AMC Update Monday 4/26/04

All My Children Update Monday 4/26/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Bobby is at his casino when he's approached by Erica, wearing the blond wig. He apologizes then she apologizes, saying she should not have accused him of having ulterior motives. Bobby suggests she thought that because of a betrayal in her life. Bobby says he thinks Erica was betrayed by someone she trusted. Erica won't confirm that, but says she needs reassurance as to why Bobby is being so nice to her. Bobby says he feels like she was as messed up and lost as he was. She tells him he is right.

Bianca is in her hospital room with Jack and asks about her mother. He says she left town for awhile. He thinks she needed to get as far away from all of us as she could. Bianca blames herself, but Jack reassures her to not feel responsible. He says they'll help her get her back on track.

Krystal is at the river. With tears flowing down her face, she talks of her "poor, sweet grandbaby" who nobody knows died but her. Krystal says taking Babe's baby was cruel. She says she had to switch the label on the blood viles at the hospital in order to give Babe her baby. No one will find out, she says. She could not allow Babe to go through the pain of losing her baby. Krystal says she will mourn for Babe's baby every day for the rest of her life. She says she's a mother and she protects her own. If she burns in hell for that, so be it. She tosses flowers and a stuffed toy into the river. She turns around and sees Tad staring at her.

Anita tries to reassure Maria not to worry about Edmund, who is still in surgery. Anita says a procedure like this could take hours. Brooke arrives and wants to check on Edmund. Maria tells him they don't know anything yet. Brooke turns to leave but Maria stops her and asks if she'll buy her a cup of coffee.

Palmer and Opal arrive at the hospital because Palmer has a doctor's appointment. They are very surprised to see Anita. Palmer asks where his grandson Bobby is. He asks if Bobby is avoiding him because he can't make any payments on his debt. Anita tells him about his job in Las Vegas and Opal surprisingly comments that Erica is in Las Vegas. Palmer asks Anita why she is there. She says she's helping Maria with Edmund. Noting her lab coat and name tag, Palmer says it looks like she's there to do more than just help out. Anita assures him that's why she is there. She writes a check to Palmer to cover part of Bobby's debt, but Palmer won't accept it. She tells him nothing would make Bobby happier than to hear his grandfather say he's proud of him. Palmer comments that he has a long way to go to hear that. He asks Anita out to dinner.

Erica asks Bobby about his wife. He says they're separated and may be getting divorced. He admits that he had an affair, but he would never cheat on her again. He says he hopes she'll take him back. He says he's not the man he was when he trashed his marriage. Erica comments that he's recreating himself in Las Vegas. Bobby says he fits here. No one knows he screwed up his marriage. Erica says it sounds like her kind of town. She's sick of being with people who blame her for everything that has gone wrong. She says she doesn't want to continue hanging out in the hotel suite with nothing to do. She asks for a job. Bobby suggests she deal at the Black Jack table.

Jack tells Bianca that she will forget all that's happened. Bianca says she doesn't want to forget. That would be like Miranda never existed. She says the time she spent with Miranda is all she has left of her now. She's very grateful for those precious moments. Jack tells Bianca he wants her to stay with him and Reggie after she gets out of the hospital tomorrow. Bianca things she should leave town to get her head straight, but Jack tells her that's the worst idea he's heard.

JR and Babe are relaxing in their bedroom with "Bess." JR looks at the baby and tells her no one is sweeter than her. He tells Babe he's never been happier and she made it possible. He gives Babe two gifts, one for her and one for the baby. Inside the baby present is a tooth fairy pillow. Inside Babe's gift is a bracelet with two hearts to represent both of his loves. Babe tells JR he's the best daddy she's ever seen.

Meanwhile, Kelly is shown cradling Babe's son and putting him into a bed.

Tad, holding a single rose, tells Krystal that he guesses the two of them had the same idea. He says he came here to say a prayer for Bianca's baby. He apologizes to Krystal for causing her pain. He hopes they can be friends. Krystal says he doesn't want them to be friends and neither does she. She walks away. Tad pledges to keep an eye on Miranda's mommy. He asks Dixie to keep Miranda safe.

Krystal returns home to find a happy Babe in the bedroom with her baby. As she watches Babe coo over this baby, Krystal asks if she's happy. "And beyond," Babe says, adding this is the best thing that could happen to anyone. With tears rimming her eyes, Krystal hugs her daughter.

Maria and Brooke are in Edmund's hospital room. Maria apologizes for lashing out at Brooke last time they talked. She asks her to stay with her until she hears something about Edmund and Brooke agrees. Just then the surgeon and David go into Edmund's room. Anita enters the room and walks over to her sister. David tells Maria that Edmund handled the procedure great without any cardiac problems. Maria is relieved then notices the look on the other surgeon's face. She concludes that he couldn't remove the bullet, and the surgeon confirms it. He says the bullet fragments were too near the damaged vertebrae and removing them could have left Edmund a quadriplegic. Maria realizes that means Edmund will never walk again. She says Edmund is exactly the same as he was before he was rolled into the room, except now he doesn't have the false hope that the surgeon spoon-fed him. She angrily orders the doctor to stay out of their lives. He blew it.

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