AMC Update Wednesday 5/26/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/26/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Bobbie comes to visit Erica and is very excited about his investment hitting the jackpot. He tells her that he’s grateful to her because she’s helped him. He picks her up and spins her around. They are still addressing one another as Desiree and Roberto. She tells him that he may be able to reconcile with his wife if he has financial security and encourages him to invite her to Vegas. But he informs her that he cannot invite his wife there because of her. He informs her that he has kept her secret by lying to his wife and if he calls his wife and gets her to come here, she will find Erica and it will ruin Erica’s cover, and Anita will dump him. But Erica says he cannot assume his wife will dump him before he even calls her. She promises to make herself scarce while his wife is with him, and tells him if he loves his wife, he should think positively. She tells him that she is not going to be a burden to him like she’s been to everybody in Pine Valley, she wants to help him and encourage him to make things work with his wife.

At Jack’s Reggie informs Bianca that he intends to take care of everything. He wants to go to Vegas and bring Erica home, he wants to help Kendall and Ryan reconcile, and he tells Bianca that if he could bring her baby back, he would do that too. She tells him that he may be the strongest one in the family. She tells him that no matter what goes on with her mother or with Jack, he’s her brother, she loves him and she wants him here. At that moment, Reggie gets served with a subpoena. Danielle enters and informs Reggie that she will sue his sorry butt for $4million dollars and her aunt Livia will be her attorney. She tells Bianca that she is sorry but Fusion will be sued too for their involvement in the scam Reggie pulled with her. Bianca inquires if this amount is not a bit excessive. Danielle says she cannot put a price on what is important to her.

Babe is sleeping and having nightmares. But then she awakens and notices the baby is right there with her. Krystal enters her room and asks if she is o.k. because she thought she heard something. She tells her daughter that she knows that what she’s facing seems impossible but she has to be strong. She wonders where JR is. Babe sounds as though she does not know but assumes he’s gone out to the bars with Jamie the previous night. Babe says she will have difficulty christening this little girl when she knows that she’s really Miranda Montgomery. She asks her mother whether she should just keep her mouth shut and act like she does not know the truth like her mother did. Krystal admits that it was a living hell for her to do that and she does not wish it on Babe. She also tells Babe that if her love for Bianca is telling her that the truth has to come out, then she is with her all the way. She says it’s o.k. to tell Bianca about this when she gets there and she may tell JR.

JR awakens in his father’s study and shares with Adam that he and Jamie had their idea of a bachelor party the previous night and he met a cute little brunette. They make a joke about blonds not being more fun after all, referring to Babe. But Adam, seriously tells his son that although he does not want to ruin his fun, the last thing he needs is to knock up any more bimbos. Adam inquires if JR revealed his name to the girl he was with warning him that he could get himself in trouble if word gets out about his “infidelity”. JR replies that he told her that he is Tad Martin. They both bust out laughing.

Edmund returns home and is happily greeted by his kids, but as soon as they ask if he will walk again, it clearly devastates him. He is able to sound encouraging them, informing them that the doctors did all they could but did not succeed. Maria’s expression is clearly not happy. He tells her that they need to try out his new elevator. She pushes him in his wheelchair and sounds positive for the sake of the children. When Anita is alone with the kids, they start misbehaving and expressing that it is not o.k. for their dad not to be able to walk, they will not adjust to it and they want their old dad back. Anita does not know what to tell them. But Aidan encourages the kids to adapt to the situation, loving their dad and doing what he needs them to do. They seem to listen to him and have much better attitudes. Anita smiles speechlessly at Aidan for the excellent job he did at getting through to the kids. She informs him that this is the second time she’s observed the way he has with kids. She asks how many brothers and sisters he had growing up, assuming he was the oldest.

Adam warns JR that he could get himself in trouble and lose the custody battle if he messes around while still married to Babe. Adam encourages him to do all he can to hurt Babe but informs him that he needs to be careful. JR tells his father that he is not worried because he knows Babe will be cheating on him before too long and his own infidelity will not look very important in contrast to hers.

