AMC Update Tuesday 4/13/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/13/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan joins Aidan and Tad for breakfast. He seems upbeat, while the other two sound hung over. Ryan reminds them that they are supposed to be there in order to find Erica. Tad reminds Ryan that he must draw upon his own contacts. Ryan informs Tad that the only contact and the only resource he had was Alexander Cambias, whom is no longer much good to him, since he’s dead.

After discovering that Bianca and Bess are both gone, Kendall inquires to Anita what happened. Anita explains that she let Bianca hold the Chandler baby but had no clue that she’d take her. At that moment, JR appears. They are stunned, realizing he has no clue that his baby has been taken out of the hospital. He can sense that something is wrong and they do not know what to tell him. Kendall attempts to tell him that they are worried about Bianca. Anita informs him that she let Bianca hold Bess. He says he has no problem with that if it will help Bianca to heal from losing her own baby. But then, Kendall informs him that holding Bess was not all Bianca did. At that point, JR turns around, views the empty bed in the nursery and panics. Dr. Joe enters and tells them that it’s time to call the police. But Kendall urges him not to do that so soon. And she urges JR to realize that Bianca would never hurt his baby. At that point he goes to find Babe.

In her hospital room, Babe primps herself with her mother having no clue what has just happened.

Bianca appears at Erica’s home with Miranda and rehearses how she will introduce her baby to her mother. She carries Miranda in a bassinette and puts her on Erica’s couch. She sounds like she is happy and content, talking to the baby. She tells her that she just wishes her mom were there to meet her. She holds Miranda and says that Erica will look at her little face and know what everybody else knows, that she is their family’s little miracle. She tells Miranda that she is the reason why they can let go of all the terrible things that happened in the past. She says that when Erica sees her she will fall in love with her and insist that they both stay in her home as long as they want. She tells Miranda all about the things she’s ordered on line for her and of the future plans.

Greenlee pounds on Jack’s door, waiting for Reggie to answer. When he does, she demands to know what took him so long. At that point he shuts the door in her face. Again, she pounds on the door, demanding that Reggie answers it, telling him she will not go away until he answers. He finally opens the door and tells her she’s woken him out of his sleep. She notices he’s slept on the couch and inquires where his girlfriend is. He tells her that she left. She says that she has been worried all night wondering what Jack would do if he knew what Reggie has been up to. He tells her that it’s really not her business. To Greenlee’s surprise, right then, Danielle pokes her head out of the bedroom door and asks Greenlee to keep it down so she can sleep. Greenlee tells Reggie that she resents this girl telling her to shut up, that she will not let some delinquent teenager talk to her like that and she inquires whether Reggie even knows her last name or anything about her. But Reggie informs Greenlee that they did not sleep together, they did nothing wrong and he will not invade his new friend’s privacy finding out anything about her which she does not want him to know. Greenlee tells Reggie that he is not responsible for Danielle, she needs to deal with her own problems and if he’s concerned for Danielle, maybe he should ask Jack to help her. He tells her it’s none of her business. She replies that, in that case, maybe Jack would like to know that Reggie is harboring a runaway in his home while he’s gone. Reggie insists that Greenlee leaves him and Danielle alone. At that point Greenlee leaves. But immediately thereafter, there’s another knock on the door. Reggie is startled to discover Livia Fry at the door. She announces that she is there with a casserole to share with Jack. Reggie tells her that Jack is not around right now. But something suddenly startles them both when Danielle appears to discover her aunt shocked to find her there, and Reggie is shocked to find out that this girl is Derek Frey’s daughter. Livia demands to know what was on her niece’s mind, and just what she was thinking about hiding in the DA’s home. And she demand’s what Reggie thinks he’s doing while his daddy is out of town. Reggie protests that he had no clue that Danielle was the police chief’s daughter. But Livia demands that Danielle gets some clothes on and comes with her.

While sitting at the table with Tad and Aidan, Ryan gets a call from Kendall. She tells him she needs his help.

In Bianca’s empty hospital room, Lena and Maggie are both frantic, each blaming the other for Bianca’s disappearance.

Back at Erica’s empty home, Bianca is on the phone making plans, sounding happy and content as if nothing has happened. She also reveals her inability or unwillingness to believe that the baby she has is Bess Chandler, and asks the baby if she thinks Bess has gone him with her mom and dad yet. Bianca shows Miranda pictures of Erica. She announces that this is her grandmother, Erica Kane, the most beautiful woman in the world. She discovers that Miranda has Erica’s chin and tells her she is a Kane woman. She then shows her a picture of her Aunt Kendall who she says is a beautiful wonderful woman. Then she shows Miranda her Uncle Jack who is an awesome guy whom anybody would want in their corner whenever they get into a pinch. Then she shows her a picture of Mona and remembers when she was a little girl, how her grandmother would always make certain that everything is al right for her. She informs Miranda that although Mona is no longer with them, she knows that she is watching over everyone making certain that everybody is safe.

