AMC Update Monday 5/24/04

All My Children Update Monday 5/24/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

When Kendall sees Ryan carrying Greenlee into his home, she snaps a picture of them. It’s obvious she has a plan. Tons of people are there who don’t seem to know that Greenlee has married Ryan. Reggie asks if Greenlee twisted her ankle. She announces to the crowd of people that she’d like a welcome for Mr. And Mrs. Ryan Lavery. She views Reggie, Jack, Bianca, JR Chandler, Liza, Tad, Simone, Mia, Maggie, Maria and others, who all seem a little surprised to discover that she’s married Ryan.

Babe finds her mother alone in the wilderness and knows that Krystal has a secret and is distraught about something. She tells her mother that she knows it’s about the baby. Babe says she remembers when the chopper went down and remembers running through the woods the night before when she was trying to get back to Bianca and her baby. She reveals that she remembers Bianca being unconscious and that she somehow got knocked out herself. Krystal urges her daughter not to put herself through this. But Babe keeps having flashbacks of knowing that she gave birth to a boy, hearing Paul inform her she had a girl, Krystal telling her that all mother’s know their own baby, and remembering that every time she holds Bess she seems to know that she’s not her baby, hearing Tad Martin informing her that Bianca really believes that Bess is her baby, and Paul’s threats to get her in big trouble if she finds out Bess’s true parentage, as if he knows something she does not know. At that point, she breaks down crying, and reveals to her mother that she knows it was her baby, and not Bianca’s that died in the crash. Krystal tells Babe that she must not believe that. She reminds her daughter that the DNA test proved that Bess was her baby. But Babe reminds her mother that she knows the DNA test was tampered with and Paul Kramer has something to do with it, and she says she knows that Bess is Bianca’s child and not hers. She also tells her mother that she knows she has known all along that it was her baby that died.

Bianca asks why they are all there to welcome Ryan and Greenlee. Tad mentions that Kendall left a few things off the invitation. Simone announces that this is not a joke; she was there and knows that Ryan and Greenlee are truly husband and wife. Jack asks to hear a few details. Greenlee says it was like a fairytale. The ceremony was in a garden. She says it’s surprising that Kendall did not tell anybody since she was there. Maria says she does not get it. Jack admits he doesn’t either since he was under the assumption the last time he spoke to Kendall that she was going to get back with Ryan. Ryan announces that everything is o.k. and if people don’t approve of his wedding to Greenlee, it’s their problem. He tells everybody that he and Greenlee did not get married to make anybody happy except themselves and to says anybody who cannot wish them well, there’s the door.

Edmund has a “party” in his hospital room with Aidan and Opal. Anita enters and asks what’s going on. She tells them that it’s against hospital policy for them to be drinking. But she announces that Edmund will meet his new nurse, Tori. Anita asks him if he’d prefer his nurse to be blond, brunette or redhead, what type of educational background, and other specific questions. At that point, Maria enters and says she’s just gotten back from a very bizarre party and asks if she smells margaritas. Outside Edmund’s room, Anita asks Aidan, the only single person in the party, if he’d like her to fix him up with the nurse. Inside the hospital room, Maria informs her husband that she just witnessed two people throwing their love out the window. And she tells him that because of that she wants to make sure that they never do that in their marriage. He promises her that that will never happen and they kiss.

Jack asks Greenlee if this makes his daughter genuinely happy. She replies to her father that it does. He gives her a hug. Kendall asks if she may be the first to kiss the groom. Reggie says “let the cat fight begin.” Kendall kisses Ryan on the cheek, surprisingly civil and non-threatening and wishes Ryan all the best for him and Greenlee.

Simone tells Mia, Maggie and Maria that it seems odd that Kendall is acting so calm. David Hayward enters and asks Bianca what they are celebrating. Bianca replies she wishes she knew and informs him that Ryan and Greenlee have just gotten married. Bianca then takes Ryan aside and demands to know what is going on, why he married Greenlee when she knows he’s in love with her sister. She says she apologizes if she sounds rude and insensitive but she knows that he and Kendall love each other. He tells her it’s not about love, it’s about a friend he trusts and can share a partnership with. She tells him this sounds more like a bank merger than a marriage. He tells her that he knows what he’s doing and walks away.

David tells Greenlee that she can still get out of this marriage and that he knows that Ryan is no good for her. She tells him that’s not true and she is deliriously happy. Kendall tells everybody that she’d like to make a toast to the happy couple. Mia says she seconds the motion. David says he’s making a bet that there will be “Lavery vs.Lavery” in divorce court within a year, and that is something to drink to..

Kendall informs JR that she is upset and wants to get out of here. She tellshim that she feels she’s been made a fool of. But he encourages her to believe that she proved to everybody that she is strong and nothing will bring her down by inviting everybody to this “celebration”. He tells her that if he were Ryan and Greenlee he would be afraid of her. She thanks him for his words of encouragement. He reminds her that they both got shafted by people they thought they loved. He reminds her that Babe ripped his heart out, but she still has a chance to put Ryan and Greenlee in their place for what they’ve done to her.

Tad goes outside and asks Liza if she’s having fun yet and if she’d like to go and get some coffee. He asks if the bombshell she dropped on JR would make his illegal marriage the “detonator”. She tells him that’s not funny. He tells her he’s not laughing. She informs him that she had nothing to do with uncovering that Babe and her mother hid Babe’s other husband. He tells her that he knows that she and Krystal had it out in the powder room at SOS. He tells her that he knows she claimed she knew all about Krystal’s big secret and asks how she’d know that there’d be a big secret in the first place, and how so conveniently right then and there, JR discovers the secret. She says that everything just worked the right way for JR to discover the annulment papers all by himself. She says it might be what the Buddhists call “karma”. He says: “No, Liza. I think it’s what the Buddhists call B.S.”

At Ryans’s, Bianca and Maggie depart looking like they have a secret. Reggie asks Greenlee when she and Ryan plan to have children. Simone admits that that may be none of their business. But Ryan says he has no problem answering that question and asks Greenlee to inform them what she has decided. Reggie and Jack leave the party. Then Simone and Mia. When Ryan and Greenlee are alone, she asks if anybody “bought” them as a bonafide married couple. He informs her that he knows many people believe they are “full of it”. She inquires if that would mean their “hostess with the mostest”.

Kendall asks JR if, although he is onto Babe and he no longer loves her, he still plan to marry her. He tells her he has his reasons to go through with the wedding and asks if Kendall thinks he’s a cold bastard to marry a woman he does not love. She replies no, not if he is fighting for his daughter. She tells him she understands very well his reasons to keep this secret from Babe, due to keeping his child. She informs him that she felt that same way toward to Miranda and if anybody threatened to take her away, she’d fight them at any cost.

Right in the middle of the conversation where Krystal keeps telling her daughter she must not believe that she lost her baby, Babe insists that she knows better. She breaks down crying and keeps telling her mother that she just wishes she could tell her that it’s not true, that it’s all a terrible nightmare and will all be over. But Krystal cannot tell her that. At that moment, Bianca and Maggie find them.

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