AMC Update Tuesday 4/27/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/27/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall enters the Fusion office. She relives a memory of herself and former colleagues and friends happily launching Fusion, not long ago. At that moment, Greenlee enters and acknowledges that this is going to be a big day for all of them.

Ryan meets with an agent who tells him he’s in for a big day. When the man leaves, Ryan reveals an engagement ring he plans to give to somebody.

Adam Chandler tells his family that he’s not about to let Ryan Lavery take over his company. Krystal distracts the arguments going on by suggesting that JR and Babe have proper nuptials now that everything is going good in their marriage. She tells everybody that marriage is about love and family and after all that they’ve been through, they should have a celebration. Mary Smythe says she objects because the couple already has everything they need. But Tad says he agrees with Krystal, realizing that JR and Babe have come through incredible odds and should be acknowledged and celebrated as a couple. JR realizes that Babe has not heard everybody’s plans and may not be up for it. At that moment, she appears and wonders what has been going on. JR tells her that she has made all of his wishes come true and now he’s about to make her wishes come true. He asks her if she will do him the honor of becoming his wife all over again. She happily accepts and it seems everybody shares their happiness except for Mary. Babe joins her mother and tells her she has the feeling that this is all her idea. When Krystal hears Liza and Marion talking about the birth celebrations of Colby and other children in the family, she excuses herself and goes out on the terrace. Tad joins her out there and asks her if Babe’s secret annulment to Paul Kramer has gone through. She says it has or will, still giving Tad no clue what is really on her mind. He assures her that he is on her side and wants the same thing she wants. Liza privately reveals to her mother that she wishes Tad would be free of Krystal. She goes out and spies on them knowing they have some private secret they’re not discussing with anybody. Krystal tells Tad she knows that Adam wants her to get out of town now that her daughter is properly hitched to his son. But Tad tells her he does not want her to go. He says that he knows that after everything Babe has gone through, Krystal needs to be there for her. But she says that there are too many in-laws already living there. She says she knows her daughter is happy with her husband and baby and it’s time for “this free spirit” to pick up and move on. But she says, at this particular moment, she has a wedding to plan. When Tad is alone, he can sense that something is going, immediately knows Liza is spying on him and Krystal and tells her she may come out now.

Ryan has a fantasy where he and Kendall happily agree to their bond, where he tells her that they have been through everything together, he proposes and she gives him a resounding yes. He awakens to reality and acknowledges that he needs to wait a little bit longer before popping the question to her.

At Fusion, Kendall speaks to Greenlee as her rival, informing her that today Fusion will be reborn. At that moment, Simone enters and announcing that Mia will not be joining them. Greenlee tells Kendall that she is on a “surprise avoidance program” and asks Kendall if she is really up to this. Kendall says she is. When Greenlee leaves Kendall alone with Simone, Simone asks Kendall what her main agenda is besides business with Fusion. Kendall says a major concern of hers is to find out what Ryan really feels for her right now. Kendall becomes distracted in a fantasy where she happily proposes to Ryan and he tells her nothing would make him happier than to be married to her. At that moment, Greenlee distracts her from her fantasy.

Reggie is at the record store with Jamie Martin. Danielle manages to find Reggie again and he has the same attitude as before of wanting her to leave him alone. She approaches Jamie and asks him what types of pick-up lines girls should use on guys and sounds like she’s flirting with him. At that moment, Maggie enters. Danielle says she can already tell that Maggie must not be Jamie’s girlfriend because she’s making a move on Maggie’s man and Maggie is not the least bit jealous. Maggie informs Danielle that she and Jamie are not so much “boyfriend-girlfriend” as they are friends and roommates. Danielle inquires, if that would mean that Maggie would not mind if she moves in on Jamie. Yet, she reveals she may just be flirting with Jamie in order to make Reggie jealous. She approaches Reggie, he locks her in a DJ booth and she makes an announcement. She plays loud screaming rock and roll until the owners comes and lets her out of the booth. He tells her that she and Reggie are both trouble and he wishes they’d get out of his store. She tells Reggie that she’d like to go and have some serious fun with him. But he tells her that he does not trust her and wants her to leave him alone. Jamie approaches Reggie and tells him that he wonders why he does not like Danielle, and that he thinks she’s fun and she’s pretty. But Reggie informs him that he does not trust Danielle because she lied to him.

When Kendall meets with Ryan and they are together in the boardroom, he asks her how Bianca is. She says she’s doing o.k. They start talking business. She says they are both ready for a brave new world. They both sound confident that everything will work out. At that moment, Greenlee enters to interrupt their positive interaction. Both women assure Ryan that they have resolved all of their differences. But he still questions it. At that moment, Simone enters with Adam and JR Chandler. Ryan announces that the company is about to set up a memorial called the Miranda Montgomery Foundation. Adam says he’d like to skip the “small talk” and make Ryan an offer he cannot refuse. Adam wants JR to run Ryan out of Chandler Enterprises, but JR does not cooperate. Liza agrees with JR that Adam needs to get over himself and end his grudge with Ryan. But Adam reminds his son that it was he and nobody else that built Chandler Enterprises from the ground up and earned it. H eurges him to have family loyalty before considering his friendship with Ryan Lavery He asks what Ryan did except meet up with Michael Cambias’ father before he died and inherit his estate. Adam also reminds his son that this company should also be Bess’s birthright and asks; doesn’t he care about that?

Babe and Krystal are both marveling over Bess. But Babe can sense that her mother has something on her mind and asks her if she’s o.k. When Babe leaves Krystal alone with the baby, Krystal tells Bess that she knows she will have a great life with Babe as her mommy and JR as her daddy. But she tells her she regrets the fact that she will have to leave town and not be there for her. She admits that she cannot stay around with this lie going on. She confesses that she feels guilty with the fact that she’s pushing Tad away and is afraid that if she allowed herself to have feelings for him, then her secret might just leak out.

Ryan announces to Kendall, Greenlee and Simone that he wants to merge Fusion with Enchantment. Greenlee asks how he would believe that it would work. He tells her he knows it can. When Ryan is alone with Kendall, he tells her that he wants to have equal partnership with her in the businesses. But he also informs her that he wants Greenlee to be another partner. But Kendall lays down the law to him that she will never trust Greenlee, and Greenlee will not be in her business or in her life ever again.

Reggie tells Danielle that he wishes she’d go home. She tells him she is home, she now lives with Daddy, but she still wants to have fun with him. Jamie asks Maggie if she still wants to live with him and not with Bianca.

Tad tells Krystal that he realizes her plans are her own and he doesn’t want to pressure her to stay if she wants to leave. But he tells her he can sense there’s something going on with her, which she is not telling anybody. At that moment, David Hayward enters, unexpectedly to Tad, and looks like he’s there to pick up Krystal and take her somewhere. Tad’s expression reveals that he may be jealous.


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