AMC Update Tuesday 4/20/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/20/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca is at the hospital holding the baby that everybody believes is Bess, surrounded by Kendall and Ryan, and standing beside Babe, JR, Tad and Krystal. Babe tells Bianca that it’s o.k., she understands how Bianca feels. But Bianca questions how she could, reminding her that her baby is alive. Bianca seems lost in thought, while still holding the baby. Babe tells her that she promises to be there to help her through this. She reminds Bianca that they’ve worked through all kinds of stuff and they can work through this too. Bianca cries and cannot yet give Babe her baby. Adam Chandler rushes to find the baby and asks Bianca to give her to him since he’s her grandfather. But Ryan motions for him to back off. Lena appears to witness the whole event. At that point, Bianca tells the baby that she is sorry, does not mean to scare her and has only meant to love her. She kisses the baby. She says good-bye to her and reminds her that her real mommy loves her so much and that she knows the baby loves her mommy too. And she finally gives her to Babe.

Paul Kramer is alone with the baby boy that is really Babe’s whom he stole for his sister, Kelly. He tells the baby that he knows that Kelly will give him the money he needs and knows there’s no way the baby will want to go back to his real mom. He says that will never happen. The Chandlers will put him away for good if they believe that he’s kidnapped JR’s kid, he says.

Right when Bianca is ready to leave the hospital with Kendall and Ryan, Babe thanks her for bringing Bess back to them. But Adam adds that it’s not soon enough. Bianca explains that Adam was right and tells Babe that when she held the baby, it felt so right. Kendall tells Bianca that nobody blames her when she is mourning the loss of her own baby. Bianca informs Babe that when she looked at Bess, everything told her that that was her little girl, and she just does not understand how it was that it felt that way. But she tells Babe, tearfully that she knows the baby is hers. Yet she says she questions why she still feels like the baby is hers and not Babe’s. Adam speaks up and asks if he may be so bold as to get some medical attention for this baby. Tad tells him he needs to give this a rest. Bianca protests that the baby, whom she almost calls Miranda, is o.k., she’s taken the best care of her and nobody needs to worry about her well being. But JR goes with Dr. Joe to make sure the baby is o.k. Kendall tells Bianca that they need to go home. But Babe says she needs to go and have a private talk with Bianca although Kendall doesn’t want her to. Kendall tells Ryan that she is very worried that whatever Babe is telling Bianca would only hurt her, because nobody could ever be so forgiving. Adam Chandler says that he agrees with that statement and is ready to intervene in their conversation. But Krystal tells him he is a mean, nasty spiteful person and that her daughter would never hurt or treat Bianca the way he’d like to.

Lena is with Maggie and gets a page. She tells her she must take this call and goes to find a pay phone. She finds out it’s her mother who needs her to go back to Poland. But she knows she cannot because she needs to be there for Bianca.

Kendall and Ryan ask Adam Chandler what he plans to go about this. He informs them that JR and Babe do not plan to press charges against Bianca and neither does he. He doesn’t want her in jail. He wants her somewhere where she can get some professional help. Kendall rips into him, knowing that he wants to hurt her sister.

Derek tells Reggie that he does not trust him with his daughter. Greenlee defends her brother. Reggie says he wants nothing more to do with Danielle. But at that moment, Danielle walks in and tells Reggie that it’s not very nice of him to be trashing her to her father when she is coming all the way over there to save his butt. Derek sounds very loving to his daughter, realizing that she’s been unhappy, but reminding her that she’s made a mistake to run away and be with Reggie. But Reggie butts in and admits that Derek’s precious daughter lied to him and almost got him in trouble.

Bianca tells Babe now that the two of them are alone without any witnesses, Babe can really tell her how she feels and she will understand if Babe never wants to see her again. But to her surprise, Babe puts her arms around her and tells her that she is not mad. She tells Bianca that she’s her best friend and she will never throw their friendship away just because Bianca is grieving over the loss of her own baby. She says she knows that Bianca’s arms were just aching to hold her own baby. Bianca tells Babe that she knows what she did was wrong and she does not know how she can make it up to her. But Babe tells her that she knows how she can; by sharing Bess with her.

