AMC Update Monday 5/3/04

All My Children Update Monday 5/3/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Opal and Tad are at a bar, and Opal says Tad should go to Las Vegas to find Erica. Tad is content to let Aidan do that job. He watches as Krystal enters with David. Krystal catches a sight of Tad and David says he thinks she's using him to stick it to Tad. Krystal says they have the same agenda. At Tad's table, Opal refers to the pair as Dr. Frankenstein and the floozy. She derides Tad for paying so much attention to Krystal. At another table, Liza is telling Mia she's close to victory. She'll find out whatever Krystal and Tad are hiding and it will get Krystal out of Pine Valley.

In Las Vegas, Aidan re-introduces himself to Bobby. He tells him he's here on business as a private investigator. Bobby asks him if Anita sent him to check up on him. Aidan tells him he's speaking like a man with a guilty conscious. Bobby asks Aidan why he's there. Aidan pulls out a picture of Erica and says he's looking for this woman. He asks if Bobby has seen her. He says yes – on billboards – not in person. Aidan doesn't believe him and asks him to tell him the truth. He says a lot of people love Erica and are worried about her. Bobby asks him why she would come to Las Vegas. Aidan tells him about Erica's father dying in Las Vegas. Bobby asks Aidan how Bianca is doing since he heard she's in the hospital. Aidan tells him for someone who doesn't know Erica, he is very much in the loop. Bobby states that Anita told him about Bianca. Aidan tells him that Bianca is doing better and is on the mend. Aidan gives Bobby with his phone number and asks him to call if he sees Erica.

Erica is in her dressing room when her cell phone rings. She notices the call is from Jack but doesn't answer it. She listens to the message. Jack tells her she's needed at home. Bianca needs her. Later, Erica goes to the casino bar and Bobby sees her. He's worried that Aidan will see her.

Kendall goes to Chandler Mansion to see JR, who is cradling the baby. She is looking for someone to lift her spirits and asks JR to tell her something happy. He tells her about his old fashioned wedding to Babe that's being planned. JR says this time friends and family will be invited. Kendall asks JR how he learned to trust Babe. He says she was always clear about how much she loved him. She asks how he knew she wasn't saying that to his face then checking out her options behind his back. JR says he had to take a leap of faith and trust her. Kendall admits it will take a miracle to work things out like Ryan. She says she's like her mother. They don't get second chances. Kendall tells JR about Ryan's relationship with Greenlee. While Ryan says he loves her, he left with Greenlee. Kendall asks JR what he would have done if Babe and Jamie continued to see each other. JR says he knows what happened between Babe and Jamie is over and she's committed to him. He tells Kendall she needs to go out and find Ryan and tell him she wants to marry him.

Greenlee is surprised to hear Ryan wants to elope with her. He picks her up and she pinches him, saying she wants to see if she's dreaming. Greenlee tells him they can't just go off and get married. She tells him to put her down. A marriage needs to be between two people, and the two of them with Kendall make three. Ryan reminds her that by marrying him she'll be getting half of everything. Plus, they'll have fun. Who has more fun than them? Greenlee tells him she can't think of an argument. He tells her they share a lot and she's his best friend. He asks her to say "I do." Instead, she says "I gotta go" and leaves. As she walks out, he shouts "is that a yes or a no."

Liza approaches Tad and Opal is not pleased to see her. Opal gets a phone call and has to leave, and Liza asks Tad to join the team at Chandler Enterprises. Before Tad can answer Ryan sits down and tells them he might be getting married.

Greenlee goes to the hospital, where she is talking to Anita. Anita asks Greenlee if she knows what happened in Philadelphia between Bobby and Erica. Greenlee says there's nothing to tell – he and Erica are just pals. Anita isn't sure she believes that. Greenlee tells Anita Bobby told her later in Pine Valley that he wants to do whatever it will take to make it up to her. Greenlee asks her why she got married. Anita says she loved Bobby and wanted to be with him and only him. She says marriage is not complete without the kind of love that makes you happy every single minute. She talks about a perfect marriage and Greenlee says she had that, but he died. She misses feeling complete. Greenlee says she thinks friendship can blossom into love and Anita says Bobby was her best friend.

David tells Krystal he should call it a night so she can hang out with Tad. Krystal says Tad doesn't think she's good enough for him, and he's right. David says Tad is never right. Krysal says she's done things she should not have done. David says he has too. Life would be boring without a little hell raising, he says.

Liza is pressing Tad for an answer to her offer but he isn't giving her one. He wants to talk about something interesting, like Ryan's possible marriage. Tad walks over to Ryan and asks if Kendall said yes. Ryan says he rejected Kendall's counter-offer and proposed to Greenlee. Tad is surprised, asking if Greenlee is the understudy. Ryan says Kendall had her chance and now she is history. Tad tells him to never say never.

Krystal goes to the ladies room and Liza follows her in. Liza tells Krystal not to worry because she won't tell her secret to another living soul. Krystal says she doesn't have a secret. Liza tells her that JR means a lot to her and she wants to see the wedding come off without a hitch. She says she swore to Tad she would not say a word, otherwise he wouldn't have confided in her. Krystal repeats there is no secret. Liza tells her to be careful, because if Adam finds out he could ruin Babe's life. Liza leaves and Krystal has a flashback to Tad talking about JR. She calls Tad a liar and says to herself she's going to kill him for this. Krystal returns to David and says she's not feeling well and needs to leave. Liza follows her.

Simone walks into the bar and sits down with Mia. They talk about Ryan and Kendall and wonder what the status of the relationship is. Mia says she thinks Kendall killed it with her "no Greenlee" clause. Simone says she thinks Kendall will reel Ryan back in. Mia leaves and Simone walks over to Tad.

Krystal arrives home and goes into her bedroom. She takes the annulment papers from behind a portrait on the wall and looks at them. Liza is watching her from the tunnels.

Ryan is leaving the bar and runs into David outside. David asks if Kendall or Greenlee won. David wants to know when Ryan is finished with Kendall. If he's done with her, maybe it's time he and Kendall had an affair. Ryan grabs David by the shirt collar.

Kendall arrives at Ryan's house and is practicing what she wants to say to him. Greenlee arrives and Kendall tells her to come back later. Greenlee says she can't. She has something to tell Ryan.

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