AMC Update Wednesday 5/12/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/12/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Jack returns home to discover Reggie and Bianca waiting for him. He asks if either of them have heard from Aidan. They reply no. Reggie suggests that maybe Jack should call off his search and forget about Erica since she has gone for so long without contacting or checking in with any of them. Jack asks Reggie the reason for his sudden attitude, remembering that not long ago, his son was demanding that he gets on the plane and finds Erica although he kept telling Reggie he could not. Reggie tells his father that all Erica would need to do is make one phone call, but she has such little consideration for all of them that she cannot even do that. Jack, then, turns to Bianca and asks her what her feelings are about it. Bianca does not answer. She then admits that she really does not know how she feels, remembering that the last time she spoke to her mother, she was very angry. She admits that she sees Reggie’s point of giving up since Erica is making no effort to contact anybody. She tells Jack that he may be making a pointless effort to save somebody who does not want to be saved. So she concludes that if her mother willingly comes back, they should welcome her. But it’s Erica’s move. Jack informs the two of them that Erica had a specific reason for going to Vegas. Reggie inquires if that would be to party and gamble. Jack replies that it was for her father’s funeral. Bianca asks what Jack knows about when Erica’s father died. He tells her he knows that it was before Erica knew what was happening and it was too late for her to find closure with her father. And he know that would have to have been a big blow to Erica. Jack tells Bianca and Reggie that he did not want to ever have to burden the two of them with the situation with Erica. But he still wishes he could know that she is al right.

In Vegas, Erica is with Bobbie and his gambling buddies. She plays poker with them and invites them into her suite. She seems very happy and popular with the crowd as Desiree. Aidan is keeping himself scarce, dressed as a service technician, and is able to notice Erica in her disguise. They all play poker in her room. Erica seems very happy and content and accepts some Champaign from the guys. One of the guys wagers a bet for $20,000. Erica inquires if that is legal. But she suddenly agrees. Bobbie then agrees to wager the bet. The guys propose a toast to their new partner, Roberto. But at that moment, Bobbie tells them that he and Desiree need to go. They want them to stay and Erica/Desiree tells Bobbie they stay and give the boys a chance to “get even”. When the guys leave, Erica seems very happy still. She invites Bobbie to stay for a nightcap. She tells him that she wants to help him in his deal with the guy who wagered the bet. She tells him she believes she owes him after all he’s done for her. But he tells her she owes him nothing. After he leaves and she is alone in her room, she reveals that her happiness is not rehearsed. She seems to enjoy her new life

Krystal goes to the secret brick in the wall where she last put the annulment papers and is startled to discover that it is gone.

JR drops the bombshell on Babe that he just found out that his wife was still married to Paul Kramer when they got married. She admits that it is true. She inquires how he’d know, while she sits speechless and shocked. He tells her it does not matter how he found out, the point is that this is bigamy. She asks what he will do now that he’s found out. He tells her that maybe she should tell him. He reminds her that throughout their marriage, it’s been one secret after another. First involving his brother, then Paul Kramer, and that their whole marriage has been one big lie. She tries to explain to him that when they met, they fell in love and got married so fast that there was no time to explain it. She admits that she thought that if he knew the truth, he would cut her out of his life. She tells him there are a million reasons for doing what she did, but she admits that she knows there’s no excuse. At that point, Krystal enters and discovers what JR has found out. He tells his mother in law that she is busted. Krystal tries to justify what has happened to her son in law. But at that point, Babe demands that her mother leaves so that she can talk privately with JR. Babe admits to her husband that she knows she lied to him and really has no excuse. But she tells him that she is not the same person he met a year ago in San Diego. And she says that she knows how to experience love in its purest form and is no longer afraid. She tells him that no matter what he decides, she will be o.k. At that point, he appears to have changed his attitude and gets close to his wife. He informs her that she is not the only person who has changed. He says he’s not the same guy who got off that steamer when they first met. And he admits that he cannot live without her. He tells her that what they have is so much more important than some stupid document. She seems very relieved, admitting that she was afraid that he’d ask her to pack her bags and leave. He tells her he loves her. She then inquires if that means that the wedding is still on. And he indicates to her that is most certainly is.

Maggie returns home after shopping and going through school registration. But she can tell that Jamie is lost in thought and depressed. She tries to cheer him up with a root beer float, which she says is a poor man’s anti-depressant. He tells her she may make it a double. She, right away, knows that what is making him depressed is Babe. Jamie admits that he is totally ticked off at Babe, but he still has feelings for her. He tells Maggie that he saw Babe with Bess today, and he really saw a different side of her than the person whom he knows has lied to him and to his brother. He asks Maggie what one does when they are hung up on somebody whom they know they should not be hung up on. She says she can relate to what he’s feeling, in regard to her feelings toward Bianca. She then asks him why he has not spit up his root beer and asked if she is really gay. She admits to him that she believes she is heterosexual and interested in guys. But she says she also knows about her feelings for Bianca. She admits to him that he is so messed up, while they talk light-heartedly. But she tells him that at least he knows what he wants. He says that wanting his brother’s wife is not healthy for him. But it sounds like the two of them are able to confide and drown their misery together.

JR goes to hold Bess. He privately tells her that he loves her more than anything and admits that he went to have a talk about her today.

Krystal goes to find her daughter and asks her if she’s al right. Babe reveals to her mother that JR forgave her. Krystal seems really happy for her daughter. But right at that moment, Babe discovers that there is something she must tell JR. She admits that she still knows that the possibility exists that Bess could be Jamie’s. But Krystal urges her daughter not to entertain that possibility with JR. Babe tells her mother that she knows that her love with JR can conquer all. But her mother tells her that she is still very naive and does not understand men. And she urges her to realize that she must not consider for a moment that it does not matter to JR who is Bess’s real father. She urges her daughter to see that JR must believe that Bess is his because that will affect how he treats her and how he treats Babe. She also informs Babe that Bess has the right to have the best life they can give her. Babe still admits that she feels guilty about the lies and deception. But Krystal tells her that she must focus all her energy on being the best wife and mother, and so that she will not have any room for any guilt. Babe finally becomes encouraged to do whatever it takes to fight for her family

JR reveals to Bess that he just talked to a very wise person who can keep her safe. He reveals that, although unknown to everybody else, he just consulted with Livia Fry about getting full custody of Bess. Livia, unfortunately informed him that he has no legal right to his child, whether it’s fair and just or not. He protested that he could file charges against Babe for bigamy. But Livia tells him that even if he could, that would take forever, and due to the fact that he is not even Babe’s legal husband, nor confirmed to be Bess’s biological father, due to no fault of his, he may never see his child again if he antagonizes Babe. But remembering his conversation with Livia, JR reveals that somehow he can find a way to keep Bess.

Jack, Bianca and Reggie play a card game and for the moment forget about Erica.

And while in her room in Vegas, Erica envisions that she is awakening to see a poker table and an unidentifiable person ready to deal up. She tells the person, whom she believes is her father that she will beat him at poker. But in the game, she notices that the four cards that are laid down on the table, which her opponent is ready to take away from her, are pictures of Reggie, Jack, Kendall and Bianca. And she screams that she cannot lose them.


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