Ryan informs Jack that Tad has tracked Erica in Vegas. Jack asks what she’d be doing in Vegas. Kendall says she’s probably having some quickie wedding. Jack urges Kendall to stop displaying this attitude and forgive her mother. But Kendall asks him how he could forgive that woman after what she’s done. Kendall reminds Jack that Erica just took off, didn’t tell anybody where she was, just to worry everybody, and meanwhile Bianca has gone through hell without her mother. But Jack tells Kendall that she needs to get rid of her anger and forgive Erica. He reminds her that Bianca once felt the same way toward Erica as she does, but now she’s has forgiven Erica. Ryan informs them that Erica was in Vegas because her father died and she went to his memorial service. Jack says he doesn’t know how much more he believes Erica can take. Kendall says she’s not worried about Erica; it’s Bianca she’s concerned about. Kendall informs Jack, and finds out he’s hearing for the first time, that Erica spoke to her father only a few weeks ago. And she says she does not believe that it would be any major trauma for Erica that her father is gone. But Jack explains to Kendall that Erica has had a real history with her father, he was a big Hollywood producer and he betrayed her. He says he hopes that Erica made peace with her father before he died. At that moment, Jack gets a call on his cell phone.

Babe and Bianca are alone in a room together. Babe holds Bianca and tells her that they can love Bess together and grieve for Miranda together. And she tells Bianca that she wants her to be Bess’s godmother. Bianca asks why Babe would consider that after what she’s done to her and JR. But Babe says that she does not blame her for anything, and before any of this happened, when Babe was sick, she asked Bianca to take care of Bess. But Bianca reminds her that she took her baby out of the nursery. Babe reminds Bianca that she does remember that she thought that her baby was a boy, she herself was very confused after the flood, the crash and all that has happened, and she realizes that Bianca also has every right to be confused as to which baby was which.

Krystal lectures Tad on how he’s way out of line to assume to know that the baby that survived was Miranda and that if he were to tell that to anybody, it could cause more suffering for both Babe and Bianca. Surprisingly, Tad does not argue back to her. After Tad leaves, Paul Kramer appears and Krystal calls out to him and demands that he stops because she needs to talk to him.

Danielle explains to her father and aunt that it was totally an accident when she and Reggie stayed overnight at the record shop. She says they just got locked in. Livia tells her niece that she could have called them, instead of risking getting thrown in the slammer. Derek tells his daughter that she needs to stay away form trouble, like Reggie. Greenlee informs Derek that it was his daughter who got her brother in trouble, and not the other way around. And even Livia seems to believe that Reggie should not be judged without a “fair trial”. At that point, Derek places Reggie under arrest and puts him in handcuffs. Greenlee tells him they will sue him for unnecessary police harassment. At that point, Jack enters and wants to know what is going on.

After the baby has been examined, JR informs Adam that she is in perfect health. Adam says that’s great news but he wants to discuss something with his son about Bianca. JR informs his father that he and Babe have agreed not to press charges against Bianca. Adam says he doesn’t want that either. But he says wants Bianca to have a psychiatric evaluation and for measures to be taken to keep her away from Bess, in order to protect Bess.

At that moment, Babe and Bianca are still making plans for Bess to be Bianca’s godchild. And Babe surprises Bianca by saying she wants to change Bess’s name to Miranda because Miranda will always be in their lives and in their hearts. Bianca listens speechlessly, not knowing what to say.

Dr. Joe informs Tad that he’s happy that Bess is back where she belongs. Tad responds, by admitting that he still is not certain that she is where she belongs. His father informs him that he’d still like to know why he discovered Tad, in his office, without informing him, the previous day, trying to get in his computer. And he wants to know why Tad needed to get into the hospital computer.

Krystal informs Paul that Bianca took Bess out of the hospital a few days ago, believing that it was her baby instead of Babe’s. Paul sounds like he’s panicking and scared to find that out. And from seeing his expression, it sounds like Krystal is piecing together the crazy scheme that Paul must have been up to, in his futile attempt to rescue them both. She tells him she knows there is an unsolved mystery that only he would really know the answer to. And she asks Paul, point blank, whether the baby belongs to Babe or Bianca?

JR seems to agree with his father, that Bianca needs to stay away from Bess, because the baby’s safety comes first. And he also adds that the best thing for Bianca would be to not have to go through the agony of being reminded of her loss. He goes into the room where is wife is with Bianca. She announces to him that she has made Bianca Bess’s godmother.

Tad informs his father that he believes there’s a strong possibility that the baby whom Bianca kidnapped is actually hers and not Babe’s. Dr. Joe sounds like he does not believe that. But Tad says he does and that’s why he needs his father’s help.


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