AMC Update Friday 5/28/04

All My Children Update Friday 5/28/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Bobby is flirting with a showgirl at the casino when Erica interrupts them and sends the other dancer named Pearly away. She tells him that is no way for him to behave when his wife is on her way to see him to save their marriage. He tells Erica that Anita is not coming and his marriage may be over. He thinks Aidan ruined this for him. Erica asks Bobby if his family knows about the problems. Bobby mentions Palmer and Maria, and a lightbulb goes off in Erica's head. She now knows that he is Bobby Warner and is furious that he didn't tell her. She storms off and tells him to go to hell.

Meanwhile Anita goes to Aidan's room at the Pine Cone Motel. She wants to drink and party with him. He tells her she's acting out of character. Anita says why shouldn't she have any fun. She bores herself. She asks him to take her out to some nightclubs. Aidan says they could just stay there and talk about what's tearing her heart out. Anita admits that she's acting like a gigantic baby over Bobby then quizzes Aidan about what he thinks of her. She asks if he thinks she would be enjoyable company in bed. After a pause, Aidan says yes. She kisses him then stops and admits she is being ridiculous. She says she'll always be the nice girl. Aidan says there's something to be said for being a nice girl. Anita breaks down and says she loved Bobby. He hugs her. She says they were in love and he threw it away. What is she supposed to do now? Aidan tells her she knows what the next step is. Anita says her mother always told her that marriage is for life and you work things out no matter what. Aidan says if she wants to break a bond, she has to just break it. Anita leaves his room, declining his offer of a tissue. She goes to see Olivia and tells her she wants to file for divorce.

Erica goes back to her room, throws her purse and pours a drink. Bobby knocks on her door and she tells him to stay away from her. He walks in and says he wants to work this out. She accuses him of being deceitful. She can't believe she trusted him to help her keep her secret. She tells him he never told her he was related to Palmer Cortlandt and that Cliff Warner is his father. Bobby says he thought she knew. He didn't bring it up because he wanted to help her forget about Pine Valley. He says if she thinks he betrayed her she needs to get over it and not drink herself into oblivion. She tells him she doesn't have a drinking problem and says the only thing causing her to drink is one betrayal after another. She orders him out but Bobby says he won't leave until he says something she doesn't want to hear. Erica says talking to him is a waste of time. Bobby brings up Bianca and asks how she is doing. She won't hear what he has to say and he storms out, telling her she's slamming the door on one of the last friends she has. Now alone in her room, Erica sees a man in the shadows of her room who she takes as her father. She tells this man that she is sick of him hovering over her and insists he go away. She says he was the first to abandon her, now he has a lot of company. Go join them. She proposes drawing cards. If she draws the highest card he has to leave her alone for good. The man holds out a deck of cards and she draws a queen. He draws a king. Erica is horrified.

Ryan is sleeping and dreaming about how Kendall stripped in front of him. Greenlee goes to wake him up and Ryan grabs her and kisses her. Greenlee pulls away and asks whose lips he was really aiming for. Ryan tells her that he can't remember what he was dreaming and it was like a nameless, faceless woman whose lips don't compare to her's. Greenlee tells Ryan they do have one problem: how are they to act in public to make people believe they are a real married couple. They will have their first test today at JR and Babe's wedding. Ryan agrees to act like they're truly a couple.

Derek arrives at the Chandler mansion looking for Babe to question her about a homicide. He says he's looking for background on the murder in Atlantic City of Paul Kramer.

Kendall is asking Babe why she called Bess Miranda. People don't do that without reason and she wants to know what it is. Babe says sometimes she calls Bess by her middle name – Miranda. The name Bess was JR's idea and it hasn't quite stuck with her. She also says she still feels guilty about her baby surviving and Bianca's baby not surviving. Kendall launches into a monolog about the night the babies were born at the cabin and how brave Babe was that night. Babe says she was so scared, she doesn't remember much. Kendall says if anything had been different, Miranda might still be here. If there had been another pilot besides Paul Kramer, there may have been a different outcome. Kendall says Paul is the only person who truly knows what happened that night. When Kendall refers to Paul as Babe's husband, Babe asks how she know that she and Paul were married. Kendall admits that she and JR are friends, but her secret is safe with her. JR interrupts to tell Babe that she's needed outside. Kendall offers to stay with the baby.

JR brings Babe to the patio where Derek and another officer are waiting. Derek asks her if she left an urgent message for Paul Kramer to contact her? Babe says she did call him. He says that Paul is missing and police think it's murder. A woman named Natalie Vega is a suspect. But Derek wants to know why Babe left that message. Babe says she just wanted to tell Paul to stay away from her on this special day because it would have been just like him to mess it up. The officers ask the others gathered there, including Adam and JR, what they thought about Paul Kramer. Both admitted they didn't like him. Tad announces that Paul had threatened to take Babe's child away. Bianca and JR are surprised by this news. Bianca asks why Paul would take Bess. She says she won't allow anyone to take her child away. Derek asks Babe if she thinks he would have followed her and tried to take the baby. Babe says when someone makes threats she tends to believe them. The officers leave and JR asks Babe why she didn't tell him about Paul's threats. Babe says she didn't want JR to go after Paul and end up in jail when they're supposed to be getting married. Babe and Krystal leave to get dressed. JR approaches Tad and is angry to learn that he knew about Paul's threats. That makes two secrets that he kept from him. JR leaves, saying he has something to take care of. Bianca stops JR and says she wants to talk to him about Bess. She admits she's afraid to bring this up.

Kendall looks at the baby and has a flashback to when she recalled saying she looked in the eyes of this baby and saw Bianca. Ryan and Greenlee walk into the room and Kendall tells them that this baby is really Miranda, not Bess. Ryan tells Kendall there's no way she's going to pull off this stunt. She's either totally lost it or is trying to break up another wedding. Kendall says this isn't about Ryan and Greenlee, it's about Miranda. She tells them to look at her. She recalls when Bianca was at the hospital and said she heard Miranda cry. It was really Miranda, Kendall says, and they totally missed it. They could have saved Bianca all this pain. Kendall says that the night of the crash Paul could have just caved in and told Babe that Miranda was her baby. Greenlee says she thinks Kendall could be right. Ryan says it's possible, but is a serious longshot. Kendall says she's going to tell Bianca that this baby is Miranda.

Babe and Krystal go to Babe's room. Babe comments about how Bianca is protecting her. Maybe that's a sign from God for her to tell the truth. Krystal says the almighty has given her a pass. Now that Paul has been sent south, the two of them are the only ones who know who this baby is.

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