AMC Update Monday 4/19/04

All My Children Update Monday 4/19/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Jack is welcomed home by Reggie and Greenlee. He can tell something is wrong and asks them to tell him the bad news. Greenlee tells Jack about the situation with Bianca and he is distressed to hear it. He wonders if Erica knows what's going on. Greenlee and Reggie pledge their support to Jack and Jack is relieved to see how well the two of them are getting along. Greenlee brings up Reggie's situation with Danielle.

Olivia tells Danielle she can't believe how insensitive she was by running away. Danielle says no one got hurt and everything is great. Olivia tells her she needs to learn respect. She had everyone worried to death. Derek arrives and Danielle gives him a big hug and tells him she missed him. Derek asks why the heck she ran away. Danielle says it has been so awful with her mom. She can't take the trash talk she's been dishing out against him. Olivia tells Derek wait till he hears what Danielle's been up to. Danielle says she wasn't thinking clearly. Olivia continues to harp on Danielle for running away until Derek tells Olivia to take it easy. He tells his daughter that he had everyone out looking for her. Danielle guesses she was flying below the radar screen. Olivia says that she had help. She tells Danielle to tell her father who she had been shacking up with.

Greenlee and Reggie arrive at Jack's and Reggie tells her it was inappropriate to bring up Danielle with Jack. Greenlee needles him about getting involved with the chief of police's daughter with him being on probation. He messed up and she saved his butt. He says the police chief doesn't know who he's messing with. Derek arrives at the door and immediately gets into Reggie's face. "You want to tell me what the hell you're doing with my daughter?" he asks.

JR and Babe are waiting in Babe's hospital room for their baby to arrive. JR is restless and says he's going to go get Bess himself. Babe tells him to be mindful of Bianca. She can't take much more. Anita enters the room and JR is cold to her. He asks her what she wants. She's come to apologize but JR says to save it because they're not interested. Anita says she never intended to leave Bianca alone but there was a problem with another baby. Babe tells Anita that they understand. Anita says it should have never happened. JR tells her she needs to take responsibility for what she did. Babe asks JR to get her some fresh water. He takes a pitcher and leaves the room, but promptly asks a hospital worker to get Babe the water. JR leaves the hospital. Babe tells Anita that JR will get over this as soon as they have their baby back. Anita says again she should have not left Bianca alone with the baby. Babe says she asked Bianca to help her with Bess, so she's more to blame for pushing Bianca over the edge.

Jamie and Maggie are at the hospital worrying about Bianca. Maggie says Bianca so completely loved Miranda and now she's gone. How can Bianca go on? Jamie tells Maggie that with friends like her, Bianca has a lot going for her. She'll find her way.

Tad asks Krystal how she can block Bianca from her mind when she sees Babe with the baby. Krystal says that baby is JR and Babe's flesh and blood. Tad can tell by Krystal's reaction that she is worried and tells her she's scared to death that baby belongs to Bianca. Krystal tells him he's lost his mind. Tad says the incubators weren't secured. Babe and Bianca were unconscious. All they have is Paul Kramer's word and he could be wrong. Krystal tells him to explain his crazy theory to JR. David approaches and tells Tad that either he's losing his touch with women or he found a woman smart enough to stay away from him. Krystal tells Tad that this conversation is over and to keep his trap shut. "You tell him," David says. She tells him she doesn't need his help. David suggests they pick this up tonight. They're still on for dinner, right? A stunned Krystal can't believe he doesn't know what's been going on. She tells him and David says there is no way Bianca would hurt the baby. He says no parent should have to bury their child, especially a baby, he says.

Ryan tells Bianca that this baby is Bess. Bianca asks what he's talking about. This is Miranda. Ryan tells her she's confused. Bianca says a mother knows her own baby. She has her eyes and her nose. Bianca tells Kendall to tell Ryan that this is Miranda. Kendall remains silent with tears in her eyes. Ryan tells Bianca that Miranda is gone. She died. Bianca asks what's wrong with him. How could he say that? She has a flashback to Kendall telling her Miranda is gone. She is getting scared. Ryan tells Bianca they all love her and wouldn't be saying this if it weren't true. Bianca is crying and picks up the baby, who makes her smile. She says no one is going to take her baby away from her, not ever. She asks Kendall to tell Ryan that this is her little girl. Kendall, crying, tells Bianca that Miranda is gone. Bianca says no, this is Miranda. Kendall tells her again that Miranda was lost in the helicopter crash. Bianca asks if they think she's lost her mind. They think she kidnapped Bess. Ryan and Kendall say they don't think that, but she did sneak out of the hospital. Kendall tells her grief can make people do things they would not do. Ryan tells her no one is mad and Babe understands. Bianca asks how Babe can understand when she doesn't understand herself. Bianca looks at the baby and cries "Oh, my God. Miranda." She is horrified to remember that Miranda is gone and covers her face with her hands as tears fall. She asks herself what she has done. She wonders if Babe knows Bess is missing. Kendall says Babe knows Bess is safe with her. Bianca says she stole her baby. "I'm really sick, aren't I," she says. "They're going to put me away." Jack walks in and Bianca tells him she did an awful thing. He hugs her. JR arrives and sees the baby. Bianca picks the baby up and JR asks if Bianca is all right. Bianca says she is so sorry. She didn't want to scare him. JR says he knew everything would be all right. Jack tells Bianca to let JR take Bess to the hospital. Bianca says no. She took the baby out of the hospital and she should take her back.

Dr. Martin tells Anita that he won't need her resignation. She will be put on probation and this will be part of her permanent record, but it doesn't warrant dismissal. Anita is relieved and says she wants to remain at the hospital.

Tad sneaks into his father's office and gets on the computer. He starts to look up the blood types of the babies and the parents when Joe walks in. "Checking email?" Joe asks. Tad sheepishly says no. Joe says he hopes he's not accessing confidential patient files. Jamie barges in to tell them that Bianca has arrived with the baby. Tad says they can deal with this later.

Bianca carries the baby into the hospital and Krystal and Babe are there to see her.

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