AMC Update Friday 4/16/04

All My Children Update Friday 4/16/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Bobby asks Erica what brings her to Vegas. She seems embarrassed to have been spotted and tries to leave without a word. He tells her there are a lot of people looking for her and she should call someone. She says calls can be traced and she doesn't want to be found. Bobby asks her what made her ditch Pine Valley. Erica says she doesn't want to talk about it. After he calls her Miss Kane, then Erica, she says Erica Kane no longer exists. Bobby tells her he meant to call her Desiree. Erica thinks Bobby's name is Roberto. They recall their time in Philadelphia and Erica says that was a great time she wishes she could relive. Who says they can't, he asks. He says whatever Desiree wants is a finger snap away. He offers to get her a penthouse and when she says she can pay her own way, he says her credit cards can be traced. He gives her a pair of dice and tells her to roll them. If she comes up with even numbers she's staying and with odds she's hitting the road. He walks away and she contemplates rolling the dice. Bobby returns and Erica rolls the dice. She gets even numbers. Desiree of the Desert is staying, she tells him. He gives her a suite and a line of credit at the casino.

Bianca asks Greenlee if she thinks her little girl is beautiful. A stunned Greenlee just stares and Tad and Aidan walk in. Bianca asks what they're doing there. Is something wrong? Tad says he wanted to stop by and make sure she and the baby are OK. Bianca tells him there's no reason to worry. As she tends to the baby, she tells her she couldn't be hungry because she just nursed her an hour ago. She picks up the baby and carries her to another room. Tad asks Aidan and Greenlee what are they going to do. They'll have to proceed with caution so they don't push Bianca over the edge. Greenlee says the only person who can get through to Bianca right now is Kendall.

Ryan and Kendall are in a car driving to the cabin where Bianca had her baby. They hope to find her there. Kendall tells Ryan that Greenlee told her about her plunge down a mineshaft. She reminds Ryan that he accused her of doing something bad to Greenlee. Ryan says it was him. He almost killed her. Tad calls Kendall and tells her about Bianca. Kendall says they'll be right there and Ryan turns the car around.

Bianca tells her baby that soon she's going to meet everyone who loves her. She includes Greenlee in that statement. Greenlee tells Bianca she wants her to be her sister and know that if things get tough she has her to lean on. Bianca tells her that motherhood will be hard but she's ready for it. Greenlee asks if she can hold the baby but Bianca abruptly says no. Greenlee apologizes and so does Bianca. She says that she thought she had lost Miranda so it's hard for her to give her up.

Babe is looking at a photo of "Bess" while Krystal tells her that she was wrong about people in this town. People are searching for her baby high and low. Babe says she hopes she knows her baby when she sees her. Krystal recalls what Tad said about Babe's baby possibly being the missing one. Babe says after she recovered from being sick it seemed like her baby was a whole different being.

Jamie tells JR that he's not like Adam. JR says if he's not his dad why does he want to go after Bianca. Jamie tells him he's coming at this from his heart and that is not what his father would do.

Brooke follows Adam into a hospital lobby to try to stop him from calling police. She says JR and Babe don't think their baby is in danger. Bianca's heart has been ripped out and if he rips the baby from her now she could shatter. Adam says it's too late because Bianca has lost her mind. Brooke says no, she lost her baby.

Tad goes into Babe's room and tells Babe, Krystal, JR, Adam and Brooke that Bianca and the baby have been found and the baby is fine. He tells them the baby is still with Bianca and Greenlee is there. He asks that they wait to do anything until Kendall arrives to talk to Bianca. JR says he's not waiting and he and Adam prepare to leave. Brooke says that Tad isn't telling them everything. Tad tells them that Bianca thinks the baby is Miranda. Babe says they should give Kendall time to talk to Bianca. She says there is no way she could survive if she lost her baby but Bianca did. Her baby is Bianca's life preserver. Adam says everyone has lost their minds. JR says he's with Babe. Bess is in good hands with Bianca. Adam says that since he's outnumbered he'll let JR do what he wants. JR asks for some time alone with his wife, and after everyone has filed out Babe tearfully tells him she knows they're making the right decision but she still wants their baby.

Jamie tells Tad that this is crazy. Tad says the craziness has just begun. Behind him from a distance Krystal glares at Tad. She approaches him and accuses him of still thinking that Bess belongs to Bianca.

Brooke tells Adam she's proud of him and they hug. Mary arrives at the hospital in time to see them hug.

Anita asks Maria if she stopped loving Edmund when she cheated on him. Maria says no, the love was always there. Anita asks her why she turned to someone else. Maria says it was out of desperation. She was losing Sammy to Kelsy and Edmund pulled Sammy from her arms. She turned to Dimitri because she wanted to feel something besides pain. Anita says it sounds like an "it's not you it's me" copout. Maria says sometimes there's something to that. Anita says she could never do that to Bobby. Maria tells her she can never predict the future. Anita says Bobby told her he never stopped loving her. Maria tells her to believe him. Maria says whatever she decides she's on her side. Aidan arrives and tells them that Bianca and the baby have been found safe. Maria and Anita are extremely relieved. Maria is paged and as she walks out tells Anita not to turn in her resignation. Anita tells Aidan she should lose her license because of her mistake in letting Bianca walk out of the hospital with Babe's baby. She says she should quit her job and leave Pine Valley. Aidan says he doesn't take her as a quitter. Is that what she wants? She says she wants to stay. He tells her to never give up.

Kendall and Ryan arrive at Erica's penthouse and see Bianca with the baby. Bianca is glad to see them and asks Greenlee to take pictures of them together. She tells Kendall that she wants her to meet her niece. Kendall says the baby is beautiful. Greenlee snaps a picture of Bianca, the baby, Kendall and Ryan and leaves. Ryan follows her out and thanks her for following her hunch. A tearful Greenlee says Bianca needs for that baby to be Miranda. Bianca thanks Kendall for being there to help throughout her pregnancy. She refers to the baby as "our little girl. Our Miranda." Kendall, crying, tells Bianca to please stop. There is something she has to tell her. Ryan returns to the penthouse and Bianca tells Kendall that whatever she wants to say forget about it. She wants Kendall to hold the baby.

Greenlee goes to the hospital where she sees her mother. Mary says she's there to offer her support to Adam since his granddaughter has been kidnaped. Greenlee says she hasn't been kidnaped. Mary says she's not surprised Bianca snapped. She's expected it since she decided to have her rapist's baby. Greenlee tells her mother off and disowns her. She says she saw a real mother's love when she looked at Bianca. Mary never gave her that look, Greenlee says. Mary tells Greenlee she can't get rid of her. They're family. Greenlee says she's going to prove she's someone worth loving by loving them first.

Kendall puts the baby into the basket and tries to talk to Bianca. Ryan intervenes and asks Bianca to sit down. He tells her that everyone loves her and can understand how she did such a thing. Bianca asks what she did. He tells her Miranda is gone. Bianca says she's not gone, she's right there. Ryan tells her that baby belongs to Babe, not Bianca. Bianca stares at him in disbelief.


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