AMC Update Friday 5/14/04

All My Children Update Friday 5/14/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Reggie, Jamie and Maggie laugh as they continue to push their practical joke on Danielle by having her dress the part of Fusion's teen girl. Danielle reveals herself in outlandish garb featuring a purple skirt that looks like a glorified tutu, dangling star earrings with flashing lights inside, huge hair and gaudy makeup. "Isn't she hot?" Maggie states. Danielle can't figure out why they put her in this get-up. She asks if Simone approves of this because girls her age would not wear this. Mia enters and asks what's going on. "Can I help you?" she asks Danielle. Danielle turns to Mia and asks if this is the look for Fusion's new teen girl. Behind Danielle's back, Reggie, Jamie and Maggie silently urge Mia to play along with their gag. This is definitely not the right look, Mia says. However, after pulling down the sleeve on the outfit to reveal more shoulder, Mia says now it is the right look. Danielle asks Mia if she approved of this clown suit. Mia says she wasn't in on the planning stages, but this is a look they're considering. Reggie, Jamie and Maggie say they want to take Danielle to a hot spot to see what kind of reaction she gets. Danielle leaves the room and the three admit to Mia that this gag is part of a payback.

Danielle goes to the record store with Reggie, Jamie and Maggie. Immediately girls in the store stare and laugh at her and make caddy remarks. Maggie and Jamie are laughing but Reggie is not as amused. Danielle tells Reggie she bombed and she apologizes. She thanks him for the opportunity he gave her. She walks back into the store aisles and Maggie says this is too easy. Reggie says he's calling this off. He tells Danielle he wants to talk to her. Just then three girls approach Danielle and compliment her look, asking where they can find something like that. She tells them about the Fusion campaign then asks Reggie what he wanted to tell her. Reggie says only that she was great. Danielle gloats over her new-found success.

Aidan goes to see Edmund in the hospital, telling him that Anita's husband is nothing but a liar. Outside the room, Anita confesses to Maria that she blew up at Edmund after he threw a physical therapist out of his room. Anita tells her sister she should apologize to Edmund, but Maria defends Anita's actions. Aidan asks Edmund if he should tell Anita that Bobby is with Erica in Las Vegas. Edmund urges him not to tell her. Aidan comments that Anita married a jerk. Edmund asks Aidan to tell Anita that she's ready to do his physical therapy. Aidan leaves Edmund's room and finds Maria and Anita and tells them what Edmund said. Maria leaves and Anita asks Aidan about Bobby and Erica. Aidan says he ran into a dead end on that and adds that Bobby is not with Erica. A happy Anita apologizes to Aidan for harsh words she said to him in the past. She offers to buy him a latte and he accepts. Maria goes into Edmund's room and she finds him upbeat. He tells her that Anita straightened him out. He tells Maria she is the most understanding wife and they embrace.

Aidan and Anita arrive at the record store and walk to the back of the store, where Anita orders two lattes. They sit down and share conversation. Anita tells him about parts of her life and how she met and fell in love with Bobby. She's still not sure if she can forgive Bobby. She's not sure she can trust him. Aidan tells her she'll find her way.

In 1000 Islands for their wedding, Ryan and Greenlee enter their separate rooms while Kendall and Simone arrive at the hotel. Kendall tells Simone they need to find where Ryan is staying. She asks a hotel employee about Ryan and the employee mentions the wedding.

In her room, Greenlee sees her alter ego. Greenlee tells her other self that she is about to witness a pain-free marriage. The alter ego says Greenlee can't fool her. Greenlee says she and Ryan are made for each other – as friends. The alter ego says Greenlee will want more. When Greenlee says she can handle this, her other self says she's just setting herself up for heartbreak. The alter ego reads a portion of Greenlee's old diary in which she described how she planned to fall in love someday. Greenlee snaps that she was a kid when she wrote that crock. Ryan, in his room, turns on the TV only to hear his voice from the box asking him why he's marrying Greenlee when he's supposed to be marrying Kendall.

Kendall says she doesn't believe Ryan is marrying Greenlee. It must be some mistake. She says Ryan loves her, not Greenlee. Simone says she is so sorry tells Kendall they should leave. Kendall wonders if she's lost Ryan for good. Kendall asks the hotel desk clerk if the wedding is still on and the clerk says yes, and they're the first guests to arrive. Kendall sees a white dress on display in the lobby and gets an idea.

Greenlee's alter ego tells her that she's supposed to marry for love. Why is she settling without it? Greenlee insists she and Ryan will have fun, even if they're just pals. She says if they do fall in love it will be the cherry on her sundae. The alter ego reminds Greenlee how happy she was when she married Leo because she was in love. Would Leo approve of this? Greenlee orders the alter ego to leave and she vanishes. Greenlee then asks Leo if she has his blessing? Ryan hears his voice saying that Kendall still loves him. Ryan shuts off the TV and says Greenlee and he understand each other. She'll let him be himself. What more could a man want? As he starts dressing for the wedding he has a flashback to a tender moment with Kendall. He looks out his window and sees a woman walking away from the hotel. He thinks it's Kendall. He looks again and no one is there. He tells himself he's having a serious hallucination. He looks at the ring and tells himself that this is real and right. He will get married and live happily ever after... or for six months, whichever comes first. Greenlee has her wedding dress on and talks to Leo. She tells him he taught her everything about love. Meanwhile, Ryan looks at the TV and says nothing can change his plans.

As Ryan waits outside with the minister for Greenlee, the music starts playing and he sees a woman in white walking toward him. It is Kendall in the dress from the lobby.

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