AMC Update Tuesday 5/4/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/4/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

In Vegas, Erica is in the bar wearing her blond Desiree wig. Bobbie notices that she is there, while he sits in a booth with Aidan. Aidan does not yet recognize her. But she can hear his voice as he and Bobbie pass her and walk behind her. Bobbie sounds like he’s attempting to distract Aidan and asks him if he’s there to find a blond, brunette or a redhead. But it’s clear to him that Aidan is there for another reason. Erica looks cautiously at the two men, looking like she knows Aidan is there.

While Liza is spying on Krystal, Krystal can tell that somebody is there and asks who it is. At that moment, Babe enters to talk to her mother. Babe can tell that her mother has some sort of secret and wants to know why she has been so uneasy ever since they brought the baby home. She tells Krystal that she knows that she has not spent two moments with her grandchild since she’s been home. And she wants to know what is going on with her. Sounding like they have no clue they are being spied upon and overheard, the mother and daughter find their way around the secret tunnels of the Chandler house. Liza spies on them and remains unseen. But they find a secret brick where they can hide the secret document. Unknown to them, however, Liza is hearing and seeing everything they do. Babe makes a remark to her mother, that she does find it odd that so many things just disappear in this big old house. When they are gone, Liza pulls out the document and is shocked. She makes a remark about how Adam would love this.

Tad sits with Simone at a restaurant. She informs him that something major is going on, it’s not good news and it’s about her. She says she knows that Tad is about to dump her, if he is no longer on hiatus and has not contacted her. He assures her that she is beautiful, fabulous and awesome in bed. But he tells her that he does not believe it will ever be the “real thing” with them. She sounds like she’s accepting his decision, but she tells him she hopes more than anything it’s not because he’s hooking up with Liza. Realizing it’s probably not about Liza, she instantly assumes it must be Krystal instead and sounds even more alarmed.

Ryan grabs David by his collar. After finding out that Ryan has proposed to Greenlee, and Kendall is out of his life, David informs Ryan that not long ago, Kendall made an offer to him, and he believes it’s about time he takes her up on it. Ryan demands that David stays away from Kendall, urging him that Kendall has been through enough and does not need any more stress or emotional upheaval in her life. David laughs and admits that he is noticing right now the test of whether Ryan still has feelings for Kendall. David tells Ryan that he can go back to Kendall and play whatever sick little games he wants with her, but he must leave Greenlee alone. Ryan walks away. But David yells back to him that he can mess up his life in any way he wants but he must leave Greenlee out of it.

Kendall goes to Ryan’s door but runs into Greenlee. Greenlee tries to prevent her from entering but she demands Greenlee gets out of her way. Greenlee says that although she believes Kendall might be the meanest and most selfish bitch there is, there will be a time when Kendall will thank her for preventing her from entering Ryan’s home. Greenlee says she remembers the early days of Fusion when they were all getting along and working together. Kendall says thanks for the trip down memory lane but it no longer makes any difference to her. Greenlee admits that right now she has nothing to lose and that she had no idea that Ryan would make her co-CEO of the company. She also tells Kendall that she knows that Ryan has always been there for her, but Kendall has kept pushing him away and she’s behaved just like Erica. Kendall protests that she is not Erica. Greenlee says in that case, Kendall must prove it, by showing Ryan that she loves him and that she is not her mother. But Kendall wants to know what Greenlee’s agenda is in all of this. Greenlee admits that she cares about Ryan. Instantly Kendall assumes that Greenlee still wants Ryan. Greenlee admits that she does want Ryan and if Kendall doesn’t want him, she’d like to have him for herself. Greenlee suddenly comes to the discovery that Kendall must be so afraid of Ryan being in love with her that she will do everything she can to push him away. At that moment, Ryan appears and interrupts the two women. He asks Kendall if she’s seen David Hayward lately. Kendall asks why. Greenlee says that maybe she and Kendall should stay outside the door. But Kendall says in her dreams. They both enter Ryan’s home. Ryan tells Kendall he knows what she’s doing there. He asks her how many ultimatums it will take before she understands that that is not how he works. She tells him the reason she’s there is strictly business. She tells him and Greenlee that they should both know that Fusion is on High Alert, so if Greenlee enters the premises, tomorrow she will be escorted out and arrested for trespassing. She sounds like she’s trying to hide her jealousy and resentment of the two of them and leaves. After Kendall is gone, Ryan tries to assure Greenlee that he and Kendall are over. But Greenlee informs him that she tried to talk some sense into Kendall before he entered. She admits that she was a little surprised to get a proposal from her best friend. He sounds like he’s reconsidering proposing to her. But she tells him she wants to go ahead and do it.

