AMC Update Wednesday 5/19/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/19/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Tad protests to Krystal that she has to let him go after Paul Kramer so that Paul leaves her daughter alone. She agrees that Paul Kramer is trash and must go away, but she surprises him by saying he can’t confront Paul and, hearing that, he seems to know that she must have yet another secret which a confrontation with Paul will uncover. Babe tells her mother that now that JR knows the “secret”, there is no longer anything to be afraid of. Tad asks what secret that may be. Babe replies, informing Tad for the first time, that JR is aware of her incomplete annulment to Paul Kramer. Krystal inquires how JR could have found out, still sounding suspicious. But Babe tells them it doesn’t matter and happily expresses that she knows that JR is o.k. with this and that they have never been happier. But when Tad leaves. Krystal tells her daughter that she made a serious mistake trusting Tad with that secret and that the last thing they need is to “sick” Tad on Paul Kramer.

After hearing Liza informing him that his daughter in law is still legally married to Paul Kramer, Adam Chandler kisses Liza, in gratitude to his ex-wife for giving him good cause to remove Krystal and Babe from his home and his life. But, right at that moment, JR walks into the room and interrupts their conversation, laying down the law to both of them that Krystal and Babe are going nowhere and that his father and former stepmother must get out of his sight for even suggesting such a thing. Adam confronts his son on how it’s unacceptable that Babe was already married, to no less than the very idiot who almost lost JR’s baby. JR doesn’t really have a good excuse for his father for why he chooses to over look that. Tad enters and informs JR that he does not have a problem with his stepson’s choice to overlook Babe’s “mistake”. But Adam informs them both that he thinks JR needs a straightjacket instead of the “congratulations” Tad wants to offer him. Tad protests to Adam that he believes that as long as JR has a happy marriage and a child whom they both love, nothing else matters. Although Adam protests that he intends to call off the wedding, Tad tells JR that he is proud of him and he knows that Dixie would be also. Tad apologizes to JR for his previous doubts about his marriage and for not informing him about the annulment before. JR graciously accepts his apology and tells him everything is o.k. But Adam tells him that while they are both being foolish, that girl is about to make fools of them all. But JR tells his father that that girl is the mother of his child and his bride to be. At first JR sounds angry at his father for cutting down Babe, but when Tad leaves, he reveals that he is hiding something and breaks out laughing. Adam is surprised to notice his son’s change of expression. JR tells his father that he can see that he still doesn’t “get it”.

Babe tells her mother that she still needs to find out for certain whether Bess is in fact, JR’s baby, still having no clue that her mother knows that she is not Babe’s child, but Bianca’s. Krystal tells her daughter that it no longer matters if JR is the biological father and that they must not mess with Paul Kramer. Babe inquires why anybody would be afraid of Paul. Krystal says that bigamy is illegal and if they antagonize Paul, he could make trouble for them and it’s not worth it.

Right when Greenlee happily believes that nothing will ruin her wedding now, Kendall finds Ryan. He asks why she’s there. She answers the reason is so that he can give her another chance. She admits to him that she finally realizes that Greenlee was the “cliff” from which she was afraid she’d fall. And she asks him if he can forgive her the way he was able to forgive Greenlee. He replies that of course he can forgive her. She emotionally tells him that it means more than anything for her to hear him tell her that. She tells him that she trusts him completely, sounding like she believes she’s ready to “re-connect” with the love of her life. He tells her he believes her when she says she trusts him. She again seems to assume that he is ready to admit that he wants her instead of Greenlee. But he tells her that after their conversation is over, he needs to leave, he has a wedding to go to, and it’s something she probably won’t want to stick around for. Hearing that, she is devastated. She asks him if he is really going to marry Greenlee and becomes hysterical, telling him she knows that he could only do this out of revenge. He tries to tell her that that is not the case, but she will not accept what he’s saying. He suddenly loses his temper and tells her he is so tired of her behavior. She leaves telling him that he and Greenlee may both rot in hell.

Simone tells Greenlee that she certainly understands how inexcusable Kendall’s behavior of locking her in the room and lying about it was. She informs Greenlee that she really had no clue as to which of her two friends she should have helped go after the other. She admits to Greenlee that she did want to play “cupid” to a couple whom she believed had potential, namely Kendall and Ryan. But Greenlee informs Simone that she need not explain or justify herself for anything that has already happened. Greenlee primps herself in the mirror. When Simone looks at Greenlee’s reflections, she informs her that she notices something in Greenlee’s eyes. She says she can tell that Greenlee is really in love with Ryan. Simone goes on about all the fairytales and romantic dreams in her head and encourages Greenlee to believe that she can have that with Ryan. But Greenlee firmly tells Simone the only person she could ever feel that way about is Leo. When Greenlee is dressed in a white halter-top and jeans, she affirms with Simone that everything will go good.

Bianca tells Maggie that she knows she has a very special friendship with Babe, due in large part to what they both went through in the cabin together. And she acknowledges that that could be the reason why Babe asked her to be Bess’s Godmother. Maggie asks Bianca how she feels about Babe’s offer. She replies that she is certainly honored. But she admits that something happened when she was alone with Bess, which she knows will happen again. She admits that she’s scared to death that when she comes in contact with Bess again, that she will slip and somehow believe that that little girl is hers. Bianca asks Maggie about her relationship with Jamie. Maggie admits that she and Jamie are having sex and are friends and roommates, but there are no strings attached. Bianca sounds surprised that Maggie sounds happy with the terms of her relationship with Jamie. Maggie admits that she is not in love with Jamie and knows when she is not with him she does not feel the way she is supposed to feel and maybe is waiting for true love to come and sweep her off her feet. Bianca tells Maggie that she knows she will find it.

Tad assures Krsytal that he believes that all is well with JR’s and Babe’s wedding and he believes that JR really loves her daughter. She seems to believe him. However, meanwhile, JR reveals to his father that he has a trick up his sleeve. His father tells him he must divulge his plan. He answers the question of whether he plans to go through with the wedding, with a discouraging yes. But when Adam asks him if he really can forgive Babe, JR asks his father if he really believes that JR could ever forgive that lying little bitch for what she’s done. At that point, father and son are on the same page.

Suddenly, while in her room, Babe has a nightmare where she discovers that Bess has disappeared from her crib. She bangs on the door but discovers that she’ locked in. She hears a voice yelling “mommy”. And she discovers Bianca holding Bess. At that point, Babe knows she has no cause for alarm noticing Bianca with her child. But at that moment, when Babe asks Bianca to give her Bess, Bianca informs her that this is not Bess, this is Miranda and that Babe, instead had a baby boy who was lost in the river. Bianca admits that it was very sad and both she and Mrianda are very sorry for Babe’s and JR’s loss. While Bianca looks lovingly at her daughter, Babe is upset. But at that moment, she awakens from her nightmare, holding the baby in her arms, realizing it was just a bad dream.

JR informs his father that Livia has drawn up paternity papers for him. And he tells Adam that this is only the first step, he will not let Babe get away with what she’s done. At that point, Adam proudly affirms that JR is his father’s son.

Greenlee and Ryan proceed with their wedding, both looking happy and content, while Kendall stands on the roof of the chapel. The preacher pronounces them husband and wife and they depart happily.


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