In Babe’s room, JR enters, realizing his wife and mother-in-law are happy and completely unaware of what has just happened. He puts his arm around Babe and when Krystal says she will give them some privacy he urges her to stay. But she leaves them alone and JR asks Babe how she’s feeling. She says that all the tests are coming back, she’s feeling stronger and she’s happy. She asks her husband if he’s seen Bess on the way. She can tell right away that something is not right by his expression. He attempts to tell her that something has happened that is very weird. She asks why he has not brought Bess with him. He tells her there’s something she needs to know. He informs her that last night Bianca went to the nursery to see Bess. Babe replies there’s no problem with that; Bianca can see Bess whenever she wants. But he informs her that Bianca has left the hospital and taken Bess with her.

Ryan meets Kendall at the hospital and informs her that if Bianca took a taxi the previous night, it shouldn’t be so hard to find her. Kendall tells him she really appreciates his help and his assurance. But she tells him that she’s worried. Everybody would assume that Bianca simply took Bess because she bonded with her. But what if Bianca took Bess because she actually believes that she is Miranda instead. And she says that possibly losing her baby could have pushed Bianca right over the edge to a breaking point. Ryan holds Kendall. She panics thinking all about what would happen if Bianca really believed that this was her baby. She tells him that Bianca might have gotten on an airplane and left the country, since that was her original plan after having the baby. But he assures her that Bianca could not have left the country since she’s left the hospital in her nightgown. And he assures Kendall that Bianca has not gone far away and will be back soon and she must believe that he will find her.

Anita explains to Dr. Joe how sorry she is to have overlooked and not known what has just happened. But he tells her that he must recommend disciplinary action for her for her negligence.

Lena justifies herself to Maggie, protesting that she just closed her eyes for a short moment and doesn’t know how she could have let Bianca out of her sight. But Maggie assures her that it was not her fault and says this whole tragic situation should not have happened in the first place.

After hearing the startling news, Babe does not admit to the flashback she is having of Paul informing her she had a baby boy after the deliver, and later informing her that he died. But she tells her husband that she cannot believe that anything has happened to her baby. He holds her while she cries. But she sounds as though she’s telling Paul that her baby cannot be dead, and not reacting to the news that Bianca has taken their baby out of the hospital.

Bianca holds Miranda while she cries and tells her that she has a special mother’s instinct, knowing all along that she was not dead, no matter what anybody told her. Miranda stops crying and bonds with her mom.

Anita calls Maria from the pay phone struggling with her words not knowing what to tell her sister. She first says there’s no reason to worry. But she later realizes there is reason to worry. And she ends the message asking Maria to call her and telling her she loves her. Right there, Aidan appears and she knows he’s heard the entire message. She tells him that she does not know what to tell Maria, as if Maria does not have enough on her plate already. And now, for Maria to hear that her sister has gotten in trouble for Bianca kidnapping a baby will be too much for her. But Aidan assures Anita that everything will be o.k. She just needs to have faith.

Babe inquires whether JR is really certain that Bianca has Bess. He says he knows that she went to the nursery to hold her and when she was not seen, she took her out of the hospital. Babe tells her husband that she knows Bianca would never hurt Bess, but she’s very worried about not knowing where they both are. At that moment, she attempts to get out of her bed and says she needs to find them. But JR tells her she must not stress about this. She tells him she will help Bianca get through this, but right now her baby needs to be with her own mom.

While waiting to take Danielle home, Livia asks Reggie just what he was thinking to be harboring a teenage runaway in his dad’s home when he’s been gone. Reggie protests that he did not know and meant no harm. But Livia tells him that if it looks like any danger has come to Danielle, her father will hear all about this. They walk out the door and Reggie protests that she is not in danger around him. At that moment, Greenlee enters.

Bianca tells Miranda a story about the beautiful princess Miranda, who was not afraid of anything. She says that Miranda could not get a dragon to leave but then knew of a very safe place to hide where nobody would find her. And that is where she made her wish. And her wish was for her mommy to find her. And her mommy saved her from the nasty horrible dragon and all the nasty, creepy creatures of the forest. And she ends the story by saying that they went to a great place together and lived happily ever after.

Krystal asks Tad what she can do. She panics, wondering if that poor girl might have totally lost it and what if she believes that that is her own baby. And Tad asks the same question; what if she believes it is?


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