AMC Update Tuesday 5/11/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/11/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

JR returns home after his startling conversation with Liza. Babe greets him happily, completely unaware of what her husband has just discovered. Tad, however, can tell by JR’s expression, that his stepson has discovered something shocking.

Simone, who has just run into Ryan and Greenlee at the airport before they are ready to leave, calls Kendall. Kendall urges Simone to do whatever she has to do to prevent Ryan and Greenlee from boarding the plane.

In Vegas, Erica appears on the stage with the other dancers, playing Desiree. The dance production manager tells her she was amazing. Bobbie appears and agrees. She returns to the dressing room, happily greeting the other dancers. Bobbie enters and asks if Erica is really completely gone and if the one and only Desiree Dubois has replaced her forever. At that moment, Erica’s smile fades and she looks at herself in the mirror. She sees Bobbie’s reflection and then she tells him that nothing is forever.

Jack appears at the hospital and greets Anita. He has reading material to give to Edmund. Jack tells Anita that he is very sorry for Edmund’s unsuccessful surgery, but tells her that he still believes that Edmund is very lucky to have his wife, his family and his friends.

Kendall suddenly becomes hysterically happy. She tells Bianca that she loves her and she is the most wonderful sister she could ever have. Bianca wonders what she did to cause Kendall’s sudden change in mood. Kendall tells her sister that she did the right thing to nag at her and so did Jack. Kendall rushes out the door, in her hot pursuit of Ryan before he’s ready to board the plane with Greenlee.

In the airport, Simone screams to Ryan and Greenlee and finds them, breathlessly. She tells the two of them that they cannot leave. They ask why. She says there’s an important business issue, which they must attend to. She bluffs a story about how they are both needed at Fusion. Although they tell her that Kendall can handle it and is in charge of the whole operation, Simone tries to convince them that they must not leave. But they don’t listen to her.

Babe still cannot tell that her husband has been struck by shocking news and is beginning to doubt her. She showers him with attention and affection and tells him she will get him whatever he wants, do whatever he wants of her, help him relax, while Tad witnesses speechlessly. Jamie suddenly enters and makes them all laugh by informing them that Mary Smythe tried to seduce him when he tried on his new tuxedo for Babe and JR’s wedding. When JR gets Jamie alone, he tells his brother that he has to help him. Jamie asks what’s wrong. JR begins to explain that for a while, he realizes that he shut Jamie out because he was seriously depressed and dealing with trust issues. He tells Jamie that he is afraid he’s about to “go down” again and that he could inflict his state of mind on everybody that gets in his way. He seems to not be able to tell Jamie specifically what is going on and walks away unable to talk more.

Tad talks to Babe alone asking her if she knows what her mother is up to. Babe does not seem to know. He asks her if she knows the full extent of Krystal’s deception and lies, realizing that Krystal’s daughter probably knows her better than anybody. He reveals to her that he knew, for a long time, that her annulment to Paul Kramer did not go through until she was already married to JR. He tells her that he knows he did the right thing by not telling JR because he knows that she loves JR and he loves her back. But he asks her what other secrets her mother is hiding. Babe apparently has no clue that Krystal switched the DNA results, which actually prove that Bess is not JR’s and Babe’s child, but is in fact Bianca’s. Tad urges Babe to trust him, remembering that he has kept his mouth shut about this secret, so she should tell him whatever else she knows about what her mother is up to. She seems not to know what he’s talking about. He urges her to know that what’s on the line is his stepson’s life. He tells her he loves JR as much as he loves Jamie. But she still has nothing to reveal to him. At that moment, he becomes angry and tells her he will not hesitate to make both her mother and herself pay if they do anything to hurt his family. But she protests to Tad that she knows nothing specifically that her mother has done except keep the secret about the annulment. Tad finally concludes that he will believe that Babe is not lying to him. But he reveals to her, in despair, that knowing nothing means he’s no better off than he was before. Babe reveals to Tad about experiences she and her mother have had, during tornados. He asks her to enlighten him to more about Krystal. She tells him that during her childhood, she remembers mothers discouraging their daughters and making them feel as though they cannot prevent being fat and unattractive. But she says her mother never did that to her and encouraged her to believe she can do whatever and be whatever she wants. At that moment, Krystal enters, knowing right away that Tad is trying to drag a secret out of her daughter. She rips into Tad, telling him that maybe he should take a hike while he can still walk like a man. He protests that he was just talking to her daughter. Babe defends Tad to her mother. But Krystal says he must leave her “baby doll” alone. Tad leaves them alone. Krystal tells her daughter that she is just trying to protect her from letting Tad Martin tear her life apart. Babe tells her mother that Tad gives her no cause for alarm, in regard to the annulment, completely unaware of her mother’s other secret, which Tad is trying to uncover. Babe goes up to bed, leaving her mother alone in the room. Krystal pours herself a drink and has a flashback of being alone in the wilderness, asking God to protect her little girl’s baby in the ever after.

