AMC Update Wednesday 5/5/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/5/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Adam Chandler tells Tad that he wants to be rid of Krystal and Babe while they can hear the two women’s voices, yelling, and discover who is in the middle of their shouting match. Mary Smythe appears. She presents china to the two men and makes comments about Krystal and Babe being trailer trash hill-billies. She asks why Babe has to get married so soon after having the baby. But she says she will stop arguing and just get this over with if that’s what they want. Krystal tells her daughter that they must get a caterer and a band. Tad appears. Krystal tells him how dare he show his face after what he did. He seems dumbfounded as to what she’s talking about. She demands to know if he’s there to ruin everything.

JR goes to visit Jamie in his new apartment that he shares with Maggie and tells his brother that he’d like to invite him to be his best man in his new wedding where he and Babe renew their vows. Jamie asks about Bess. JR says she is so awesome and gives him a picture of her. He says he can remember laughing at people who obsess about showing wallet photos of their kids, but now realizes he is one of them. He goes on to say he has the most beautiful daughter in the world and is so lucky in his marriage and his life. He also asks Jamie to be the godfather of Bess.

Ryan gets a call on his cell phone in his home. It’s Kendall asking him to come to the Fusion meeting. She tells him he is needed there since there’s a deadline and a Fusion merger. But he tells her she’s on her own with all the responsibilities of Fusion since she is the soul CEO. At that moment Greenlee appears ready to tie the knot with Ryan. She tells him that she said yes to his proposal but is not ready to go down the aisle quite yet without more closely examining the contract of their marriage. She pulls out a note pad and tells him she has some questions to ask him. She reminds him that this marriage is a legally binding contract and she wants to be aware of everything she’s getting herself into by marrying him. She lists trusts, bank accounts and Kendall. She reminds him that a pre-nupt could end their wedding before the cake goes stale and that she is determined to protect her financial and business interests. He agrees to let her get more furniture in his home. But she then asks a more difficult question of whether their “package” will include sex. He kind of evades the issue. But she tells him she’d like for there to be no surprises. He tells her that technically a marriage needs to be legally consummated with sex. But he cannot make a decision and instead asks her what she thinks. She inquires, however, what would happen if it ruins their friendship. He suddenly agrees that it would be too risky for that reason. So she goes on to ask what about sex with other people.

Kendall sits silently at Fusion, hearing Mia and Simone assuming that Ryan will join them. She informs her colleagues that Ryan will not be there and Greenlee is also history. Simone asks Kendall what has transpired with her and Ryan. Kendall does not want to answer that question and says she only wants to focus on business. At that moment, Bianca enters. Kendall asks if she’s o.k. and why she’s there. Bianca informs her sister that she is there to work. Kendall tells Bianca she’s not ready for this yet. But Bianca assures Kendall that she’s tired of sitting around doing nothing, informs her that she knows the ropes of the cosmetic industry with the experience she’s had working for Enchantment and that she can contribute to Fusion. Hearing that Kendall welcomes her sister to her company and gives her a hug. Bianca asks how the merger is going and if Greenlee knows that she’s out. Kendall replies yes. Bianca asks Kendall how Ryan took that and how things are going with Kendall and Ryan. Again, Kendall does not want to discuss Ryan.

Reggie is visiting Jamie and Maggie with a plan in mind to get Danielle back for the trick she just pulled on him. He asks what they suggest. They agree to help him but warn him that Danielle is a major player who might not fall for his scheme.

Danielle appears at Jack’s home and asks if Reggie is there. Jack appears cordial but informs Danielle that if Reggie was there, he might not be thrilled to see her since she almost landed him in jail.. She informs Jack that she and Reggie have made their peace after the incident and admits that her father really overreacted. Jack offers to call Reggie and let him know that she is there. She says that won’t be necessary and tells him she’s there to see him also, hopefully to apologize and resolve things. She informs Jack that her father has always spoken well of him and that she agrees that he‘s one of the best.

Liza approaches Mia at Fusion and tells her she has some news that will blow her mind. They get on the elevator and depart.

