AMC Update Monday 5/10/04

All My Children Update Monday 5/10/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca is urging Kendall to forgive Greenlee. She says that's the only way Kendall can be happy with Ryan. Bianca says Kendall needs to be bold, not like their mother, who runs and hides at the first sign of turmoil. She tells her to be brave, not like their mother. Jack walks in and Bianca tells him that Kendall is about to throw away the love of her life again. Bianca leaves Jack and Kendall alone to talk. He asks about Ryan and she turns the subject to Erica. Jack, after saying Aidan is closing in on Erica, turns the subject right back to Ryan. Kendall adds Greenlee's name to the mix. Jack says Greenlee told him she would not sabotage Kendall's relationship. Kendall says if that's the case, why did she leave with Ryan. She tells Jack what happened between her and Ryan and Jack tells her that Ryan was right to reject Kendall's ultimatum. Kendall says Ryan bailed on her, but Jack tells her she pushed him. Turning back to Erica, Jack says he loves her and no there will be pain. He says he can live with the pain but can't live without the woman he loves. Kendall says Ryan is her once in a lifetime love and she knows they're meant to be together. Jack tells her if Ryan is the love of her life she needs to find him. Jack leaves.

Greenlee is trying to know for sure that Kendall is out of the picture. She tells Ryan she doesn't want him to wake up and ask "what have I done?" She asks what he would do if Kendall walked on this plane and said she was sorry. How quickly would this wedding be cancelled? Ryan asks for the wedding vows she wrote, where she mentioned trust, friendship and adventure. He takes the tablet and writes on top "no more Kendall." Ryan insists that it's over, and Greenlee promises she won't nag him about it again. As they wait in the airport terminal, they play a game in which Greenlee points out a couple and tells a story about them. She asks Ryan to pick out a couple and she'll tell him everything about them. Ryan asks her what she would say about the two of them. Before she can answer Simone sees them. She's at the airport to pick up new lipstick samples from Paris. She asks why they're there together but the couple remain coy. Ryan leaves Simone alone with Greenlee and Simone suggests Kendall was right. Greenlee is scheming for Ryan. Greenlee says that is not the case, but she won't confess what's going on. Simone decides to call Kendall. She tells Kendall that Ryan and Greenlee are at the airport. She can stop them if she hurries. Ryan notices the fog is lifted and tells Greenlee their wedding will be their next stop.

Erica is preparing for her debut as a Las Vegas show girl when someone places a bouquet of roses in front of her. She looks in the mirror and sees Jack, who says the most beautiful woman in Las Vegas should not have opening night jitters. She turns and sees that it's really Bobby who gave her the roses. The other dancers enter the room along with Rudy, who gives Erica instructions about the upcoming show. After everyone heads for the stage, Erica asks Bobby if there's anything else from Jack's bloodhound. Bobby says no and hopefully Aidan is back in Pine Valley. Aidan, wearing a worker's uniform, is checking out the casino. Erica dresses for the show and Bobby gives her a kiss, but in her mind she sees Jack kissing her.

At the Valley Inn, Tad tells Krystal she looks like she's going to drop a bomb, but she remains closed mouthed. Tad insists that he kept her secret, no matter what Liza said. Krystal says that means a lot to her. He asks her what's going on. He can't know the problem she's trying to hide unless she confides in him. David walks in and sits at the bar. Krystal tells Tad that there will not be a relationship between them and she wants to end anything before it starts. Tad says the purpose of this date tonight was to find out if there is any potential between them, and apparently there is not. He offers to take her home, but Krystal says she's staying there tonight with David. Tad says that explains a lot. He tells Krystal goodnight and she watches as he walks out. David tells Krystal he's been waiting for her. He knows she used him to get rid of Tad. Krystal says she's through with Tad. She's not good enough for him. David says he would like to see her, and she says he's got a date.

JR asks Liza what she means when she said his marriage is a lie. Liza tells him about Babe's annulment. JR says he knows Babe's marriage was annulled. Liza asks if he knows when it was annulled. She tells him it was filed well after he was married. That means he was never married at all. Liza says she didn't want to tell him this but there's too much at stake. JR asks Liza where she got the document. She admits she found it behind a brick in the tunnels at Chandler Mansion. He accuses her of faking the document to get rid of Krystal so she can have Tad to herself. Liza admits she loves Tad and she thinks she could make him happy. She says Krystal is deceitful but she denies fabricating the document. She says Tad has known about this and kept it to himself because Krystal asked him to. JR stays Tad would never lie to him about something so important. Then he has a flashback to when Tad asks him what he would do if he caught Babe in another lie. JR says no wonder Babe wants a wedding. Liza tells JR that Tad doesn't know she knows the truth. JR asks how he will explain how he got the document. She says he can just tell that if he found it, but if he must he can say that she gave it to him, even if that means Tad will hate her. She leaves the decision up to him.

Babe is rocking the baby and telling a story when Jamie enters. She invites him into see the baby. She apologizes to him for the past trouble between him and JR. Jamie indicates there's no need to apologize. She says she can't mess up again and has to do things right. Jamie assures her that she doesn't have to worry about that. Babe lets Jamie hold the baby and he promises to be the best uncle in the world.

Tad goes to Chandler Mansion and finds Babe. He wants to talk to her about what's going on with her mother. Babe doesn't know what he means. JR walks in and sees the two of them together.

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