AMC Update Monday 5/17/04

All My Children Update Monday 5/17/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Danielle realizes that she's been the target of a cruel joke. Danielle laughs, telling Reggie, Maggie, Jamie and Mia that they got her good. She then threatens to sue them for fraud, humiliation and misrepresentation. She says Fusion will then be hers. Reggie tells the gang that she's just playing them for a laugh. Danielle has stopped laughing and tells them they're going down. She walks out of the record store and a worried Mia tells Reggie to fix this mess.

Tom and Olivia get a visit from Jack, who tells them that Erica is in Las Vegas with a bottle. He's there seeking guidance. "Don't go," Tom tells him. Jack tells them that Aidan discovered Erica has made champagne her drink of choice, adding that she's been beaten up emotionally in the last year. Tom tells him that he can't help Erica and may actually make things worse. Olivia says doing nothing may be the most loving thing he can do. "Trust me, I know," she says. Tom tells Jack about his days of being a drunk. Olivia let him be. Erica may have to hit bottom before she turns the corner. Olivia tells Jack that he can't fix it. He has to detach himself because it's Erica's problem, Tom says. Danielle walks in and tries to keep Reggie out by slamming the door in his face but he gets in. She tells her aunt Olivia that she's been scammed. Reggie explains that Danielle punked him so he punked her back. Danielle says he'll have to cough up some money so she can get the tattoo removed that he made her get. Olivia is upset and takes Danielle in another room to see the tattoo. Reggie apologizes to Jack but Jack is upset and orders his son to go home. Reggie asks if Jack is going somewhere. After some hesitation, Jack looks at Tom and says he's not going anywhere.

Erica is in the dressing room with a fellow dancer, who gives her an "energy drink," which is a bottle of brandy. Erica takes a drink and the other dancer tells her to keep it. Rudy enters, sees the bottle and asks if this is why Erica nearly ruined the finale. He says perhaps she left her talent in this bottle. Erica says she got this bottle only a minute ago. If she's no longer his gifted dancer she'll leave. He tells her she was late on both entrances and half a step behind. Erica says if she was off it was for personal reasons and it won't happen again. Rudy leaves and Erica takes another drink of brandy. She sees a man representing her dead father in the shadows holding a deck of cards. Referring to him as "daddy," she asks if he's come to gloat because she messed up the performance. "To hell with you," she says. "I've only just begun to win." The next thing she sees is Bobby entering the room from where the shadowed man had been standing. Calling him Roberto, she asks him to get her out of here. She walks out and Bobby sees the bottle of brandy. They walk into the casino lounge where gambler Puggy greets "Desiree" warmly. After some pleasantries, he asks her to sing. Erica is persuaded to get on stage and sings a song. The crowd gives her a standing ovation. A glowing Erica is happy to see the response. When she continues to look at the crowd she sees her family in the audience clapping for her.

A stunned Ryan sees Kendall walking to him and says "this is not happening." Kendall tells him this is a surprise. Ryan asks what she is doing here. She asks if he'll do her the honor of making her his bride. The minister looks at them and asks "shall we begin?" Kendall says she's ready if the groom is. Ryan tells the musicians to stop playing and asks the minister to give he and Kendall some time alone to talk. Kendall tells Ryan that she has been a stubborn fool. She loves him and everything in her is his – her trust and her faith. She promises to never hurt him or their relationship again. Ryan asks where Greenlee is. Kendall says she has apologized to Greenlee. Ryan asks why he's not convinced. Why is Greenlee not there? Kendall says Greenlee realized this was a matter just between them. She says she and Greenlee have worked it out and will be friends again. Ryan asks what's next. Kendall asks if he'll make her his wife. Greenlee won't stand in their way, she says. They have Greenlee's blessing. From the castle, Greenlee is seen pounding on the window of the turret. She sees Ryan with Kendall and screams "no." Kendall tells Ryan that Bianca and Jack talked to her and made her realize that she couldn't hold onto her anger. Ryan asks her why she didn't run out of there when she learned he was marrying Greenlee. She says she realized she pushed him into Greenlee's arms. He asks what she would do if he decided to still marry Greenlee. She says she would wish him the best and walk away. He wonders why she just didn't break up the wedding. Why does she want to marry him right now? She says it's because the moment is right and perfect. She says she'll never stop wanting and loving him. Ryan kisses her passionately. Kendall asks Ryan to dance with her. As the stringed instruments play, the couple gently dance.

Simone finds Greenlee in the turret. Greenlee orders Simone to unlock the door, saying that Kendall pushed her inside and locked the door. Simone doesn't understand because Kendall had indicated she wanted to leave. She also can't believe that Greenlee is there to marry Ryan. Simone doesn't know what to do. She knows Ryan and Kendall have sparks, so she hesitates letting Greenlee out. Greenlee tells her that if she and Ryan are married, she'll own Fusion and Simone will be the first to get a pink slip. Simone relents and Greenlee runs barefoot to Ryan and Kendall. Simone follows behind, saying "I am so dead." The minister returns and asks if Ryan and Kendall are ready to be married. Kendall tells Ryan it's his call. Within moments Ryan hears Greenlee's screaming and is surprised to see her running toward them.

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