AMC Update Tuesday 5/18/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/18/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee runs as fast as she can to stop Kendall form marrying Ryan. She screams that they must stop the wedding. Simone is there with her. Greenlee informs Ryan that Kendall lied to him with her story that she and Greenlee reconciled their differences and that she is o.k. with Kendall marrying him. The preacher doesn’t know what to do. Kendall tells Ryan that she is sorry and that all the crazy things she did were only due to the fact that she could not lose him. He turns to Greenlee and apologizes for all that she had to go through because of this. Kendall also apologizes to Greenlee, but assumes that Ryan wants her and realizes he cannot marry Greenlee. But Ryan clarifies for her that his apology to Greenlee is for what she’s had to go through in order to go down the aisle and he announces that Greenlee is the woman he intends to marry. Kendall protests that she boarded a plane and went to drastic measures to go after him. And she inquires to Ryan what he expects her to do. He tells her he wants her out of here. But she says she refuses to leave after he has just revealed to her that she is the one he really loves. Kendall informs Ryan that neither Greenlee nor Simone saw what happened right before Greenlee found Ryan. She informs them that Ryan kissed her and admitted he loved her. He says he kissed the woman that he found in his heart to forgive. But the woman who held Greenlee prisoner and lied to him is not the one he’s going to marry. He says although love may be enough for some people and some situations, Kendall’s lies have gone too far. He admits that he is marrying Greenlee because he can trust her. He says he cannot take Kendall’s word for anything ever. He says that when he goes to the boardroom to do business with Kendall, he will bring his trusty watch and a strong alibi because he will never again trust Kendall. Greenlee gloats that she has finally won the battle for control of Fusion, and for winning Ryan over. Ryan tells Kendall that Fusion and all the fortune, which he inherited from Alexander Cambias, are owned 50/50 by himself and Greenlee and Kendall has zero of it. At that point, a physical fight starts between the two women, which lands them into the pool. Ryan jumps in and breaks it up. He carries Greenlee out of the pool and leaves Kendall there. She screams to him that he must wait and cannot leave her there.

Liza goes to talk to JR. He sounds like he’s busy and doesn’t want to talk to her. And he tells her that in spite of what she has revealed to him, he still plans to marry Babe. Tad enters and asks JR questions about the damage Liza must have done. She tells them she doesn’t like being talked about as though she’s not in the room. Tad asks JR what the big secret is but JR does not reveal it. At that point, Tad concludes that he will leave the two of them to their business meetings and their “ bombshells”. After he leaves, Liza thanks her former stepson for not spilling the beans to Tad. He informs her that he still considers her to be family and doesn’t intend to hurt her. But he tells her that he is not about to call off his wedding to Babe despite Liza’s attitude about Krystal or what she’s done. She protests that Babe and Krystal have played him and he cannot let them get away with it. He sounds nonchalant, telling Liza he can see that this must really both her but not him. He tells her that she is invited to the wedding, but he will make his own decision without her help. And he tells her that everything is all under control, revealing that he might have a secret he’s not divulging to her. And right before he departs, he wishes her good luck with Tad and Krystal.

Babe comes into the chapel, carrying the baby and runs into Paul Kramer, seeming as though she is completely unaware of the dastardly thing he did. She thanks him for saving her baby’s life and he tells her he did nothing special. He turns to leave but she tells him that she needs one more thing. He tells her he cannot do her any more favors. She says that she’s not asking for a favor. She tells him that nothing in the world can ruin her happy marriage and motherhood. He tells her that in that case she can go her way and he can go his. But she finally reveals to him that she knows something, which he never before had any reason to believe she’d know. She tells him she needs him to tell her whose child her baby really is. He protests to her that she was totally out of it in the cabin and may not know what she saw. It sounds like he’s assuming she might be aware that her baby was actually the boy he stole from her and gave to his sister. But her question is whether JR is the father or if somebody else is, and she seems to have no clue that the baby girl is not hers’ with anybody. He tells her that she must forget about paternity tests and does not want to go there, obviously realizing that there will be consequences for him if it’s done. But she protests that she needs to know if her baby really is JR’s. He tells her that he can assure her that it is JR’s, telling her what she evidently wants to hear, and he demands that she just leaves it at that and drops it. He goes over and talks to the bay and tells her that as easily as he got the baby for her, he can take it away. She looks at him as though she is really afraid of what he could do.

