AMC Update Friday 4/30/04

All My Children Update Friday 4/30/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca and Anita share kind words over the incident in the nursery. Bianca says that because Anita allowed her to hold Babe's baby, she felt her baby in her arms for a few minutes. It made it easier to say goodbye. Anita tells her if she ever needs anything, please ask. Bianca says there is something. Bianca says she has so many baby things that she doesn't need. She asks Anita to give them to people at the hospital who can't afford them. Anita tells her she's an angel. Bianca suggests they go to lunch sometime.

Jack tells Maria he's sorry about Edmund's surgery. He asks how he's taking it. Maria indicates he's not taking it well. Edmund is telling Brooke that Maria could be responsible for his surgery not being successful. She was so opposed to him even having surgery, maybe she ordered the surgery to stop before it was complete. Why else would it have ended so soon? Brooke staunchly defends Maria and tells Edmund to stop talking such nonsense. She was with Maria during the surgery and knows she didn't stop it prematurely. She says the reason it ended sooner than expected was that if it had continued, Edmund would be dead or a quadriplegic. Brooke tells him he's acting like breathing is a consolation prize. He tells her it is. She says he can't blame his wife. He needs to blame the person who shot him. What matters most is that he's here, Brooke says, and if he doesn't know that he's not the man he knows and loves. Edmund admits he was wrong to blame Maria. He wonders what he's going to do with his body. Brooke says she expects him to be at Tempo for the next story meeting in two weeks. He tells her she's incorrigible and kisses her hand.

Simone and Mia go to Fusion and Kendall asks them to clean up and rid the place of all traces of Greenlee. Simone asks what happened with Ryan. Kendall says Ryan wanted to shove Greenlee in her face every day. Simone asks Kendall that if she loves Ryan, why can't she trust him enough without giving him an ultimatum. Simone asks how she cannot trust him? Kendall says when Ryan left town he went after Greenlee. Kendall says he swore that he loved her but chose Greenlee. Mary pops in and announces that Greenlee got what she deserved. Her daughter knows what she wants, she says. She tells Kendall that if she lost Ryan she can't blame herself. She pushed him away. Kendall orders her to get out. After Mary leaves, Mia tells Kendall that Mary was right. She did shove Ryan away. Ryan loves her and she's losing him. Isn't she going to do something about it?

Ryan is asking Greenlee to marry him, and she's trying to figure out why. Ryan says if she marries him, she'll have Fusion and will be on top. He knows what Fusion means to her and he won't let Kendall take it away from her. He says the papers containing the clause removing Greenlee from Fusion haven't been filed with the state or with the FCC. If they get married, Greenlee will get half of everything and Kendall's clause won't mean a thing. Greenlee tells him he's crazy. He says it makes perfect sense. Either he fights Kendall in court for 10 years or they say "I do." Greenlee asks him where love fits in. Ryan asks what's the big deal about love. It never sticks. Love doesn't work for him because all it does is shred him up. So Greenlee realizes this marriage would be strictly business. Ryan asks if she wants to give this partnership a shot.

Bianca goes to see Edmund and he opens his arms to her. They hug without speaking a word. Anita watches from the window and is joined by Opal, who says things have really been tough on Edmund and Bianca. Anita asks Opal where Bianca's mother has been. Opal says Erica is going through a crisis of her own. She had to bury her father, and she hopes she finds a way to deal with it.

Erica is practicing her routine as a Vegas showgirl when she looks in the mirror and sees a reflection of Bianca. Bobby enters and notices Erica is startled. He tells her she's white as a sheet. Erica admits she had a flash of her daughter. She says Bianca's been through so much. Every time she blocked it out it comes back. Bobby asks if she's thinking of going home. Erica says home is on the 15th floor of this hotel. She asks Bobby if his wife is in Pine Valley and if he speaks to her. Bobby says it depends on how she's feeling. Erica says that since his wife works at the hospital, maybe she knows how Bianca is. She asks Bobby if he'll find out for her without mentioning her name. Bobby promises he'll find out.

Edmund asks Bianca how she is. She says she's hanging in there, but she misses her baby. She'll be with her the rest of her life. Edmund suggests they make a pact. No matter what happens, she'll have him and he'll have her. Later, Maria goes into Edmund's room. He tenderly kisses her and tells her she feels great. She was right, he says. It's good to be in life. Brooke watches them from the window and smiles.

Jack wheels Bianca out of the hospital after she is discharged. Meanwhile, Anita makes a call from a payphone but hangs up before anyone can answer. At the casino, Bobby notices Aidan is staring at him at the bar.

Kendall, now alone at Fusion, looks at a picture on the floor of her and Greenlee. She has a flashback of kissing Ryan, then leaves. Ryan asks Greenlee to elope tonight.

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