AMC Update Friday 5/21/04

All My Children Update Friday 5/21/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca is with Maggie in Babe's bedroom to discuss the upcoming wedding ceremony. A subdued Babe says she's pooped out and asks the two to leave her alone so she can rest. When alone, the baby cries and Babe bends down to her, telling her that momma is here. Babe has a flashback to Paul making threatening comments about taking the baby. Babe lies down and has a dream where she's at the falls with her baby. She sees Paul, then her baby is gone from her arms. She sees Bianca holding the baby then the baby is gone from Bianca's arms. Babe turns to see Paul laughing. She asks where Bianca's baby went, then she finds herself holding the baby again. She wakes up and calls for a staff person to watch the baby because she needs to leave.

Krystal is at David's house and tells him she's always chosen the bad boy. David says he's honored but she tells him don't be. Krystal admits she is restless. David asks her if she's willing to join him on the dark side, and she says she's already there. Krystal says she's looking for a distraction. A downcast David launches into a tirade about babies dying for no good reason, saying that if God would take Bianca's baby away, there is no God. He apologizes for going on a rant, but Krystal says he needed to let it out. He offers her a glass of wine and says he's prepared to distract her. Her phone rings and she answers it, despite David's request for her to let it ring. A frantic Babe is on the phone. She says she needs to find Paul to find out exactly what he meant with his comment about the baby. She says he's the only one who knows exactly what happened the night Bianca's baby was lost. Krystal tells Babe not to talk to Paul. Babe asks her mother to come and help her and Krystal needs to leave. David tells her that if she needs distracting again, she knows where to find him.

Tad is at the hospital with Maria, who's typing information into a computer to learn about Paul Kramer. She tells him that the helicopter crash was ruled accidental due to a mechanical problem. Babe arrives at the hospital and asks a staff member where she can find Paul Kramer. The staff person is not helping her and Tad approaches her to ask why she's looking for Paul. Babe says it's no big deal. Tad tells her he's looking for Paul too but not having any luck. He won't let Paul get away with threatening JR's baby. Babe admits she wants to ask Tad about the night of the crash to find out just what happened. Tad asks her if she thinks her baby might be Bianca's baby. She says she never thought such a thing. How could he say that? Tad says he once thought that, but now he has proof that the baby is Babe's. He tells her about the DNA test that he had run. Babe is upset the DNA test was run and asks if JR knows about it. Krystal arrives and is angry with Tad for pushing the issue. Babe tells Krystal that she had a dreamed that seemed so real, but she is relieved to know that the DNA test proves Bess is her's. She can hold her own baby without any doubt. Krystal apologizes to Tad and asks if they can drop this subject for good. Tad leaves after his phone rings and Babe tells Krystal about her dream. Krystal reassures her about the DNA test, but Babe says she can tell something is bothering her mother. Krystal says she's affected by having to relive the night of the crash. She asks if they can talk about the wedding. Babe suggests they go home and play with Bess, but Krystal says she has an errand to run.

JR goes to Ryan's place to discuss Cambias business and finds Kendall there. Kendall informs him that Ryan and Greenlee have gotten married. He's sorry to hear the news and hugs her. He asks if he can help and she tells him just keep being her friend. JR asks why Kendall is there. She says she wanted "some type of stupid closure." JR says he was wrong for telling her to try to make up with Ryan, saying trust is overrated. JR takes Kendall to the boathouse and she thanks him for getting her out of Ryan's place. She senses something is wrong and asks him what's going on. Is there a problem with Babe? Is the wedding off? He says the wedding is still on. She tells him he doesn't seem too thrilled for someone who's life is going well. What is she missing? He says she has enough problems and doesn't want to say anything. JR tells Kendall that living well is the best revenge. That gives Kendall an idea. She says she knows what she has to do.

Greenlee and Ryan enter their hotel room after a motorcycle ride. They find flowers from the hotel wishing them a happy honeymoon. Greenlee asks what they should do now. Ryan suggests going to bed. She soon realizes he is talking only about sleeping. He suggests they go back to Pine Valley right away and sleep on the plane. There is a knock at the door from police. When they open the door, two officers inform Ryan that his wife has gotten herself into a bit of a situation. An officer tells Ryan that his wife was trying to purchase something no one should be buying. They give Greenlee a box and thank her for the donation. Greenlee tells Ryan it's his surprise. Inside is a bullet-proof vest, which Ryan puts on. He doesn't understand the gift. She tells him that as soon as they tell the Pine Valley community they're married, they're going to need all the help they can get. On the plane, Ryan lies down and Greenlee nuzzles into his arms. As their faces come dangerously close Greenlee sits up and tells Ryan that he owes her a surprise. He gives her a decoder ring that he keeps on his key chain. He played with the ring often as a child and it let him play different characters. He says whenever he played those characters he didn't have a partner. Now he has a partner who's worthy to wear the ring. She puts it on her finger.

David is staring at test tubes, saying "it would be so easy." He gets a phone call from Kendall who asks for his help. After telling him her plan, left secret to viewers, David says he wouldn't miss this for the world. Kendall says it's what every married couple deserves.

Bianca and Maggie go to the boathouse. Bianca tells Maggie that it felt so good to hold Bess. She felt peace and serenity. They ways she loves Bess is the way a mother would love her child. She says it can't be normal to love someone else's child like that. Maggie tries to reassure her that the way she feels is OK. Bianca says she wants to be the best godmother she can and not screw it up.

Krystal goes to the falls with a small stuffed bear. Tearful, she refers to her "sweet angel" who is well-loved. "I know it's wrong but I can't tell them," she says to herself. Babe finds her mother at the falls and asks "what the heck are you doing here?"

Greenlee and Ryan arrive at his home. He insists on picking her up to carry her over the threshold. When they open the door, Kendall pops out with a camera. "Welcome home Mr. and Mrs. Lavery," she says and snaps their picture.

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