AMC Update Wednesday 4/28/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 4/28/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Bobbie finds Erica in the bar filling out a job application. She’s still wearing her blond wig and “Desiree” clothes. He informs her that although Erica Kane has great socio-economic status in Pine Valley, as far as Vegas is concerned; she just fell off the turnip truck. He also reminds her that prostitution is a big industry in this town and nobody has to work very hard to make money there. She tells him that she is very used to having stamina, losing sleep, working long hours and working very hard at Enchantment. He reminds her that she is “undercover” with her wig and her disguise and needs to make herself scarce in order not to be found out. But she tells him she’s not about to give up and go home.

Ryan reads a proposal, which Kendall has drawn up and sounds discontented. Kendall calls Greenlee and Simone into the room to inform them that she and Ryan have co-ownership of the companies and that a major clause in the contract is that Greenlee cannot work for Fusion or any company owned by Ryan or herself. She says Greenlee cannot be an officer, a consultant, or even sharpen pencils. So Kendall tells Greenlee it’s time to pack up and get her little butt out. But Ryan tells Greenlee she’s not going anywhere. Greenlee protests that Kendall cannot do that. She says she is an owner and has shares. Kendall says that after what Greenlee has done to her and her family, she’s blown it. Kendall lists that because of Greenlee, she almost went to prison for a murder she did not commit, Bianca’s suffered a breakdown and Erica has abandoned her family. She says she blames Greenlee’s act of taking Bianca out to the crash-site for why Bianca has had a breakdown and is now seeing a psychiatrist. Greenlee protests that she only did what Bianca asked her to do and Bianca was determined to go back to the place where Miranda died with or without her help. Kendall protests that Greenlee could have called security or contacted Bianca’s family when she asked Greenlee to take her to the crash-site. But she says that solely because of Greenlee’s interest in “scoring points” with Ryan, she completely disregarded Bianca’s needs.

Maggie tells Jamie that she knows that his asking her if she wants to move back in with Bianca is his way of really telling her that he wants out of his living arrangement with her. He says it’s not that and he realizes that after all Bianca has gone through, he thought perhaps Maggie would want to be there for her. Maggie admits that she would like to be there for Bianca. But she realizes that when Bianca gave birth, it was Babe Chandler who helped her, not herself. And when Bianca needed to go to the crash-site, it was Greenlee who took her there. And she realizes that she has not been there for her friend. She acknowledges that she can still be Bianca’s friend without living in the same apartment, realizing that Bianca has Kendall and Jackson and Lena and tons of friends and family.

Bianca calls her mother for the first time and gets her voice mail. Lena walks in and discovers that this is the first call Bianca’s made to her mother and that she feels responsible for why Erica has left. Lena tells her it’s absurd to feel that way and she presents Bianca with a ring. Bianca takes the ring Lena gives her and says she never expected this. Lena says it’s a symbol of their love. She says she loves Bianca so much and wants this to be their new beginning. Bianca puts her arms around Lena and tells her that she is her rock and she cannot imagine her life without Lena. Lena then gets up and says she will use a pay phone to make a call, since she knows Bianca is waiting for Jackson to call her. After having what sounds like a stressful, agonizing phone call with her mother, Lena acts as though she is happy and goes to Bianca’s room to take her home. But Bianca has overheard the conversation and knows that Lena is not o.k. about something. Lena assures Bianca everything is great with her. But Bianca says that she does not want a one-sided relationship where Lena takes care of her, bears the burden of all of her problems, yet keeps Bianca in the dark about her own life. She says it needs to work both ways where Lena needs to let her help her.

