AMC Update Thursday 5/27/04

All My Children Update Thursday 5/27/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Bobby excitedly tells Anita about his luck with his investment. He invites her to Las Vegas so they can take the first step toward repairing their marriage. Anita agrees to this plan and promises to call back with her flight information. Meanwhile, Maria is upset to hear that Bobby is with Erica in Las Vegas. Anita excitedly tells Maria about Bobby's fortune and that she's going to Las Vegas. She thinks she's finally ready to give Bobby a second chance. She says she needs to pack but Maria stops her. Aidan then tells Anita that Bobby is with Erica in Las Vegas.

In Vegas, a woman named Gwen realizes who Erica is and questions her about her life. Erica is uncomfortable with this woman and when she walks away, Erica tells Zach that Gwen will tell all her friends that she saw her there. Zachery approaches Gwen and gives her a suite with $10,000 in chips. Erica checks her phone and sees that Bianca has tried calling her. Zach returns and tells Erica she doesn't have to worry about Gwen. Erica tells Zach about her daughter losing her baby. Bianca was devastated, she tells him. She tried to comfort her but Bianca said she was no longer her mother. Erica tells him the longer she is away the more she misses her family. She wishes she could be with her daughters and they would love her like a mother. Zach tells her not to give up. Erica looks out across the casino and imagines seeing her with Bianca and Kendall. The three of them are drinking a toast to the "Kane women" and both daughters tell Erica they love her.

Bobby tells Erica that Anita agreed to come. Erica is happy for him and promises to stay out of sight when Anita arrives. Bobby tells Erica she's the best and says this is his one chance to get Anita back. Meanwhile, an upset Anita asks to talk to Aidan alone. Maria and Edmund leave them alone and Anita gets mad at Aidan. Why did it take so long to tell her this? Was she waiting until she caught her husband in an affair and felt like a complete idiot? She soon apologizes to Aidan and realizes that Bobby hasn't changed. He is still a liar and a cheat. Anita calls Bobby and says she's not coming. Bobby asks her what changed her mind in the last hour. What's wrong? Anita says only she has to go and hangs up.

Bianca asks a distraught Babe what is wrong. Babe tells Bianca she loves her like a sister. They survived hell together. She turns to JR and tells him that he is her world. Loving him is like breathing to her. JR asks her why she's so worked up. Krystal tells Babe to say whatever she needs to say. Babe says she doesn't know how. The new nanny interrupts them, bringing the baby dressed in her christening gown. JR takes the baby, calling her his princess. Bianca leaves to get dressed. Babe watches as JR talks to the baby and tells her she is his perfect angel. He tells the baby she fills him up with the love he had for his mother that he thought was gone for good. He thanks Babe for giving him this miracle. JR sees Babe's tears and asks what's going on. Babe says everything is just too much for her. JR says this is a big step and the beginning of their lives. He tells her he loves her and will be downstairs waiting for her. A tortured Babe tells her mother that she couldn't tell Bianca or JR the truth. She froze. What should she do? Krystal tells her to marry JR and start her life with him. She can still tell Bianca the truth and JR would at least have Babe's love and commitment. Bianca walks in wearing a strapless pink bridesmaid dress. Babe asks her mother to leave her and Bianca alone. Babe asks Bianca how you get over losing a baby. Bianca says she doesn't think one ever gets over losing a baby. Babe asks her how she lives with it. Bianca says you just do. Some days are better than other days. Sometimes she thinks the pain is going to kill her. She wraps her arms around her stomach and squeezes until she hears her own heartbeat. Then she pretends that it's Miranda's heartbeat. For one brief moment, Miranda is still with her. A tearful Babe hugs her. Bianca tells Babe she needs to get dressed. As Bianca leaves, Krystal re-enters. Babe says she couldn't tell Bianca the truth. Bianca is still so sad and she knows she could take away her pain, she says. But if she does she'll be putting JR through that same pain. Krystal tells her daughter she knows she'll make the right decision. She needs to trust her heart. She has faith in her baby girl. That strikes a chord with Babe, and she says she knows where to get her answer.

Brooke has arrived at Chandler Mansion for the wedding and can tell Adam is up to something. She asks what's going on. Adam says only that his son is getting married and his granddaughter is being christened. Brooke reminds him that his son is marrying a woman who lied about her annulment. Adam says Babe made a mistake. She loves his son and gave his family a remarkable baby. Brooke can't believe Adam is forgiving and forgetting. Adam tells her not to be suspicious and just share in their joy. Brooke tells him he's full of it. She think she's plotting against someone and asks who the target is.

Tad asks Jamie why he's been giving him the cold shoulder the past few days. Jamie asks him why he lied to his two sons. Jamie says he knows Tad knew that JR's marriage was bogus but kept quiet. Tad says he did it for JR and the baby. He was about to tell JR then saw how crazy he is about Babe. He didn't want to take that away. Jamie agrees that maybe it was best to keep the news quiet, but he still is not happy Tad lied. Tad asks for forgiveness and the two of them hug.

JR is with Adam and Bess. Adam tells his son to keep his eye on the prize, that being the baby, and he'll get through just fine. JR says a drink might help. They drink to their plot. JR tells Adam that he understands him a lot better. JR says he just hopes he can get through the ceremony without choking on his vows. Adam says he's proud of JR for the man he's become and hands him a cigar.

Adam gives a cheerful greeting to Tad, Jamie and Bianca and hands Tad a cigar. They are baffled by his cheeriness and Jamie suggests Adam is smoking something stronger than a cigar. Adam toasts to his son and his new and remarkable beginning.

Babe goes to the library where the baby is in her cradle. Babe tells the infant that she needs her help. She's supposed to decide who she will be with and she can't. She asks for a sign, calling her "Miranda." Kendall walks in just in time to hear Babe call her Miranda.

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