AMC Update Thursday 5/6/04

All My Children Update Thursday 5/6/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Liza sounds to Tad like she’ playing with him, now that he knows that she’s uncovered secret information regarding Krystal and Babe. But he is serious. He tells her that if she does not tell him what type of games she’s playing involving Krystal, he will make her regret it. She protests that he should not Krystal with what he knows about her. But he tells her he’s not just trying to protect Krystal. He cares about JR and Babe and the baby and does not want them to suffer just because of her attitude about Krystal. But Liza protests to Tad that she is his friend, she cares about him, she wants him to see that Krystal Carey is bad news and that she is just trying to protect him from Krystal. She keeps trying to convince him that he has more brains than to allow himself and his family to be damaged by Krystal. He tells her that his association with Krystal is none of her business. But she protests that it is her business because she is in love with him. She reminds him that so many times throughout the history of their relationship they have come so close, but they’ve always hesitated because they have been afraid that it would ruin their friendship. She tells him that she knows that Dixie will always have a very special place in his heart but she knows that she is important to him too, and it is for that reason that she does not want Krystal to ruin it for them. He tells her that he knows she loves him and he loves her back but there are some things she needs to understand. He tells her that his supposed “hiatus” was just a way to hide his feelings for Krystal. She reminds him that they have something more than just what happens in the bedroom. He tells her that if he ever thought that what they did would ruin their friendship, he would never have done it in the first place. But she sounds very disappointed that she hasn’t just lost him to Dixie, “little miss tractor pull number 93” is real competition for her also. He urges her to tell him what he can do to make things better. But she tells him he needs to go back to Krystal. And she tells him if ever he needs a shoulder to cry upon, he must go to somebody else. Because his “good friend” Liza no longer cares about him. And with that, she leaves.

Babe protests to JR, Adam and Krystal that Bianca is her best friend, she wants her to be the maid of honor at her wedding and she wishes that they would respect her wants and needs. Adam tells her that he does not want Bianca Montgomery around Bess after what she did. Krystal agrees that Adam might be justified in being a little “gun-shy” after that event. But JR stays silent. Adam concludes that it will be a decision solely between his son and daughter in law. He leaves and Babe asks her husband what he wants. He says he does not want it this way. Krystal protests that she totally agrees with JR. JR tells his wife that he wants their wedding to be romantic and carefree, and it will not be that way if they are constantly under suspicion. But she protests to him that he should have compassion for Bianca. And if he does not want what she wants and wants to gang up on him with Adam and Krystal, and dictate to her who is allowed in her wedding, then maybe there shouldn’t be a wedding at all. Krystal tries to encourage her daughter to be happy about her wedding and know that it’s about compromise. JR tells her that the wedding and christening of the baby should be about how much they love each other. And he later concludes that he will respect her wishes in anything she wants. She tells him that if her best friend is not welcome at the wedding, than she cannot feel love. When he leaves, Krystal tells her daughter that she almost gave her a heart attack. She tells Babe that if she keeps fighting with JR and doing things that make him uncomfortable, he might have second thoughts about going through with the wedding. Babe keeps protesting that she wants Bianca there. But Krystal tells her daughter that she still sees JR’s point, and it might not benefit anybody to have Bianca around Bess. She tells her daughter that she knows she feels for her friend but she must realize that there is no way anybody can take away Bianca’s pain over what has happened. But Babe tells her mother that she is wrong about that. She says that she knows when she woke up this morning, and fed Bess, she could sense that Bianca needs to bond with her and her baby. Krystal says that nobody can help Bianca, and she cannot put that responsibility on Bess’s tiny shoulders. Babe tells her mother that she is right. She says she is the one who needs to help Bianca.

Bianca talks to Ryan. She says that it was her fault, and not Kendall’s, that the clause was put in the contract to throw Greenlee out of Fusion. But he tells her that Kendall alone has personal spite toward Greenlee. She asks him if she takes out the clause, will he get back with Kendall? She admits to him that putting that clause in the contract was the stupidest thing anybody could have done. But he tells her that it is not her responsibility to get him back with Kendall. He tells her she needs to focus on her own life, like her work and school and hobbies. She tells him that he can change the subject all he wants but she knows that bottom line is that he loves Kendall and he knows that Kendall loves him. He tells her that he knows she has already spent too much time doing damage control for him and Kendall and he tells her that it’s over, it’s too late, there’s no going back, and there’s nothing anybody can do to change that. But she wants to know why he’d say that. He urges her to see that he has spent too much time and energy, having too many hopes and dreams for him and Kendall. He tells her that if she could just know how he felt about having all his hopes and dreams shattered by Kendall’s attitude and lack of trust, then she’d understand. At that point, Bianca no longer wants to argue with him, tells him how sorry she is that Kendall hurt him and she gives him a hug.