Krystal tells the decorator that she wants the place where her daughter and son in law renew their vows to be livened up. Tad stands beside her and is ready to walk off until she asks him to wait. She tells Tad she knows that they have been arguing but she’d still like to get along with him and asks him if he will help her paint the room. He senses that she has something on her mind and tells her that if she has anything to say, she can tell him. But she only tells him that although she is hot-tempered, she apologizes if she stepped out of line with him and says she wants to be his friend. He discovers that she has developed her own style of painting with her background of growing up under modest means and learning to improvise. As they paint together and interact, unknown to them, Liza is spying on them. Tad and Kystal get into a paint fight, paint all over each other’s faces and clothing and have a barrel of fun together laughing and enjoying themselves. But right when Krystal looks at herself in the mirror to wash the paint off her face, she sees Liza behind her, spying on her. She goes to confront Liza and tells her she better have a good excuse for spying.

Livia Fry appears to talk to JR and tells him that she’s a little concerned about his decision to marry somebody he’s about to file bigamy charges against. He tells her he needs her help with something else. He’s not worried about Babe so much as he needs Livia’s help in making certain that Paul Kramer stays away from his baby.

Babe tells Paul that he will never again threaten her baby or he will be sorry. He tells her that in order for that to happen, she needs to stop asking questions and leave him alone.

Ryan and Greenlee enter their “bridal suite” soaking wet and depressed after what has just happened. He offers her a towel. They dry themselves off. But they don’t look happy. She says that maybe they should talk about what just happened out there. He asks if that means talking about how he was a jerk by getting sucked in by Kendall’s lies again. She informs him that Kendall lied to her and that she sincerely wanted to reconcile with Kendall and be friends again. She acknowledges that Kendall loves him, and although she doesn’t care about that, she needs to know what that means to him. He tells her that Kendall’s “love” means nothing to him. He says that Kendall cannot win unless somebody else loses. He admits that if she had not locked Greenlee in that room and had not constantly lied to him then he’d be married to Kendall right now. Greenlee says that that is all too clear to her, but she asks him what about the two of them.

Kendall tells Simone that she cannot understand how all the love and trust and commitment with Ryan has been ruined. She sounds like she cannot figure out herself why she did what she did to Greenlee. Simone tells Kendall she cannot answer that question but the only thing left to do is get into dry clothes and get out of there. But Kendall tells Simone that she is desperate and will not give up on Ryan. Simone says that if she is that desperate, there’s only one things left to do, which is to tell the truth.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she knows that going into this “marriage deal” was a lot sweeter for her that it was for her. So she tells him that her wedding gift to him is that she will provide a safe place for him to come home to with no lies or distrust. He tells her that that means a lot to him. And he takes her hand and says that at the risk of repeating himself, he will ask her again if she will marry him. She says yes and sounds happy. He tells her that when she gets ready, he will meet her outside and they will do it right this time.

Liza confronts Krystal. She makes comments about Krystal being a low-life and no stranger to dirt. Krystal asks Liza what her important “secret” is. Liza says she will just let Krystal off on a warning. She says Krystal must watch out for Tad. When she leaves, Tad rejoins Krystal and doesn’t seem very worried. But right then, Babe finds her mother and tells her she needs to help her because Paul Kramer is threatening her. Krystal tells her daughter she must not be afraid of anything Paul Kramer says because it’s a lie. But Babe tells her mother that Paul has made some indirect threats about kidnapping. Having no clue about Krystal’s secret and wanting to help Babe, Tad leaves and tells them he’s going to take care of Mr. Kramer. But Krystal protests that Tad must leave Paul alone.

Bianca is with Maggie indulging in cotton candy. She sounds happy to be with her friend and is not stressing over all the recent tragedy in her life. But she reveals to Maggie that she has a concern. She knows something about Babe and her baby.

Adam Chandler goes to find out from Liza what her “secret” is. She informs him that his son is marrying a bigamist.

JR informs Livia that he will go through with the wedding to Babe, but he will make certain that his child is provided for and that his paternal rights are protected. And he says he needs her help in making certain that Paul Kramer has no rights to be near his child. She tells him she can help him by filing a petition against Paul Kramer.


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