Babe and her mother cry while she holds the baby. And Krystal asks her daughter if she really can love this baby knowing she is really Bianca’s. She tells her that it’s o.k. if she admits that she cannot really love the baby. But Babe says that she loves the baby more than anything but she has a big dilemma with what she is doing to her best friend.

Bianca inquires to Danielle just what the grounds for her lawsuit are. Danielle says the damages she’s suing for are mental cruelty and misrepresentation. Bianca tells her if she goes through with this, with her aunt Livia to represent her, Fusion will be represented by it’s own counsel. She tells Danielle that maybe she could help her. Danielle asks if that would mean offering her $4 billion. Bianca says she can’t do that but she can offer her a job at Fusion, under the condition that she drops the lawsuit against her employer.

While JR is getting ready for the wedding, with his father, Adam asks him just what his son would do if Babe was not a lying cheating slut. JR tells his father that she does not fool him any longer, and he knows of the perfect person to help him prove what she is all about. At that moment Jamie enters and looks like he’s in full support of his brother’s plan.

Krystal reminds Babe that although Bianca has the right to know her child is alive, if that happens, this child will know that her father is a sick rapist and her birth was the result of Bianca being raped. She informs Babe that if word gets out, due to cruel, insensitive people knowing about the conception and birth of the baby, it will cause Bianca to have to leave town and won’t benefit the baby. She tells Babe that the baby’s daddy is the devil and Babe has a chance to give her a quality life, never knowing that. Babe tells her mother that regardless, she still feels sick about taking her from Bianca. But Krystal tells her daughter that this little girl can have a better life. Babe asks how she can tell JR and what possible words would explain this to him. Krystal asks if babe is afraid she’d lose him. Babe says she knows that Bess has been a light in JR’s life and she’s afraid that if she takes Bess away from him, she knows he will never recover. At that moment, Bianca enters, happy and upbeat. She says they must get ready with their hair and clothes. And she has no clue what they have just been discussing.

The new “nanny” (undercover detective) whom JR just hired, enters the study and informs JR, Jamie and Adam that Bianca Montgomery has just entered.

Danielle tells Reggie that she is not going to be the “gopher” girl which Bianca wants to hire her as. She says she doesn’t “go for” coffee, “go for” errands or “go for” being bossed around. She says she’s better than that. He tells her Bianca didn’t have to offer her the job, she needs to get over herself and that he is done with her.

When Jamie is alone with Adam, he is puzzled to see Adam acting happy to see him. Adam informs Jamie that his son is going to be married, his granddaughter is about to be christened and he is happy that Jamie is going to be a part of it. He informs Jamie that he is more than just a brother to JR, he is an uncle and godfather to Bess. He informs Jamie that he is no longer a stranger and is welcome in his house whenever he wants. Jamie still sounds like he does not trust Adam Chandler and doesn’t want to believe he needs Adam’s permission to enter his home.

Bianca informs Babe and Krystal that she is very happy and will have so much fun spoiling Bess. But they cannot hide how emotionally devastated they are although they cannot tell her why. Bianca takes off the necklace, which Greenlee was given from Leo, which she gave to Bianca when she lost her baby, and tells Babe it will be “something borrowed” that she can wear today at her wedding. At that moment, JR enters. Bianca reminds him that he cannot see his bride before the wedding. He says he will make it quick and introduces the “new nanny” to his wife, his baby, his mother in law, and his friend. Babe sounds suspicious and asks why JR did not talk to her about hiring this nanny. JR and the woman tell them they will make sure everything is o.k. to take care of the baby. But Bianca interjects that she need not do that because she will be taking care of the baby during the ceremony, as her godmother. JR and the woman present Bess’s christening dress. Right away Babe is suspicious and Bianca wonders why they aren’t letting her get Bess ready instead

Maria discovers that Edmund and Aidan know something about her sister’s husband that they are not telling and tells them they’d better spill. Aidan discloses to Maria that Bobbie is in Vegas with Erica and they are keeping each other company. Right away she assumes that Bobbie is cheating on Anita again.

Right in Vegas, at that moment, a woman comes and recognizes Erica, telling her she knows that’s Erica Kane with blond hair, that she knows all about the ordeal with her poor daughter, and seems to know all about Erica’s business.


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