Simone tells Greenlee that she cannot believe that Kendall would do this to her. She says maybe they should calm down with a nice bottle of wine. But Greenlee is having a tantrum, throwing everything in the trash and cleaning all her stuff out of the Fusion office. Simone tells Greenlee that losing her temper has never benefited her in the past. But Greenlee reminds Simone of how hard she has tried to reconcile with Kendall. She also remembers that she has worked so hard to get this company off the ground and Kendall has no right to take from her what she’s earned. Simone reminds Greenlee that Ryan does not want to let Kendall give her the boot. But Greenlee says she knows that Ryan will not argue with Kendall. She says it’s not enough that Kendall has both Fusion and Enchantment. Kendall gets to have “pay-back” by watching her walking away with nothing

Erica tells Bobbie that there must be some way for her to earn a paycheck in Vegas. But he sounds very cynical. He tells her that she does not need to work with the money she already has. But she says she’s been working all her life and cannot imagine life without work. She tells him she’s changed her hair and her clothes but she will not change her ambition. He tells her that if she wanted to be a casino dealer, she would have to undergo a background check. He suggests accounting since she’s ran a business. But she says she’s not good with figures. At that point, a stranger comes up and kisses Erica; probably assuming she’s somebody else. Bobbie pushes the guy away, informing him this is not the person he apparently believes she is, this is his friend, Desiree. But he thinks her name is Rose Marie. He sounds as though she’s somebody he created with the face and body of famous people. The strange guy tells Erica that he needs only her to be in the entertainment business. Instantly, she responds positively, declaring that she’s had a lot of experience with entertainment, remembering it from her childhood. It sounds like she’s finally found her calling in Vegas. Although Bobbie is ready to escort the guy out the door, Erica says she will dance for him. She introduces herself as Desiree Dubois. But Bobbie demands the guy leaves. When he’s gone, Bobbie tells Erica that this new plan will not be effective for her not to blow her cover. But she sounds very encouraged. She tells him that she just wishes he could be happy for her. She says this is it. This is her new life.

Lena informs Bianca that she has had to go to Chicago to help her mother after she was diagnosed with cancer. She says her mother is presently undergoing radiation and is convinced that she’s dying and needs to go back to Poland although Lena doesn’t want to believe that nor go back. Bianca encourages Lena to be there for her mother and take her back to Poland if that’s what she wants. Lena says that her mother can get the best care in the world here and cannot there. But Bianca inquires if that is really what her mother wants. Lena says she does not want to go back to Poland and be without Bianca. But Bianca tells Lena that she will always love her no matter where she lives.

Ryan tells Kendall that he believes that everything will work out. She says she’s surprised that he’s not angry. He tells her that she alone has enough anger for the entire town. He says he knows that Kendall loves her sister and will do anything for her. He says he realizes that she is angry because she could not protect Bianca from Michael Cambias, or the inability Erica had to accept Bianca keeping her baby, or the most recent ordeal of losing the baby. He says he knows that Kendall is living with a lot of hurt. He also tells her that he knows what she’s living with is a testimony of her strength. He says he wants to help her to the other side because he loves her. He urges her to let him help her and let him love her. She finally confesses that all she wants is to love him, to have his arms around her and make her feel safe. She tells him she loves him, he means everything to her and he is her heart. And they kiss.

Bianca tells Lena that they love each other and they both love their mothers. She says Lena’s mother is turning to the two things she loves the most, Lena and her home. She acknowledges that her own mother had to leave town and deal with her pain alone. But Lena’s mother needs her daughter to be with her. Bianca assures Lena she will be o.k. She has Kendall and Jack and Reggie and she will eventually reunite with Erica. She says that Lena has to go and be there for her mother and if she does not she will regret it for the rest of her life. But Lena asks what about them and their future?

Kendall declares her love to Ryan. But he tells her he needs her to help him with something. She says she would do anything for him because she loves him more than anything. He tells her that he needs her to let go of her anger toward Greenlee. He reminds her that Greenlee is not at fault for Bianca’s rape, nor for the problems Kendall and Bianca have had with Erica, nor for Bianca’s baby being lost. He acknowledges that Greenlee has hurt Kendall in the past, but he tells her he knows that Greenlee is sorry. And more important than that, he says, she can no longer hurt Kendall. Kendall tells him she will let go and move on, but she wants nothing more to do with Greenlee.

Mary Smythe walks into the Fusion office in a “misguided” attempt to console her daughter for her loss. Interrupting Greenlee while she’s with Simone, she asks Simone to let her have privacy with Greenlee. She tells Greenlee that she wants to help her recover her loss.

Kendall gives Ryan an ultimatum that if he wants to be with her, he must have no further contact with Greenlee, in any way, shape or form. She says he must make the choice of either Greenlee or her.


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