AMC Update Thursday 4/29/04

All My Children Update Thursday 4/29/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Reggie is in the record store with Danielle. She’s coming on to him and telling another young couple that they got a thing going on. And he’s slowly changing his attitude about her. He tries to resist her advances and asks if she has a friend she wanted to hook him up with. But she reveals to him and the other young people, a tattoo on her hip of a crown and heart, symbolizing their love. She tells him he must also reveal his own tattoo but he refuses. The other couple announces that they will offer the two of them some privacy. When they are alone, Reggie says he wishes she did not chase off his friends.

Mary tells Greenlee that she should not give up on Ryan. She urges her daughter to see that her life won’t be fulfilling if she has to spend her nights alone. She makes Greenlee very uncomfortable assuming that if she and Ryan were together and he took her on his motorcycle then that must mean that they slept together. When Greenlee makes it clear to her mother that she has not slept with Ryan, Mary seems shocked and tells her if they did not sleep together, then she deserves to lose him. Mary tells Greenlee that sex with Ryan can open up all possibilities in all areas of her life. Greenlee does not want to listen to this. But Mary keeps telling her daughter that she’ s just trying to help her. She also reminds Greenlee that since Ryan has billions, that’s all the more reason to get him back. Greenlee keeps telling Mary that the reality is that Ryan is with Kendall and she’s not about to “scheme” in order to get him back nor degrade herself going after somebody who doesn’t want her. But Mary will not let up.

After hearing Kendall’s ultimatum that Ryan never again has any contact with Greenlee, he tells her she must take it back. He tells her that he knows everybody has been through so much in the last year, but now is the time to make sense of it. He goes through corporate papers, which reveal that Greenlee Dupree has been a major contributor in the success of Fusion. He reminds her that they have had enough romantic encounters so that Kendall should know that he is her man and not Greenlee’s and he urges her to see that his relationship with Greenlee is strictly business and nothing more. He reminds her that she is the strongest woman he knows. She’s had the courage to confront Michael Cambias and so much more. And he asks why she would turn over all that power to Greenlee. She protests that Greenlee is nothing but trouble and she would stop at nothing to break them up, including selling out the entire cosmetic industry and she tells Ryan he needs to wake up and see that.

Greenlee reveals to Mary that she does not believe that Kendall can give Ryan what he wants. She admits that she and Ryan understand each other but she realizes that she could only have a blissful encounter with him. Mary brings up that cosmetic sales competition with women is very similar to selling oneself to the right man and beating the competition. But Greenlee argues that lipstick sales competition is a little different than all the emotional heart-ache involved in competing with other women for a man. At that moment, David Hayward enters and urges Greenlee not to listen to what “this witch” is saying. Mary makes a crude comment at him. Greenlee asks her mother to leave and makes it clear she welcomes David but not her. David tells Mary she must get on her broomstick and leave. He urges Greenlee not to stress herself over Kendall’s attitude or about Ryan. He tells her he cares about her. He tells her she should just sell all of her corporate shares to Ryan and let him have his company because it’s not worth getting upset over. He tells her with all her passions and ambition, she just needs to find another outlet. She says that Fusion is hers and she cannot give it up. He says fine, keep Fusion, but get Ryan out.

Kendall urges Ryan to know that Greenlee is a malicious person whom he cannot trust. He asks if he should tell her the same thing about Aidan. She wonders what that has to do with anything. He says he trusts her and is not threatened by other men in her life, so she should be as trusting with him in regard to Greenlee. He tells her that they are presently standing right on the cliff. They can fall or they can touch the clouds. He urges her to trust him and take a risk. She asks him if he wants her to risk everything. He says yes. He then pulls out the engagement ring, which he’s been hiding up until now. She cries and he tells her she must take his hand. He says if she takes the first step, the rest will be a breeze if she lets it. But he tells Kendall that part of taking the first step in trusting him is to see Greenlee for what she really is to him, a friend and a colleague and nothing to be threatened by. But she asks him to trust her enough to see Greenlee for the terrible person she is and walk away from her. But he tells her if he does that, he must be totally certain that this is her true path to eternal bliss. And he asks if that is the only demand she will make of him. She tells him that if Greenlee is out of their lives, then she can move on to trusting and having a future with him. But he asks if after Greenlee is no longer an issue for her, will she will come up with suspicions and ultimatums involving Erica, and many other people she’s had problems with?. But she snaps at him demanding that he stops.

