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All My Children Update Thursday 4/22/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Tad waits impatiently for the DNA test results and asks his father why they are not back yet. He assures him again that he really believes that he is doing the right thing by having it done. His father affirms that he agrees. After Dr. Joe leaves, and Tad is alone in the office, he speaks to JR who is not there, asking him to forgive him for finding out that possibly Bess is not his child. He admits that the two options of finding out the results of the DNA test are that either Bianca’s heart is broken or Babe’s and JR’s lives are turned upside down. At that moment, a biological model of Dr. Joe’s falls to the ground and Tad is afraid it’s broken. Simone enters and tells him that he does not look so good and she can tell he’s got something on his mind. He says he’s waiting for some results although he will not tell her what they are for. He assures her that the results are not about him and he is not sick. He asks why she’s there. She says she’s there to find Kendall and informs him that Bianca and Kendall have given her shares of the companies.

Maria and Anita are ready to leave with Edmund to get the surgery done for him to walk again. At that moment, the kids interrupt Maria and she leaves the room. Anita asks Edmund if he was able to ever forget that Maria cheated on him. He says he never forgot. She rehashes with him how she felt when Bobbie cheated on her. She admits that she could have been a better wife. He assures her it was not her fault and he asks her whether she would have married Bobbie if she’d known he’d cheat. She has difficulty answering that question. She asks him if he’d known about Maria and his brother, would he have married her? He says that he knows he would always have married Maria. Unknown to them, at that point, Maria is coming down the stairs and hearing their conversation. She is able to hear her husband telling her sister, that to him it’s until death do them part. When the kids rush in, Edmund tells them that they need to help mommy out while he’s in the hospital. That means no fighting or mutilating each other’s toys. They agree and he hugs them both.

Erica sits silently her hotel room in Vegas being haunted by hearing Bianca telling her she is not her mother. At that moment, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Bobbie. He addresses her as Desiree and she calls him Roberto, knowing they might be overheard. When they are alone, he calls her Erica and expresses concerns over why she hasn’t left her hotel room and hasn’t eaten. He suddenly surprises her with a big room service meal. She tells him it’s not necessary. But he tells her she needs to keep her strength up. She finally thanks him and accepts his generosity. He pours her some spring water and gives her a bowl of fruit. He tells her she needs to check out the theater, but later realizes that she does not want to be seen by anybody or be known as Erica Kane. He tells her he will make certain that nobody recognizes her. He pulls out a blond wig. She asks if he thinks that’s her. He says he thinks that’s very “Desiree of the dessert”

Babe, JR and Adam make arrangements to leave the hospital. Adam mentions that he’d like to be able to get Bess before she gets kidnapped again. Dr. Joe comes in and has Babe sign release papers. Adam reminds him that Bianca Montgomery kidnapped his grandchild only days ago and was unseen, and he believes that Anita the nurse should be held accountable, and because she is not, he no longer trusts Dr. Joe or the hospital.

Opal and Palmer are at Jack’s. Opal is very worried about where Erica is or what she doing. She demands that Palmer tells her what he knows about Erica’s whereabouts. But Jack informs them both that he knows that Erica is presently in Vegas. Hearing this, Opal is ready to go and find Erica. But she notices Jack’s blank expression and asks if he’s ready to give up on Erica. She urges him to know that Erica needs him. She lectures them both that Erica needs them to find her and remind her that they love her. Jack tells her he’s done all he can. But she manages to push Palmer out the door. She turns and tells Jack that she is very disappointed in him for sounding like he does not care about Erica. Reggie appears, overhearing, and confronts Jack about the same thing.

Erica tries on the blond wig Bobbie gives her but is still not certain that she is adequately disguised. But he tells her that that is the reason why he’s invited Debbie to help her. She says she cannot have anybody else in her room that might know her. But at that moment a woman enters with a big rack full of clothes. She says she knows that Erica is Desiree. She admits that Debbie is not her real name and she is disguising herself also. She says she is in the business of disguising many famous people.

Jack tells Reggie that even if he goes to Vegas, it’s a very big place and he might not find Erica. But Reggie tells him he cannot give up trying to find her. Jack informs Reggie that he calls Erica every day and tells her he loves her but she never returns his calls. Reggie still encourages his father to know that Erica loves him regardless and tells him that if it were him, he’d be on a plane right now. But Jack still expresses his doubts. He tells Reggie that in life there are many choices and they are more complicated that simply A, B, C. He also informs Reggie that there are many people in his life he loves besides Erica, he loves Reggie, he loves Bianca, he loves Kendall and he loves Greenlee. Reggie asks his father if he’s not worried for Erica, all by herself, wherever she is, not knowing what she’s doing. Jack says absolutely. He says wishes more than anything there was something he could do about it, but the reality is he can’t.

By the time, “Debbie” is done with her work, Erica has dressed herself in a blond wig, jeans and denim vest, looking very unlike herself and more confident than she was before. But she asks Bobbie just what he expects for the help he’s offered her. He tells her that he expects nothing. She informs him that she’d never before met him, only saw him a few times in Pine Valley, and if he expects nothing in return he is not “human”. She asks him if he wants to sleep with her. He says no because he’s married. She admits that tabloids will gossip about the two of them. She suspects that he might be spying on her to uncover Enchantment’s secrets. He reminds her that she found him in Vegas and not the other way around. And sensing that she does not trust him, he tells her he will leave her alone and she will not see him again. With that, he leaves.

When Babe and JR return home with Bess, they are greeted by a puppet show and discover that Stuart and Marion Colby are the puppeteers. Stuart tells JR that he looks tired. JR admits to his uncle that it does not feel right having Bess. He says it feels like some sort of cosmic fowl-up. But Stuart and Marion assure the new parents that as long as they love their child everything will be o.k.

Tad reassembles the aorta to the biological model. Simone invites him to have breakfast while he’s waiting. But at that moment, Krystal enters the room and is horrified to discover that Tad has actually gone through with getting the DNA test done. He tells her he needs to take a rain check and she should go and check Bianca’s room for Kendall. When she leaves, Krystal tells him that he has no right to have this test done and it does not concern him, it’s up to JR and Babe who did not agree to this and it’s illegal. She tells him that he and his father are just low-down felons for having this done without the permission of the people involved and that he makes her sick. He tells her he knows the only concern she has is that the baby might not really be her grandchild. Krystal asks Tad who told him he’s king Solomon. He says he needs to do what’s right. She asks what gives him the right to control other people’s lives. She tells him he doesn’t care about the test results; he’s just on some power trip. And she calls him a heartless piece of dirt. At that moment, Dr. Joe enters and hears their conversation

When at the hospital, Edmund tell the medical attendant that he knows the results of the surgery are either he can walk, or he is deader than a polyester leisure suit. The man tells him he does not want to entertain any negative thoughts and leaves. At that moment, Maria enters. Edmund asks his wife to tell him that she is really with him on this. Finally, Anita enters and Edmund’s wife and sister-in-law wheel him into the O.R.

JR tells Babe that he is very serious about making Bess very proud of her father. She assures him that Bess will be. They lie on the couch together and Babe tells her husband that she is very happy that they have such a good life. He tells her that it’s just getting better now that they have Bess.

Tad asks his father, while Krystal stands next to him, whether Bess’s real mother is Babe or Bianca.


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