Babe shows Adam the stuffed animals she has selected for her wedding party. She tells Adam and Mary that they will love her plan. Adam appears happy and cordial to her. When Krystal is alone with Tad, she demands to know why he told her secret to Liza. He asks what Liza revealed that she knew and protests that he told nobody nothing. But Krystal says she knows the only way Liza would know the information is from him. And she tells him if Liza divulges the secret, both of them are going to hell in a lightning bolt. When Babe rejoins them, Krystal again appears happy. JR enters and announces that he’s done his part for the wedding and Jamie has agreed to be his best man. But he’s surprised to notice that Tad is not as happy as he’d hoped, to find out his son will be JR’s best man. Tad tells JR he has something he needs to take care of but won’t say what it is, just that he will be back.

Jamie and Maggie brainstorm with Reggie on all the tricks he can play on Danielle. But Reggie cannot come up with a plan. When he leaves, Maggie tells Jamie that Danielle deserves whatever is in store for her. She also asks Jamie if he wants her to be jealous of Danielle coming on to him. He doesn’t answer her question but tells her most girls would be. Reggie enters and tells them that he’s finally got a plan.

Bianca is shocked to find out that Kendall gave Ryan an ultimatum and asks how she could nail him to the wall like that. Kendall tells her sister that they cannot trust Greenlee nor believe that she’s changed so fast. Bianca says that may be, but it’s unreasonable to demand that Ryan has no more contact with her. Bianca tells Kendall it’s similar to Lena demanding she has no more contact with Maggie. Kendall says that’s different since Lena and Maggie get along and neither have done the malicious, spiteful things that Greenlee has done. Bianca asks if Ryan agrees with Kendall’s plan to boot Greenlee completely out of Fusion. Kendall tells her that Ryan told her that she must handle things all on her own. She assures Bianca that there’s nothing to worry about with Greenlee out of the picture. But Bianca wonders what will become of the company and of Kendall, with Ryan out of the picture.

While Reggie brainstorms all the great ways he can put Danielle in his place, with the encouragement of Maggie and Jamie, Danielle continues to charm Jack. When she announces she must leave, Jack tells her that he will inform Reggie that she stopped by. As soon as she’s out the door, she gets a call from Reggie. He encourages her to come and visit Maggie and Jamie at their home. He gives her the address.

When Liza gets Mia alone, she informs her that she has a secret that will get Krystal out of Pine Valley for good. She shows Mia the annulment papers which make JR’s and Babe’s marriage invalid. She admits that a major concern she has is for JR’s well being and not so much to stick it to Krystal. But Mia reminds Liza that this will hurt innocent people like the baby, and it will hurt JR who is in love with Babe. Liza admits that she doesn’t know what to do with the information she’s just uncovered. She realizes that if she goes through with her plan, she will hurt many people that she loves, but if she does not then she can lose the man she loves. Mia tells her that maybe she shouldn’t go through with it, as there are other ways to get rid of Krystal. Right at that moment, somebody grabs Liza and pulls her into the elevator, which must be Tad.

When Danielle arrives at Jamie and Maggie’s, she reminds them all of how she had her fun with Reggie. As soon as Jamie enters, she comes on to him. He stares at her and tells her she’s a total babe. He tells her she’s gorgeous and asks if she’s ever modeled. Reggie tells him he needs to show some respect. But Jamie tells Danielle that he is looking for a model for the Fusion campaign. Reggie sounds like he does not support Jamie’s idea and believes he should instead refer Danielle to a modeling agency. But Danielle tells Jamie she wants to hear more. Reggie reveals a smirk on his face which means his plan is working.

Greenlee admits to Ryan that if they both mess around with other people, it will cause problems for their marriage. He inquires if they are not allowed to have sex with each other nor with anybody else, what is he supposed to do? Take up needlepoint? But she has a plan which satisfies his curiosity. He asks if they can get going with the “I do’s” because he has a busy day at work the next day. But she tells him that in order to get married they both have to look good and wear nice clothes.

Bianca urges Kendall to stop acting as though she is over Ryan. But Kendall keeps evading her sister’s concern about Ryan. She tells Bianca she cannot have this conversation because she has a business to run.

After being grabbed by Tad, Krystal naturally assumes he wants to have fun. But he reveals that he has serious business with her. He wants to know how she has uncovered Krystal’s secret and what she plans to do with it.

Babe reveals that she wants Bianca to be her maid of honor at her wedding, although JR is not really up for the idea.

Bianca goes to talk to Ryan alone, but discovers something shocking.


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