AMC Update Wednesday 4/14/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 4/14/04

By Jenn
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Krystal and Tad enter the hospital. She demands to know what he’s trying to tell her about Bianca. He says that they might have to face the possibility that it might be Bianca’s baby, instead of Babe’s that survived. He reminds her that all they have is Paul Kramer’s word. And on that night there was a flash flood, a helicopter crash, both pregnant young women have had lapses in consciousness, and many other factors were involved. At that point, she slaps him. She tells him that she never thought that he could sink so low. He tries to explain himself. But she tells him he has no right even suggesting that Bianca took her own baby or that Babe’s baby is dead. He tells her that he needs to be proven wrong. He reminds her that Paul Kramer’s identification of the saved baby, as Babe’s, might not have much credibility. But she argues that Paul could not have lied about this and that any mother would know her own baby. She says Babe knows her own baby and so does she.

Kendall goes to find Reggie. Greenlee is also there. She informs them that Bianca has left the hospital with the baby. She tells them that it’s entirely possible that Bianca is suffering from delusions and believes the baby she took was, in fact, Miranda. Right away, Greenlee inquires if this might be due to something she did by taking Bianca to the crash site. She informs Kendall that she witnessed while there, that Bianca seriously believed that Miranda was still alive.

Babe tells JR that she is assured that wherever Bianca is with their baby, that she knows that Bianca would take the best care of her and she will bring her back. She also tells him that calling the police is the worst thing they could do right now. He seems to agree with her. She asks him to promise her to wait a little while longer. He says he will.

Adam seems to have different plans. Ryan tackles him when he tries to make a call. He tells Ryan that what he’s doing is none of Ryan’s business. Adam tells Ryan that when he becomes a father he will understand, and protests that he is only protecting his child and his grandchild. At that point, Dr. Joe breaks them up but lets them continue their argument. Ryan informs Adam that Bianca is going through hell and he has no right to call the cops on her and cause her more trauma. Adam protests that Bianca has his sympathy but she also has his grandchild. Ryan asks Adam if he really wants having Bianca Montgomery pushed to the edge on his conscience.

Bianca talks to the baby while at Erica’s. At that moment, there’s a knock on the door. A deliveryman announces his presence. He has a ton of furniture but doesn’t seem to have a clue who she is nor that she’s kidnapped a baby. She signs for the delivery and does not appear afraid of anything.

Kendall informs Greenlee and Reggie that the police have not yet been called. Greenlee agrees that that is the best thing to do. But she gets on her cell phone. Kendall demands to know whom she’s calling. She says she’s calling Jackson. But Kendall yanks the phone out of her hand and asks what’s wrong with her to consider doing such a thing. Reggie tells them that he will go and attempt to search for Bianca and departs. After he’s gone, Kendall tells Greenlee that there’s not a lot either of them can do except wait. But at that point, Greenlee has a memory of running into Bianca months ago at the boathouse, and observing that being there seemed to calm Bianca down, and so it’s entirely possible that that is where she is right now. Kendall is able to figure out that the day in question, when Greenlee ran into Bianca at the boathouse, was also the day Bianca had scheduled for the abortion which she did not go through with.

Anita has a meeting with Maria, informing her sister that her job is in jeopardy because she let Bianca out of her sight with the baby. She explains that she believed that letting Bianca hold the baby would do no harm. She says she realizes that she might have to face serious consequences and can live with that. But what she cannot live with is being an embarrassment to Maria. Maria puts her arms around her sister. She inquires why Anita would blame herself. Anita says that she screwed up the way she knows Maria never would. Maria tells her that she and all others screw up all the time. And she tells Anita that while others make screw ups out of arrogance and bad judgment, she knows that Anita made it out of compassion and kind-heartedness.

Tad urges Krystal to realize that Babe did not go through a normal childbirth, and neither did Bianca. She tells him he must show her a mother who does not know her own baby. He tells her that she spelled out his exact point that maybe Bianca knows her own baby. She immediately accuses him of hating Babe and wanting to hurt her. But he assures her that he would never hurt Babe. He asks her if she does not believe that he would not realize that he would not want his beliefs to be true that the baby who’s presently alive and well is not really her grandchild. He asks her to realize what she would do if she were first told that her grandchild was killed, but later thought differently. Wouldn’t she want to move mountains to get to the truth?

Bianca talks to the deliveryman who remarks what a beautiful baby Miranda is. She asks if he has children. He informs her that he is expecting one. She shares that she has a friend who also had a baby, remembering Babe and Bess. When he leaves, she admits to the baby that she spent too much money. But she is still happy and afraid of nothing. She comes up with an idea to take the baby out in a stroller. She talks about the lake and baby ducks and the boathouse they can visit; yet she seems to have no suspicions of being seen outside.