JR enters his father’s office and asks who he put the screws to today. Adam asks what his son is talking about. JR tells Adam that he could tell by his the smile on his face he must have succeeded in overthrowing somebody from Chandler Enterprises. Adam says he’s just happy about his grandchild and he wants to give JR and Babe the wedding of their dreams. But JR does not buy that. Adam tries to assure is son that he only wants the best for him and Babe. JR says in that case, he must realize that Babe is as much a part of the family as Bess. Adam says he wants to go and see Bess. But on his way there, he is surprised to run into Liza and asks her what she’s doing there at this hour. While her back is turned to him, she’s holding the document. He can tell that she’s up to something. She later privately reviews the secret document and says not only will this get rid of Krystal, it will blow everybody’s lives to bits.

Anita brings some hot corn tamales to Maria, from their mother. She says it’s only “pay-back” for all the times when she was such a pain to her sister. She tells Maria that she believes she knows why Anita chose to become a PA. It was not because of their parents. It was because of Maria becoming a doctor. She says she suffered from a major case of “hero worship” and decided that there is nothing more rewarding than making people well. Anita mentions that she is so in awe of how Maria has made everything work with Edmund. Maria tells Anita that she could have the same and will never know if she does not give Bobbie another chance.

Bobbie knocks on Erica’s door and addresses her as Desiree, introducing himself as Roberto. He informs her that he did get a scoop on her daughter. She urges him to tell her all he knows. He doesn’t have much information about Bianca except that he’s heard she’s on the mend. She informs him that she knows that Jack is spying on her and asking Aidan Devane to be is “posse” and just using Bianca to guilt-trip her into coming back to Pine Valley. Bobbie asks if that’s such a bad reason to go back. She informs him that Bianca has made it very clear that she does not want to see her mother again. Bobbie says forget what other people want, and asks what she wants. She tells him that she would give anything to see Bianca and Kendall and Jack again, but she’s just afraid that she’s lost them all forever. He assures her that he will not let Aidan or anybody screw up for her what she’s trying to do. She tells him that she really appreciates how kind he’s been to her ever since the first day they met. Yet he mentions her father’s funeral and she instantly changes her tone and becomes defensive and angry. But when she realizes that he’s helped find out about Bianca, she apologizes for being rude to him. They also talk about the crazy guy who seems to want to make Erica a dancer.

While sitting in the bar in Vegas, Bobbie is surprised to get a call from his wife on his cell phone. Anita informs him that she did not just call in order to talk; there is a specific thing she needs to know. She tells him that she’d like to know if he’d know where Erica Kane is. He asks her why everybody is constantly in his face asking about Erica. He informs her that just today, her “pal”, Aidan asked him the same question. But she demands to know whether or not he is with Erica Kane. He says no, he is not having any “romance” with Erica, but still does not answer whether he’s seen her. She informs him that Edmund’s surgery was unsuccessful, that’s he’s alive but still paralyzed for life. She tells him that she must stay in Pine Valley because Edmund and Maria need her there more than ever. He sincerely tells her how sorry he is for what happened to Edmund. She admits that she defended him to Aidan. He assures her that being in Vegas is just work, he meets lots of people, but he mentions that he can tell her friend, Aidan seems to have a very low opinion of him. Although she wants to hang up, he tells her very firmly that he loves her.


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