AMC Update Wednesday 4/21/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 4/21/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall tells Ryan that he is too optimistic. She says if you expect the worst, you are prepared. But he tells her that if you worry for nothing, you have wasted a lot of time.

Jack discovers Derek Fry, Livia Fry and a strange young lady in his home with Reggie and Greenlee. Derek blurts out that Jack’s son has corrupted his daughter. Jack tells him he doesn’t follow what he’s saying. Derek says that this is his daughter Danielle. Jack says he did not recognize Danielle and admits the last time he saw her, she was wearing braces. Danielle tells Jack the last time she saw him, he was a real “cutie”. Then, Jack discovers that Derek has put Reggie in handcuffs and demands to know why he believes this is necessary.

Tad tells his father that very possibly Paul Kramer made a mistake, intentionally or unintentionally; in the accuracy of which baby was which.

Adam Chandler is watching over the medical staff who are taking care of the baby whom he believes is his granddaughter. He pulls up two chairs and covers himself with a blanket so he can guard the door of the nursery. Krystal enters and asks him if he plans to live there. He tells her that he is watching every minute to make certain that nothing happens to his granddaughter. Although he expects her to exhibit an attitude, she tells him she is on his side about this.

Tad tells his father that there are obviously hospital records with both Bianca’s and Michael Cambias’ blood types, which could confirm whether the baby, whom everybody believes is Bess, is in fact Miranda. Dr. Joe tells him that it’s unlikely that Babe would not know her own baby. But Tad tells his father that he happens to know that Babe has been having nightmares and doubts that that baby is hers. And he urges him to find out the information, to confirm, without question whether this baby is Bianca’s or Babe’s. Dr. Joe finally agrees to his son’s request.

Bianca tells JR that she believes he may not want a “crazy woman” to be Bess’s godmother. But he assures her that he does not believe that she is crazy and agrees with Babe that she should be his child’s godmother. Bianca decides she has to go back to her room, and JR makes it clear to his wife that he wants her to be escorted by a nurse so that she does not go by the nursery and kidnap the baby again.

Kendall tells Ryan that she is having the same dream where she’s on a cliff. But she tells him that she is no longer dancing. She is falling. He tells her that he gave her pointers on how to get rid of those bad dreams. But she asks him how you can find something stronger than the demons to hold onto. He says everybody has a way to get to the other side of any negative situation. She says that she’s concerned about Bianca having this nightmare that she cannot wake up from. She reminds him that Bianca still cannot have what she wants no matter how much she wants it. He says he has to leave. She tells him that she will never forget all that he has done for her and for Bianca.

Dr. Joe gets into his computer and informs his son that he has nothing. There is no conclusive evidence either way. But Tad reminds him that if there’s no conclusive proof either way, then Bianca could still be the baby’s mother.

Kryatal and Adam Chandler view the baby from outside the window of the maternity ward. Adam tells the attendant that he’s concerned about the baby having blanket too tight around her. She informed him that Babe told her that a tight blanket keeps a baby warmer and that Babe is correct. Adam pouts. But Krystal informs him that he needs to admit that her little girl knows how to take care of a baby. She also tells him that the two of them have more in common than he realizes. They are both concerned parents and grandparents.

Reggie protests to Derek and Livia that Danielle found him and told him stories about how she was a runaway and a victim of abuse. Greenlee confronts Danielle about how she will not get away with setting Reggie up to get in trouble. At that moment, Danielle turns around and informs her father that if he’s going to lock Reggie up, she insists that she goes with him. But he announces to all of them that there’s no way he’s going to be sharing a cell with this crazy girl. But she says he does not have to cover for her. She admits that it was all her idea to lock them both in the record store, not Reggie’s. And she tells her father that if he needs to cuff and arrest her, she will understand. He says he will not do that and that she is absolved. Jack concludes that now that Danielle has cleared everything up, that Derek must take the handcuffs off of Reggie. Derek refuses. But Danielle asks her father to drop the charges against Reggie. She protests that they did not have sex. He slept on the couch and she slept in the bedroom. They stayed and listened to music but did not drink, nor use drugs, nor do anything “wrong”. Derek demands that Reggie never goes near his daughter again. Reggie says he wants her to stay away from him. At that point, Derek and Livia and Danielle leave Jack’s home. Danielle tells Jack that it was good to see him again and thanks him for letting her stay in his home when he was away although he knew nothing about it.

JR admits his doubts about entrusting Bianca with Bess. But Babe tells him he needs to have faith.

Dr. Joe tells Tad that Bianca’s blood type could be the same as countless people in Pine Valley. Tad says, in that case, in order to have conclusive proof of who is the real mother of the baby, they need to run a DNA test. Dr. Joe says that he cannot just run a DNA test without good reason. But Tad urges him that it has to be done, because the longer everybody waits, the more damage will be done to everybody, from not knowing. At that moment, Krystal enters and wonders what the two men have been talking about. She asks if they are having a private conversation. Tad says family only, but then admits that he realizes that she is family. Tad informs her that they have been talking about Bess. Dr. Joe leaves them alone. She asks him just what she walked into. He tells her it was just two grown men turning into “mush” over the newest addition to the family. She says that she also turns into mush over Bess, and her daughter. She also says that she can notice his shifting eyes, which reveal he’s lying and asks him if he told his daddy about his “silly ideas”. He says he has an important agenda. But she tells him that her daughter’s happiness is the most important thing to her and she’s not going to let Tad nor his father ruin anything for her.

Kendall asks Bianca how her talk with Babe went. Bianca admits that Babe had every right to be very angry and get very mean after what she did, but to her surprise, Babe asked her to be Bess’s godmother. Bianca tells Kendall that she believes that she needs professional help, because she knows all the facts. She says she knows Bess is Babe and JR’s child and yet she also knows that she still believes that she is Miranda.

Babe tells JR that it just feels right to have Bianca be part of Bess’s life. She reminds him that they’ve been through so much together. He tells her he understands very much their friendship and their bond with Bianca. But she says there’s more to it than that. She tells him that on that very night when both babies were born, it could have just as easily been their baby, instead of Bianca’s that got lost. He puts his arms around her. At that moment, Anita enters and tells Babe that she needs to run some tests.

After Danielle leaves with her father and aunt, Jack tells Reggie that when he leaves town for a few days, it’s amazing that all this has happened. Reggie protests again that he gave Danielle a place to stay, and he had no clue that she was Derek’s daughter since she lied to him. Jack also mentions how he’s less than proud of Greenlee for sticking up for Reggie and making excuses for him. She admits to her father that she does not have much experience with this “sibling” thing. But she says that she and Reggie have developed a relationship when Jack was gone and she didn’t think he did anything so wrong.

Tad and Krytal sound like they’ve come to a truce in their previous argument about whether Bess could be Bianca’s child. At that very moment, both young mothers are having DNA tests performed.

At the hospital, Greenlee runs into Ryan. He says he’s there to visit and make certain everything is o.k. for Babe and JR. She informs him that she has a big present for Bianca. Right when they stand outside Bianca’s room, Kendall and Bianca are able to discover them having a very friendly, cozy conversation from the window.

Dr. Joe informs Tad that he had his staff drew blood from both Babe and Bianca and neither suspected a thing. Tad asks what will happen next. He says the DNA results will be ready the following day.


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