AMC Update Friday 5/7/04

All My Children Update Friday 5/7/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

[first half of show was preempted by news coverage]

Tad tells Krystal he doesnít want her to leave town. Krystal says she has her reasons. Tad asks what if he gives her a reason to stay. He thinks they have a mutual admiration for each other. Krystal tells him that she likes him. ďI liked you even when I hated you,Ē she said. Tad says the only reason he can think of that makes her want to avoid him is that he had the test run on the baby. That puts Krystal on edge and she tells him not to say another word.

Kendall frantically knocks on Biancaís door. She tells her that she bets she wonít be rooting for Ryan when she hears the latest. He left with Greenlee. They plan to be gone for six months. Bianca says if Ryan is going out of town itís because Kendall pushed him to do it. Bianca urges Kendall to try the airport. Deep down Ryan still loves her, Bianca says. Ryan and Greenlee are friends but that could change if she doesnít do anything. This is the moment of truth. If they go out of town as friends, they could come back a lot more, Bianca says.

Ryan and Greenlee are on a plane stalled by fog. Ryan asks Greenlee to read him the wedding vows she wrote. Greenlee has written that Ryan is her best friend who saved her life. He will never regret taking her as his wife. Wherever they end up doesnít matter, because heíll make the ride unforgettable. Ryan appears touched and hugs her.

Babe goes to see JR at his office. She tells him she saw Bianca and asked her to be her maid of honor and Bessís godmother. She knows heís not in love with the idea. Jr says he just wants Babe to be happy and wants to make all her dreams come true.

Krystal tells Tad that JR and Babe are happy. Just leave it alone. Tad says heís not trying to start anything. He thinks sheís still upset about him having the test run on the baby and he apologizes. Krystal says sheís not mad at him but Tad thinks she is. Tad apologizes for not always being honest with her and promises heíll tell the truth from now on. He says honesty is very important. Krystal asks him why he is pushing this. Tad says he realizes how much he cares about her. Liza walks in and sees the two of them. She promptly leaves.

Bianca tells Kendall that sheís moments away from losing Ryan forever. Bianca asks Kendall that if she asked her to forgive Greenlee, would she think she loves Greenlee more. When Kendall says no, Bianca asks why Ryan is any different.

Ryan is growing impatient. He asks a flight crew member what the problem is and is told that there is a problem with the landing crew. Ryan says if itís not fixed heíll fly commercial. The crew member says he canít because all flights are grounded due to the fog. Greenlee asks Ryan whatís wrong. Ryan says itís the fog. Greenlee thinks itís more than that. She tells him he can still call off the wedding.

Krystal tells Tad that itís too late for them. Itís not something that Tad did. Itís something that she did.

Liza goes to JRís office and finds him kissing Babe. An embarrassed Babe leaves and JR asks Liza why sheís there. Liza says she hates to tell him, but someone has to. Holding out the annulment document, she says ďyour marriage is nothing but a lie.Ē

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