AMC Update Friday 4/23/04

All My Children Update Friday 4/23/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee and Kendall are at the hospital talking. Greenlee is asking how can they get past their differences. Ryan appears in the background. He approaches and asks what's going on. Greenlee tells him they're trying to find a way to make peace. Jack approaches and tells them about Bianca's visit with a psychiatrist, who expects her to make a full recovery from post-partum depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome. They are relieved. Kendall tells Ryan she got his memo about tomorrow's meeting to address Enchantment and Fusion. Greenlee says she's looking forward to it and has lots of ideas. Kendall and Ryan separately excuse themselves and Jack asks what's going on between her, Kendall and Ryan. Greenlee says Kendall is still stuck on what she did to her at her trial. Jack asks if Ryan is still a sore spot. She says he may be in Kendall's mind. She figures Jack wants to know if she's trying to come between Kendall and Ryan. Greenlee says she did not want Kendall and Ryan to get back together but she has abandoned all efforts to try to break them up. Jack asks if Kendall was out of the picture how she would feel. Greenlee says she and Ryan are just friends. She says Ryan gets her. She admits that she's a breath away from falling in love with him, but she won't try to get in the way of Ryan and Kendall.

Babe and JR are reveling in a homecoming party for them and "Bess" and JR toasts to his wife. He says she's been through a lot to bring their daughter into the world. JR looks at the baby and tells her she's a real Chandler now. JR talks to Stuart, telling him that there's no greater power than the love you feel for your kid. Stuart says Bess has a super dad. Meanwhile, Adam and Mary watch Babe interact with the baby and Babe notices he's staring. She asks Mary to leave her and Adam alone so they can clear the air. Babe tells Adam that he's staring at her and wants to know why. He tells her he's seen qualities in her that he didn't know existed. He sees her as a selfless, devoted mother. Babe tells him she can understand why he was so wary of her at first. After all, she came into JR's life flat broke. She says she admires him for trying to protect JR. She would go just as far to protect Bess. She asks Adam to be the first to write in Bess's baby book. Later, Mary tells Adam that Babe is beginning to think that he accepts her. She asks when and how Adam plans to sends her packing. Adam doesn't want to talk about this with her. Mary says she hopes he's not going soft on her. Adam says he doesn't do soft. Mary says he could have fooled her with his interaction with Brooke at the hospital. Adam says he and Brooke still have a visceral connection. He tells her he wants to spend some time alone with JR and Babe. The couple come downstairs after putting the baby to bed and Adam says he wants to talk to them about the trust fund he set up for Bess. Babe says she's too tired, but JR and Adam go into another room to discuss the details.

Krystal is at Joe's office objecting to the DNA test. Joe has the results and Tad asks him who Bess belongs to. Joe hands Tad the results and Tad turns to Krystal. He tells her that Babe is Bess's biological mother. Krystal tells them she hopes they're satisfied after sneaking around to get this test. Joe says at least they know the truth. Tad stares at Krystal, who asks him if he's disappointed. Sarcastically, Tad says he is. He couldn't wait to tell his son that his baby was dead. Krystal realizes her comment was low and she apologizes. Tad says he didn't ask for this, but he say Bianca holding the baby convinced that she was her's. He knows how desperate she was to get back what she lost. Tad leaves the office and Krystal picks up the results with a distraught look on her face.

Krystal returns home and finds Babe alone in the living room. Babe excitedly tells her mother about the welcome home party. Krystal, looking upset, hugs Babe. Babe asks her mother if she's OK and she says she is. Babe hears the baby making a noise over the monitor and goes to check on the infant. She asks her mother to come along but Krystal says she has something to do. After Babe goes upstairs, Krystal grabs a small stuffed toy and leaves.

David tells Maria she should not be in the operating room during Edmund's surgery to observe. She insists she needs to be there. What if something goes wrong? David tells her there's not a thing she can do. Edmund could not be in better hands, David says, and he'll be there to assist if he's needed. Maria agrees to stay out of the room and pleads with David just to make sure Edmund comes out alive. Ryan finds Maria and asks her if she wants to go for a walk in the park. A worried Maria doesn't want to leave. She realizes, though, that she needs a distraction. She asks Ryan how things are with him and Kendall. Ryan says they're not back together. Something got in the way. He says that Kendall drives him out of his mind. However, after everything that has happened, he still loves her and wants her back in his life. He needs to make sure that she trusts him first, he says. Maria tells him to take a leap and trust love will get them through. Ryan says love is not enough.

Kendall meets Palmer at the Valley Inn and admits to him she is confused. Palmer realizes she's confused about Ryan and wants to help her. Kendall tells him she loves Ryan and wants him back. She says she doesn't believe Greenlee when she says nothing has happened between her and Ryan. Palmer asks if she suspects an affair. Who wouldn't? Kendall asks. She's afraid to give in and having her heart broken again. However, she has a plan she wants to share with Palmer. The scene closes and returns with Palmer telling her that he wasn't half as enterprising at her age. Kendall says she's going for it and let the fur fly. When it settles she'll know if she can trust Ryan.

Jack goes to Bianca's room and she says she's sorry for the trouble she caused. Jack says she did the right thing by bringing Bess back. Bianca tells him about her visit with the psychiatrist, who told her that she needs to accept her baby is gone.

Meanwhile, surgery gets underway. The surgeon finds the bullet lodged by Edmund's spine and attempts to remove it. He asks David if he sees this then curses.

Joe tells Tad he's glad they ran the DNA test. He's sorry they could not keep it between us. Tad says at least Krystal got the results she wanted. Krystal goes to the river where the other baby was supposedly lost. Holding the stuffed toy and flowers, she tearfully asks God how he could take her precious grandbaby.

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