In the gazebo, JR reveals to Jamie that he has suddenly discovered that Babe lied to him about her annulment to Paul Kramer. And he angrily tells his brother that Babe will be damn lucky of he ever forgives her for this. Jamie seems to want his brother to calm down. JR tells Jamie that he wants to bring Babe down and he will make certain that she never sees Bess again after this. Jamie suggests that maybe Paul Kramer did something to hurt and blackmail both Babe and JR and maybe it’s not Babe’s fault. But JR does not appreciate his brother defending Babe. Jamie urges JR to know that he has no proof that Babe has done wrong and should not consider taking Bess away form her mother. He tells JR that if he takes that little girl away form her mother, he’s no different than Adam Chandler was with him. JR protests that that was completely different. His mother did not deserve to lose her baby. She was a saint, where Babe, on the other hand, is a cheap slut. But Jamie admits that he will not hesitate to fight him on this if he plans on doing what he threatens to do to his wife.

Danielle suddenly appears in Jack’s apartment and runs into Bianca. Bianca has no clue who she is and asks if she’s in the wrong apartment. Danielle announces that she plans on becoming Fusion’s new “teen” girl. Bianca sounds like she has no clue what Danielle is talking about nor has she ever heard of a Fusion campaign for a teen girl. At that point, Reggie enters and Danielle asks why his cousin has never heard of a Fusion teen girl. Reggie tells Bianca that Simone should have briefed her on the information about the new plans Fusion has to promote a teen girl. Bianca tells Reggie and Danielle that she has some emails to send and excuses herself. When Reggie is alone with Danielle, he tells her they both have things to do and pushes her out the door. After Danielle’s gone, Bianca reveals to Reggie that she knows he’s planning a scam and asks what he thinks Danielle’s going to do tomorrow when she gets wise to his scam.

At the airport, Simone urges Greenlee and Ryan to stay behind because Kendall is having problems with corporate details at Fusion. Ryan asks her if Mia or Liza or anybody else has a problem with this. Simone bluffs again that somebody asked her to keep them behind. Greenlee suddenly asks Simone if Kendall asked her to prevent them from leaving. Simone suddenly comes clean and admits that she was just recently on the phone with Kendall who asked her to stall them. At that point, they leave. But then Kendall finally catches Simone and asks where Greenlee and Ryan are. She runs after them. A security guard tries to stop her but Simone yells at Kendall to keep running.

Erica explains to Bobbie that she cannot let her past and her loss drag her down. She needs to stay strong. He doesn’t argue, and instead invites her to joins him with some old friends. She asks who the friends are. He tells her that she needs to change and get ready and he will meet her later.

Jack inquires to Anita if her husband and her friend Aidan might have a clue where Erica is, since Jack happens to know that both Bobbie and Aidan are presently in Vegas. Anita tells Jack that she believes Bobbie who has informed her he has not seen Erica and has no clue where she is and she says that she wishes Aidan would leave Bobbie alone and stop disbelieving him.

Tad runs into Jamie and seems to be unaware of what his son has discovered from JR. He asks what is going on. Jamie does not reveal to his father what he just heard from JR and they depart.

In Vegas, Erica is happily greeting Bobbie’s friends who congratulate “Desiree” on her dance performance. But unknown to her, Aidan is still there, making himself scarce and looking like he hears her voice and knows she’s there.

Kendall gets restrained by security, but is still determined to prevent Ryan from leaving and marrying Greenlee.

Still unaware of JR’s present state, Babe excitedly shares with him all her creative ideas for the wedding. Seeing his lack of enthusiasm, she just assumes he’s not into her ideas and tells him she can come up with other ideas. But he tells her he’d like to talk to her about their lie of a marriage, which she never told him about.


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