AMC Update Thursday 4/15/04

All My Children Update Thursday 4/15/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Krystal tells Tad that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about if he believes that the baby that was killed in the crash was Babe’s child and not Bianca’s. Tad tells her that his only concern is finding Bianca and the baby that she took from her daughter and his son. Tad overhears Adam Chandler talking to the cops outside the door. Adam informs them of Bianca Montgomery abducting his grandchild and how hospital staff are criminally negligent not to have called the police. At that moment, Tad enters wearing a white coat, introducing himself as a psychiatrist and saying that Adam is an “escapee” from the psychiatric ward.

Erica is at a funeral parlor. The attendant tells her how sorry he is for her loss. She tells him she wants to be alone and enters a room where there is a casket. She says: “Is this the way it ends, daddy? I don’t think so.” She tells her father, in the casket that he must think he’s weaseled out of something, dying only ten minutes before she could confront him. She says it wasn’t enough that he had to escape punishment. He had to inflict punishment upon Kane women, her mother, herself and her daughters. She throws flower petals at his coffin. She says she will not let him cut and run this time, or ever again, even in death.

Bianca is at Erica’s holding her baby. She tells Miranda that since she is a Kane woman, she has the right to know something.

Kendall and Ryan keep having visions of each other in their previous romantic encounters. While they are standing by the boathouse, ready to kiss, Greenlee appears. She apologizes for interrupting. But Ryan wants to find out what she wants. She says that she thought she might have a clue of where Bianca has taken the baby. She says that the one place where Bianca might assume that nobody would look for her would be at Erica’s penthouse

In her hospital room, Babe attempts to get out of her bed, but falls on the floor. Jamie finds her, helps her get back into bed and tells her everything is going to be o.k.

After Tad’s attempted to convince the cops that Adam is a psychiatric patient, Adam announces that he is Adam Chandler and the “falsifier” of identity, here, is Tad Martin, and that he is the crazy one. JR confronts his father for calling the cops when he specifically asked him not to. And Maria “plays along” by asking “the doctor” (Tad) if he’s adjusted “the patient’s” (Adam) meds. At that point the cops believe the word of the two people wearing white coats over Adam, tell him that making false police reports is a very serious crime, and they leave. Maria tells Adam that he is way out of line to try to hurt Bianca after what’s happened. Adam tries to defend himself, but notices that everybody else outnumbers him there.

Erica speaks to her father, how he left her with his worthless friend, Richard Fields, who raped her and left her pregnant. And how that child, Kendall, came back to her, years later, completely broken, begging for love. And that sounds so familiar, doesn’t it? Then, there was Bianca, the child she truly loved, whom she had with Travis Montgomery. Look at what has happened to her. And she hysterically tells her father, in the casket, that she will never forgive him and has not yet begun to hate him.

While out and about, attempting to find Bianca, Reggie runs into Danielle again. He tells her he doesn’t want to see her again and has lots of things on his mind. She says she’s sorry. But he questions what she wants from him. He tells her that he does not believe anything she’s told him. He says she must have told him that she’s an “abused kid” for fun. He informs her that he was straight with her with everything he’s told her about him, including that her father the police chief wanted to put him away. She urges him to trust her and give her another chance. But he says he cannot.

Tad assures JR that he and Aidan will do everything he can to find the baby. But JR tells them he doesn’t just want to sit and wait. Brooke talks to JR, asking him how he’s holding up and realizing that Adam must not be making things any better. Adam vents to Brooke about the idiots and lunatics getting in his way and the hospital staff and cops failing to help him get his grandchild back. He says the next time he sees Tad Martin, he will hurt him. Brooke tells him that she really does understand what he’s feeling and if she were in a similar situation, she too would stop at nothing to find the baby. Hearing that she might be the first person he’s talked to, all day that will listen to his concerns, he asks her why nobody else can simply understand that he’s just a father who wants his children and his grandchild to be o.k.

Erica has a flashback of a woman admitting to being in love with Erica’s father, years ago. Then she remembers her mother telling young Erica that she has a problem, needing to fix everything. She also remembers young Jack talking to her. And she has a flashback of the recent conversation she had with Kendall and Bianca where she informed them that she loved her father more than anything, but he betrayed her.