Adam responds to Ryan’s point about Bianca suffering a tragedy, by agreeing to that, and fearing for his grandchild because of it. But Ryan protests that he cannot believe that she would ever hurt a baby. Adam says that although he feels sorry for her, she has his son’s child. He asks what would happen if she was arrested. He informs Ryan that he would make certain that if Bianca were found to not have a full deck that he would make certain she got all the help she needs. But at that moment, JR overhears their conversation and inquires if he would offer Bianca the same “help” that he offered JR’s mother. Adam asks his son what if Bianca believes that Bess is her child and what if JR never sees his baby again?

When Krystal is arguing with Tad, and ready to leave and never speak to him again, she suddenly has a flashback of observing Babe in the hospital admitting that she was having doubts that Bess was in fact her baby. He can tell that something must be on her mind and demands to know what that is. She says it’s nothing and she has nothing to say to him ever again and she walks off.

Kendall and Ryan go to the boathouse. He assures her that they will find Bianca. She tells him that he’s said that over and over again and she wonders whom he’s trying to convince. She tells him that she wishes that Bianca could have contacted her and wonders why she did not trust her enough to do that. She says that she’s worried about Bianca being somewhere all alone and is afraid that she let her down. But he assures her that she did not let Bianca down. She does tell him, however that she cannot do this alone, she needs him. He tells her he will be there for her and for Bianca, but asks what specifically does she need his help for? She replies that what she wants him to help with is a pile of cash and a private jet for Bianca and the baby to escape and leave the country in.

At Jack’s, Greenlee hears a knock on the door. Danielle tells her she wants to see Reggie. Greenlee is ready to slam the door in her face and tells her she needs to leave Reggie alone. Danielle protests that she did not lie to anybody about her father watching over her all the time and informs Greenlee that he is the chief of police. Greenlee is surprised to learn that Derek Frey is Danielle’s father, but tells her that Reggie has problems of his own and cannot get mixed up with her. Danielle says she knows about Bianca and the baby and asks how she is. Greenlee says she has no clue and neither does anybody else.

Bianca tells the baby that she forgot to obtain a baby book for the memories of her first day home. But she comes up with a plan. She tells her that she can document her first day home with pictures, and she pulls a camera out of a drawer.

JR tells his father that there is something he can do to help. Adam inquires if that would be calling the security team. But JR tells him what he wants is for Adam to go and talk to Babe and assure her that they know that Bianca and the baby are o.k. Adam confirms that JR is asking him to lie to his wife. JR replies that he knows that’s true. Adam goes to Babe’s room and tells her there’s nothing to worry about. She asks if that means that Bianca and Bess have been found. He says not yet but everybody believes that it’s just a matter of time. She tells him that neither she nor JR can blame Bianca. She knows how much Bianca misses Miranda. And she admits that she knows how she feels, while her voice cracks, ready to cry. Adam leaves her hospital room and at the point grabs a phone.

Adam confronts Dr. Joe Martin about disciplining whoever was responsible for losing Bianca and the baby. Dr. Joe protests that Adam needs to mind his own business and worry about his own family, while he worries about his hospital. But Adam demands to know who let Bianca and the baby escape. At that moment, Anita enters and admits that she did. Adam tells her that she is fired. Maria tells Adam that he cannot fire Anita, he does not have the authority. Adam says he will have her prosecuted for criminal negligence. Dr. Joe protests that Adam cannot do that. But at that point, Anita tells them she will have her letter of resignation on Dr. Joe’s desk and walks away. Maria confronts Adam for his spiteful act.

JR tells Tad that although the baby has only been on this earth for a few days, already he cannot think of his life without her. Tad reminds him that he felt the same way when he was born. JR remembers once when his mother told him that having children would put his life into proper perspective and that he’s been thinking about his mom a lot since Bess was born. He tells Tad that Bess has filled up all the empty space of losing his mother. And without Bess, he’s worried not only about himself, but about Babe. He admits that he loves Bianca like a sister and knows she will probably bring the baby back. But he’s concerned about the possibility that she might not. He also tells Tad that he remembers Babe having the fever and waking up crying, thinking that it was their baby that was gone. JR reveals that very possibly, Babe somehow knew that their was a mix-up as to which baby survived, and maybe when she got better and was able to hold Bess, she didn’t want to think about that possibility.

Bianca has a video camera on the table of herself and the baby.

After discovering that Reggie’s cousin who just kidnapped the baby is the daughter of Erica Kane, while holding the picture of Erica, she tells Greenlee that if she had a mother like that, she would never leave home. At that point, Greenlee is struck with an idea of where to find Bianca.


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