AMC Update Thursday 5/20/04

All My Children Update Thursday 5/20/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall goes to visit David Hayward. She tells him that misery loves company and he is the most miserable bastard she knows. She is carrying a bottle of wine and looking like she wants to drink, seduce David and forget all about Ryan. She tells David that she just went to the most fantastic amazing wedding. And she proposes a toast to the bride and groom and says may they live until they both drop dead. He tells her that she must have only imagined Greenlee marrying Ryan. Kendall says she only wishes that were true and that Greenlee has finally gotten what she deserves, a greedy, worthless husband. She gets on the phone and asks if the “lovely” couple, Ryan and Greenlee Lavery have checked out, in order to prove it to David. The desk clerk informs her, while she puts the receiver to David’s ear, that Mr. and Mrs. Lavery are still at the hotel suite. David tells Kendall that she is at fault for letting that happen. But she tells him that she had not control over it nor is she worried and she tells David that the two of them need to spring for a little wedding of their own. David is getting annoyed and asks Kendall what she wants. She says she wants whatever part of his castration potion that will kill whatever part of her that needs to be loved. But he tells her she needs to do an “Erica” and disappear. He says he will not be there for her to use and cry on his shoulder because of Ryan and he tells her he wants her out of his home. She, then, has a flashback of the last conversation with Ryan where he informs her that there is no way he can trust her now.

JR shows Adam the legal papers he’s drawn up. He says Babe will sign them without a clue that she is signing Bess over to them.

Erica awakens in her room in Vegas and discovers an intruder. She is ready to grab a heavy object to knock him out and demands that he leaves. He tells her that this is not technically her room, it’s his room, and he owns the place. She asks who he is. He does not answer. She says he’s a stalker who’s about to be arrested and says she will call security. He informs her that he is her boss. She says he still has no right to barge into her room uninvited. He tells her that he saw her show. Then he shows her a newspaper that has her name on it, revealing that he knows she is Erica Kane and not Desiree Dubois. She tells him that she believes it would be more courteous when someone is interested in someone’s history, to simply talk to them and ask them questions instead of the games he’s playing with her. But he informs her that in Vegas, playing games is what it’s all about. She informs him that she’s not there to “cash in” nor put Erica Kane in the tabloids. She says she is there to make Erica Kane disappear.

Babe reveals to her mother that she is having nightmares where someone tells her that she had a baby boy that died in the crash and the baby she has is not Bess, but is Bianca’s Miranda. Krystal encourages her daughter not to be afraid of anything and makes no indication that Babe’s fear is in fact true. She tells Babe that she must not be afraid of any big bad wolf banging on her door and that her baby is safe. Hearing this, Babe seems completely certain that her future is o.k. and still has no clue of what JR is planning right at that moment.

Adam tells his son that he’s afraid that he’s still hung up on Babe. But JR tells his father that he will never regret having his daughter, but there have been too many lies with Babe and he is in complete control now.

Krystal goes outside and has what she believes is a private prayer, asking God to forgive her. But oddly, right at that moment, Bianca comes out of nowhere and hears her. Bianca, sounds a little uneasy coming in contact with the grandmother of the baby whom she kidnapped, not knowing if Krystal has forgiven her. But she apologizes and informs Krystal that she is there for Babe and JR and Bess. Krystal seems friendly and gives Bianca a hug, carefully guarding the secret, which Bianca is completely unaware of, that she prevented Bianca from having Miranda, who is in fact alive and well and disguised as Bess. Bianca acknowledges to Krystal that her Babe is the reason she is alive and she owes Babe for that.

JR informs Babe that he’s had some legal documents drawn up with Livia and needs her signature. Right away, Babe assumes it’s a pre-nup and tells him she is not out to take his money. He tells her it’s not a pre-nup. He tells her that although he trusts her and knows that the DNA tests have proven that he is in fact Bess’s biological father, he is afraid, as Livia has told him that since Babe was legally married to Paul when Bess was conceived, that could mean that Paul could have the legal right to take Bess away from them. At that moment, Adam Chandler enters and announces that he knows his daughter in law was still legally married to Paul when she married JR. Babe is kind of startled to learned that Adam knows this but she still senses no cause for alarm, noticing friendly gestures from her husband and father in law. She tells JR that he is doing a really smart thing to protect them all from Paul. But right at that moment, Mary Smythe enters and makes some comment about them needing to protect Bess from the new guest who’s just walked in. Bianca enters. Babe and JR happily greet her. Adam sounds as though he supports her being there and being Bess’s godmother. But as soon as Babe, Krystal and Bianca are out the door, Adam tells his son that he is very concerned about Bianca’s state of mind. He says that he knows that she might be very much like Erica with her history of losing it many times throughout her life.

The strange man informs Erica that he can help her present her identity as Desiree Dubois. He sounds like he has some sort of contract for her to sign. Before he’s ready to leave, he apologizes for barging into her room but asks who she thought he was, a ghost?

Outside, Adam spies upon Krystal and notices that she is privately crying. She turns around and demands to know if he and JR are really being straight with her daughter, sensing already that they cannot be trusted. She protests that her daughter loves her baby more than anything and deserves happiness. She demands that Adam lets her know if he and his son are going to let Babe have the life she deserves. But instead of answering her question, Adam somehow knows that Krystal has some secret, which she is not revealing to anybody. She says that she has turned herself inside out for those kids to make certain that they stay together. He asks what she’s done except keep her daughter’s secret of her other marriage from his son. She sounds surprised that he knows about that. He admits that he knows but is willing to get past it. She tells him that’s very big of him. He concludes that all that matters right now is Bess’s future. She sounds like she believes he is sincere and has no clue what he’s up to. He tells her that he’s been watching his son in the last few weeks and has noticed JR becoming the man he was meant to be. And noticing that family is just as important to his son as it is to him, he gives Krystal his word that he will do everything he can to make sure that Babe gets everything she deserves. Krystal tells him she’s very happy to hear that, sounding like she is completely fooled by him.

Again, in the casino in Vegas, Erica dresses as Desiree and meets Bobbie, sounding content, making no mention nor showing any fear about the mysterious man she met in her room. She tells Bobbie that it’s about time they expand their social circles. She asks him what he knows about Zach Slater. She tells him she will invite Zach to dinner. But Bobbie reveals that might be a problem since Zach is his boss. She wonders if Bobbie is simply worried about Zach meeting her because he’s a lady’s man. And she assures him that there’s no cause for alarm.

Mary Smythe accompanies Bianca and Babe into Babe’s room, uninvited. She goes on about the gossip that’s going around town about Bianca and verbally torments her until Babe physically pushes Mary out the door. But right again, when Bianca is alone with Bess, she becomes fixated by her.

Alone in the house, which she was going, to live in with Ryan, Kendall is haunted by all her memories of their romantic history and she cries.

David gets another knock on his door and yells that the person knocking must go away, assuming it’s Kendall. But he’s surprised to discover Krystal. He asks what she wants. She tells him she wants him.

JR introduces his father to a woman whom Adam assumes JR has hired to be a nanny for the baby. But JR informs his father that she is a lieutenant who has extensive experience and knowledge of child and family services. It sounds as though she will go “undercover” having the rest of the family believing that she is the nanny but she will do what JR and Adam hire her for, part of which is making sure that Bianca Montgomery cannot kidnap Bess.

Right when Babe re-enters the room and sees Bianca holding her baby, she has a flashback of Bianca in the cabin holding Miranda. And Babe’s horrified look on her face puzzles Bianca.


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