Aidan notices Anita emotionally distraught. She informs him that Edmund has just come through surgery and is still paralyzed.

In his room, Edmund awakens with Maria holding his hand. And he can tell by her tearful and negative expression that things are not o.k. Maria relives a romantic scene wither husband where he tells her that he does not know what their future holds but as long as she’s in his arms, it will be his best year ever. She awakens crying in his arms in his hospital bed. He asks if that’s it. No more options? No more chances? He asks if Dr. Marshall will fill him in on the details. She says she will be the one to tell him everything and admits that she told Dr. Marshall she wants him nowhere near Edmund. They make light of how they can both scare Dr. Marshall off. She tells her husband that she acknowledges him for being brave and taking a chance. He asks her if she’ll do something for him. She says anything. Right when it sounds like it will be something very serious and morbid, he says: “two words…Ice Cream..” She laughs. But neither of them can hide the distraught way they are feeling.

Aidan urges Anita to take heart and believe that Edmund and Maria will be o.k. because they will both be there for them no matter what happens. He informs her that he needs to go to Vegas. She asks if it’s a vacation. He tells her that it’s a PI lead. At that moment, she seems to have a problem and asks how could he do such a thing. She tells him she does not believe that he really came there to comfort her after all. She says she knows the reason he’s going to Vegas is to get to Bobbie and Erica and he’s going through her to do it. She reveals that she can never trust another man who expresses interest in her, in being faithful or honest.

David gives Greenlee a pep talk to strike out on her own without having any emotional attachment to Ryan. He urges her to see that Ryan is a punk and not worth caring for. She says she does not want to be alone for the rest of her life the way he wants to be. He reminds her that she could do better than replacing Leo with that “two-bit punk”, Lavery.

Danielle tries to sell to Maggie her romantic quest with Reggie and tries to impress her. But Reggie just doesn’t seem to want to let go of his resistance. At that point, she gives up and walks away. Maggie tells Reggie that she first noticed Danielle coming on to Jamie and wondered what that was all about, but now with the behavior she has toward him, she believes this girl must be a stalker. But Reggie laughs saying he knows she’s harmless and she makes him laugh. Maggie warns Reggie to watch out for Danielle. She says he might, some day, wake up with a tattoo he did not plan on having. He tells her he’s not worried.

Brooke enters the waiting room and asks Maria if Edmund knows the results of the surgery. Maria confirms that he knows. She asks how he is. Maria says he’s still Edmund, brave and courageous and he’s dying inside. Brooke admits that she does not know what to say but she will come back another day. But Maria encourages Brooke to go in and see Edmund and says she thinks Edmund would like to see her. Brooke enters Edmund’s room. She gives him the ice cream Maria got for him.

Greenlee reminds David that he was once friends with Ryan. He admits that was true in the past. But he trusted Leo with her, not Ryan Lavery. He urges her to at least give it a thought that she might be overlooking something about Ryan Lavery.

Kendall tells Ryan that although she’s had conflicts and trust issues with other people besides Greenlee, they did not almost get her convicted of murder, nor hurt her sister or her sister’s baby. She tells him that if he loves her he will not ask her to have any trust or forgiveness for Greenlee.

Right when it looks like Kendall’s given up on Ryan, and he on her, and Greenlee is ready to give up on Ryan and on Fusion, Greenlee walks out the door. But she runs into Ryan and to her surprise he asks her to marry him.


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