In response to Greenlee’s assumption that Bianca has taken the baby to Erica’s, Kendall says she seriously doubts that Bianca would go there of all places, after being so angry with Erica and believing that Erica would reject her baby. Greenlee apologizes for taking up their time and sounds courteous. They both sound courteous back to her. But they still don’t seem to have a clue as to where Bianca has gone or how to find her. When they are alone, Kendall mentions how it’s awkward, not knowing what to talk about. She remembers a discussion they had about how love is inevitable. She also asks him that if love is not enough than what else does anybody have? He says he does not want to believe that life is that morbid.

Tad and Aidan go into the restaurant. Aidan brings his laptop. He tells Tad all about how people are forced to get themselves emotionally detached from their cases when they are private investigators. He also says something about how the truth shall set you free, which rings true with Tad, needing to know the truth about the two babies

JR, Jamie and Maggie tell Babe that they don’t want her to leave when she’s trying to get well. She apologizes but tells them that she just wishes Bianca would call or that she could get some indication that the baby is o.k. Maggie asks the two guys if she can be alone with Babe. When they are alone, Maggie admits that she may be way out of line with what she’s asking for.. She says what she’s asking for is for Babe to please don’t hate Bianca.

Outside, JR informs Jamie that he wants his baby back; he no longer cares about Bianca. If he has to choose between her and his baby girl, he knows whom he’d choose.

Bianca warns Miranda that life is all about fights. People who love each other always fight, but she believes that love conquers all. She tells Miranda that not long ago, when thought she lost her, it tore her apart, and she said terrible things to her mother. But now that Bianca is here, she knows she was wrong to go after Erica the way she did. And she tells Miranda that now she wants another chance with her mother so that she can tell her she’s sorry and tell her she loves her and that she wants her to meet the perfect little Miranda. So that’s why she’s staying there, to wait for Erica, whom she knows will love Miranda. And she knows that everything will be perfect when that happens.

Erica asks God to let her father, Erica Kane go to hell and be damned for all eternity. She says she and her family do not deserve what he has done. The gentleman outside asks Erica if she needs anything. He tells her something about finding a method or measure of closure. She turns and asks him if he’s joking.

While waiting for the elevator, Krystal is having a flashback of all the recent instances where Babe seemed to have doubts that the baby they had was hers.

Babe tells Maggie that she does understand how Bianca feels. But she also mentions that her baby’s bassinette is empty and she misses her so much. And she tells Maggie that she keeps waiting and watching the clock and watching the minutes go by, but her baby is still gone.

Jamie tells JR that he certainly understands how he feels about his baby being gone. But JR tells Jamie that he’s only heard the PG version, and asks if he wants to hear the real JR, uncensored. He admits that he is beginning, more and more, to feel just the way Adam feels about not caring what needs to be done in order to get the baby back.

Maria encourages Anita to get on her cell phone and call Bobbie. She inquires why. She says that after she got herself into this mess, what’s the point in asking Bobbie for anything? But Maria encourages her to believe that Bobbie is her husband and would want to be there for her at a time like this. Anita still expresses her doubts. She tells her sister, how she knows that Bobbie is a real womanizer. Maria says she has a different perspective on “adultery”. Anita inquires why, since she knows that Maria also loves her husband. Maria reveals to her sister, for the first time, that long ago she cheated on Edmund. Anita looks shocked.

Kendall announces to Ryan that she needs to get going. He offers to come with her, just in case she feels a need to slip Bianca some money and get her on a private jet. She agrees that she cannot do anything like that because it would devastate JR, who is also somebody they both care about.

Erica goes to a crowded bar and orders herself Vodka on the rocks. At that moment, Bobbie appears and says hi to her.

Finally Tad discovers a lead, where Erica’s credit card has a charge for milk and disposable diapers. At that point, he and Aidan leave and go out the door.

Greenlee suddenly appears at Erica’s to find Bianca. Bianca seems to have no suspicion to be found out by Greenlee. She invites her to come in and introduces her to Miranda. She sounds as though she just realized that Greenlee was unaware of which baby survived. Greenlee looks at her speechless and shocked.


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