deserves to know the truth. Ryan says her feelings are not objective. He doesn't want to give Bianca false hope, so they better have solid proof first. Like what? Kendall asks. "Like a DNA test," says David, who has just entered the room. David says it makes sense that this baby may be Miranda. Adam scared Paul Kramer spitless the night he was found with the helicopter. He just needs a cotton swab dabbed inside the baby's cheek. Kendall goes to get a swab. David tells Ryan that today of all days he may just give God another chance. Ryan asks what's so special about today, but David doesn't answer.

Adam asks Tad what his instincts are about Paul Kramer. He's concerned about Babe. Tad laughs in disbelief. Adam says maybe he and Tad can team up to see what they can uncover. Tad laughs again and says he won't help him get rid of Babe. The police don't consider Babe a suspect in Paul Kramer's disappearance, he says. Adam tells Tad he's misinterpreting him as usual. Adam leaves to talk to Mary. Tad answers the doorbell and finds Jack. He's surprised since he thought Jack was in Las Vegas to bring Erica back. Jack tells him he took the advice from a friend and decided not to go look for her.

Greenlee runs into Mary at Chandler mansion. Mary is thrilled to know that Greenlee has married Ryan, but not so happy she was not kept in the loop. She's so proud she "captured the heir to the Cambias fortune," she says. Greenlee gets rid of her mother by telling her she heard the caterers say they dropped the wedding cake. Jack enters and Greenlee tells him that he may be witness to a miracle. She thinks Miranda is alive.

Bianca is with Babe, who finally is dressed for her wedding. Babe tells Bianca she thanks God every day for her. She wants her to be happy. Bianca says she will be happy inch by inch. Babe tells her she would do anything for her. Bianca tells her she's already done so much. She risked her life for her and was her savior, as well as Miranda's savior. Babe tells Bianca she's sorry she kept the secret about being married before. She asks Bianca if she ever kept a secret from someone she cared about. Bianca says she has, but you can't know what's best for someone else.

Tad catches Krystal stuffing her face. Krystal thanks Tad for his help with the cops. Tad says Babe didn't deserve to be hassled by the cops on her wedding day. Krystal starts eating more and Tad notes that she must be especially nervous. He says everything will go great. He's sure nothing else will blow up. He tells Krystal she's one hell of a mother and Babe is lucky to have her in her corner. Krystal says she has to find her date, David Hayward.

Maggie compliments Jamie on his appearance and waits for a compliment back. He gives her one but she can see he's distracted. She asks what's wrong. Jamie says he got a bad feeling from JR and just got the same thing from Babe. Maggie says any couple who renews their vows before their first anniversary is bound to make it work.

David gets the DNA sample from the baby and says it's all he needs. Jack, who's now with Ryan, Kendall, Greenlee and David in the library, says he can't believe this is possible. JR enters and asks what the hell they're doing with his baby. Ryan tells him questions have come up and there are doubts about who this baby is. Kendall says they think Paul Kramer was wrong when he told him about his baby. They think the baby is Bianca's. JR says they're crazy. The only mistake he made was thinking Kendall was his friend. He insists this is his little girl. Adam enters and JR tells him that they think this isn't his baby. Adam orders them out of his house. Kendall asks them to hear them out. She says she thinks Babe knows the truth. She heard her call Bess Miranda. JR tells her to get Babe down here.

Bianca tells Babe that years ago at one of her mother's weddings, she, Kendall and their mother were called a legacy of strong women. Bianca says she wants Babe to pass that legacy on to her daughter. Babe tells her she now has the courage to tell her something. Before she can say anything Kendall interrupts and says JR needs to see Babe. It's important. Babe leaves the room and Kendall tells Bianca to just believe in happy endings. Krystal finds Bianca alone in the room and Bianca tells her that JR needed to see Babe.

Babe goes into the library followed by Krystal. JR asks Babe to tell him that their baby's not dead. Everyone here seems to think this is Bianca's baby. "Tell me they're wrong," he says. Krystal tells Babe she'll stand by her when she says what she needs to say.

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