AMC Update Tuesday 5/25/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/25/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca finds Babe and Krystal and is surprised to notice Babe crying. She asks Babe what is going on. Babe tells Bianca she is so sorry for everything. Bianca has no clue what she’s talking about or what she’d have to be sorry for. Bianca tells Babe that she is grateful for her friend mourning the loss of Miranda, having no clue what is really going on in Babe’s mind and in Krystal’s. Krystal leaves her daughter alone with Bianca. Bianca tells Babe that she will always remember what Babe has done throughout the short time that Miranda lived and that she wants her friend to be happy with her own baby and her up and coming wedding. But Babe still cannot hide how distraught she is feeling. Right when Krystal urges her daughter to come with her and not reveal to Bianca what has happened, Babe appears like she’s ready to tell Bianca the truth. Bianca inquires what Babe is ready to tell her. Although Babe is ready to confess everything, she kneels down, crying and pretending to say a prayer for the deceased Miranda. Krystal finally gets Babe to go home with her. Bianca, still having no clue what Babe and her mother know, says thank you to Babe for saying a prayer for Miranda.

JR and Jamie are in the bar. Jamie asks his brother if he’s following in his father’s footsteps. JR tells Jamie that he’s simply “weighing all his options”. Jamie tells his brother that he should enjoy the time he has before his wedding commences. JR says he intends to and views some young women in the bar. A girl approaches Jamie and asks him to play pool. He orders another round for himself, JR and the ladies. A girl approaches JR and asks if he’s not “into games”. He says only “contact sports”.

Greenlee and Ryan are drinking Champaign and toasting their wedding. But right in the middle of the new couple’s happy occasion, after Ryan takes a drink, Greenlee shouts: “no” recalling that David Hayward has just been in their home and had an opportunity to poison Ryan with his “Michael Cambias potion” in Ryan’s bottle of scotch. Ryan tells Greenlee he did not see David doing that and inquires if she believes David really hates him that much. When she confirms that her new husband should not assume otherwise, he tells her that he will go and confront the “good doctor”. But she talks him out of it, knowing that nothing has happened yet.

Greenlee goes to visit David and pours them both some scotch. He tells her that he cannot support her decision to marry Ryan, will not drink to her marriage and inquires when she started drinking scotch. He says she can drink but he will not. She says fine, she hates to drink alone but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Noticing he’s not going to prevent her from drinking the very scotch, which she’s afraid he may have poisoned for Ryan, she’s surprised that he did not attempt to poison Ryan after all. He laughs and admits he did not but she’ll never know how close he came and how tempted he was to do just that when he had a chance. She inquires why David has such an attitude about Ryan. He tells her that she needn’t question him, she made her choice, he knows he cannot stop her and he did not poison Ryan, so what does she have a problem with? He reminds her that Ryan got in the middle of her dispute with Kendall and is in love with Kendall and should not be married to her because she deserves better. But she keeps protesting that Ryan chose to marry her and not Kendall and she doesn’t believe that he’s using her. He tells her it was only due to Ryan’s need to get revenge upon Kendal that he married her. He tells her that Ryan is using her the same way Michael Cambias used people. Hearing that, she tells him that she knows he’s had a bad year with Bianca and her baby, as well as losing his own baby and his wife, but he should not be so negative about everything nor fail to see that Ryan is a good man, and in no way comparable to Michael Cambias. He tells her that he does not intend to push her away and assures her that he will always be there for her if she needs anything. But she tells him he must also respect her husband and if he does anything to hurt Ryan, she will calls the cops on him.

Meanwhile, Ryan goes to Kendall’s knowing that she’s not about to give up the fight with Greenlee. He tells her he wants to get along with her and not cause her to be angry. She sounds as though she’s happy he’s there, playing games and she strips down to her bra and panties assuming he’ll be manipulated. He tells her again that he wants her to leave Greenlee alone and resists her advances. When she’s alone, she angrily burns some things of his she still has at her house.

Bianca tells Maggie that she was very surprised at how emotionally devastated she found Babe. She also tells Maggie that Miranda will always be in her heart and she likes coming to this spot, it’s always peaceful. She says she tries not to think of everything Miranda missed and what they all missed. She says she likes to think of Miranda as a wise soul who had nothing to learn in her life on earth and so that’s why she had to go. She says although she’s never been very religious, she believes that Miranda is out there, somewhere waiting for her and some day she will be able to be with her and hold her again.

While holding the baby who she now knows is Miranda, Babe tells her mother that she should have known. Krystal tells her daughter that there’s no way she could have known. Babe tells the baby that she has always loved her and indicates that she will have difficulty giving her up.

While Jamie is playing pool with the girls he notices JR is gone. It looks like JR just wants to cheat on his wife when he comes in from outside, kissing a girl, while Jamie looks disapproving at him. He tells Jamie he’s having a lot of fun. But he still is not ready to reveal the whole truth to Jamie. He tells him he loves Babe and loves his baby and nothing happened with him and the other girl.

While Babe and Krystal hold the baby whom they know is Miranda Montgomery, in the town of Llanview, Kevin Buchanan, whom Paul Kramer stole Babe’s baby for, holds the baby, still believing he was conceived by him and his wife, Kelly. Kevin’s grandfather, Asa looks proudly at his great-grandson, equally clueless as to where he came from.

When Bianca is alone, she tells the “soul” of Miranda that she saw her “best friend”, Bess. She tells her that Bess was so cheerful and reminded her of Miranda. She tells Miranda’s soul that she and Babe will never forget the bond they all had with her. She puts the teddy bear in the river, believing it’s where Miranda died and tells Miranda she will always love her.

Greenlee returns to Ryan and informs him that she just went out to make certain that if anybody hurts him she will detonate them. He tells her that he just went to make a similar “effort” for her.

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