Kendall runs into Greenlee at the bridal store where Greenlee is picking out a dress. Greenlee admits that she knows Kendall has beaten her in business competition. But Kendall wonders why Greenlee is not angry and is in fact smiling about something. Greenlee tells Kendall that it’s not enough that Kendall’s kicked her out of her own company; she just can’t leave it alone. But Kendall still demands to know what’s going on to make Greenlee smile. Greenlee divulges to her that the reason she’s in the store is for a wedding. Kendall turns her head around, interested in hearing the rest. Greenlee sounds amused to notice she’s just captured Kendall’s attention mentioning a wedding. She tells Kendall the wedding in question is Babe’s and JR’s. Kendall asks Greenlee how she would be on their guest list. Greenlee says she is and she is happy with her life even if she does not have professional power. Kendall says she’s very happy with her life of all work and no play. Myrtle appears and Greenlee sounds very happy and carefree consulting with Myrtle about her dress. Kendall demands to know what Myrtle might know about Greenlee’s strange behavior. Myrtle doesn’t have much to tell Kendall, apparently knowing nothing about what’s going on.

Bianca finds Kendall and firmly tells her sister that she is letting her life spiral into misery and pain and self-pity and there’s no way she’s going to let her do that. She demands that Kendall sits. When Kendall hesitates, Bianca demands again that her big sister sits and listens to her. She says that she knows she has spent too much of her time taking care of Kendall, defending her to everybody, trying to fix her relationship with Ryan and with everybody else, feelings sorry for poor Kendall and allowing her to take no responsibility for her life. Kendall argues. But Bianca says that she will no longer listen to Kendall’s protest about how she has been hurt. She reminds her sister that she was ready to overthrow Greenlee for her. But she says Kendall’s attitude toward Ryan is completely wrong. She tells her sister that if she wants to get revenge upon Greenlee, then she may get a dartboard with Greenlee’s face on it, but she cannot take it out on Ryan. And Bianca goes on to tell Kendall that Greenlee might very well want to get back with Ryan, and if that happens, she cannot blame Greenlee and only blames Kendall for losing Ryan. She says Kendall was given an incredible gift of love, which she is throwing away and it makes her want to smack Kendall upside the head and shake her until her teeth rattle. And she demands that Kendall goes to Ryan, right now and apologize for being selfish and stupid and doubting him. She tells her sister either she does that, or she can be ready for a lifetime of regret.

David Hayward comes to see Greenlee. He informs her that he talked to Ryan and knows what his plans are with her. She tells him she’s happy and will no longer stress over this. But he tells her she must realize that Ryan is still in love with Kendall, and she must stop listening to Mary or whoever else tells her that that does not matter. But she tells David that Ryan has been totally upfront with her and she has nothing to worry about.

Livia Fry meets with Ryan to go over the legal end of his business interests and his marriage to Greenlee. She is kind of surprised that he’d make that decision, but notices that he appears happy. She tells him however that outside of legal advice, she’d like to refer him to a doctor because she believes he’s totally gone off the deep end. She reminds him that she knows all about his relationship with Kendall, how she had him had him save her life, and how Greenlee went ballistic, attacked Kendall in the courtroom and almost ruined her case. He tells her he knows all about that. So she concludes that she cannot keep arguing with him, she knows his mind is made up, and she will do the job he retains her to do. She changes her mode to “business” and tells him all about the legal aspects in a positive manner. But when she goes to the door, she admits that she’s worried about him. She says that he’s about to step in the middle of Kendall Hart and Greenlee Dupree, and he will regret it.

JR informs Babe that he was able to convince Adam not to interfere in their plans to have Bianca at the wedding. She tells him that she wants him forever. He tells her this is only the beginning and he is so in love with her.

David urges Greenlee that no matter what Ryan has offered her, she must run the other way. She says she knows that the contract will benefit her. He tells her she cannot trust Ryan. But she is convinced that everything will work out for her under these circumstances.

Right when Greenlee is going out the door, ready to put her wedding plans into motion, against David’s advice, Bianca demands that Kendall gets her butt to Ryan’s right away.

Liza reviews the secret document, right when JR finds her and remarks that he can tell she is not o.k. and tells her she looks like somebody shot her dog. He inquires what is going on and she does not know what to tell him.


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