AMC Update Monday 4/12/04

All My Children Update Monday 4/12/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

David is at Greenlee's home as she's opening a package. David wants to talk about Ryan. Inside the package is the box that she found while she was stuck in the hole. David asks her if it's a priceless antique but Greenlee steers the conversation back to Ryan. David tells her that when Leo died he vowed he would look after her best interests. He doesn't think Ryan is among them. Greenlee says she and Ryan are just friends, but he says he doesn't want her caught up in the connection between Ryan and Kendall. Greenlee says Ryan and Kendall are over but David says it's far from over. Greenlee assures him she's not interested in Ryan romantically, but he says she'll have to convince him of that. Greenlee says Kendall has attempted to bury the hatchet with her. She wants to believe she's sincere. David says that's fine, but she needs to stay away from Ryan. Greenlee asks why he wants her to stay away from her friend. David says if she can't stay away then he's not just a friend. Greenlee says if there's something brewing with Kendall and Ryan it won't last.

Kendall is at Ryan's with some beer and food. She says she wants to repay her debt. He tells her she doesn't owe him anything. She says maybe she should come back another time. He stops her from leaving, saying he's starving. They sit on the floor and eat corn dogs at the coffee table. Kendall reminisces about her life, saying she doesn't want to keep making the same mistakes. She wishes she had a little angel on her shoulder telling her what to do. Ryan says if she has an angel on one shoulder, she'd have a devil on the other shoulder. Kendall says she'd just want the angel. Ryan asks if she'd listen to the angel and she admits she probably would not. Kendall asks him if he has any plans for the future now that he has the Cambias fortune back. Is he going to stay in town or go to one of the big Cambias offices around the world? Ryan says since he's CEO he can go wherever he wants. Wherever he is, that's where the power is. Kendall asks if that means he's going to stay in Pine Valley. He says there's one thing that would keep him here. She asks what he's referring to. Ryan says that since Chandler Enterprises, Enchantment and Fusion are in Pine Valley, they'll need his attention. She asks that since she's a part of Fusion and Enchantment, does he think they'll be able to work together? Ryan says he doesn't want Kendall taking her talents to a competitor. He wants her involved with both companies. She begins to leave and he tells her not to leave yet. He wants to thank her for the food and her company. He tells her not to think bad thoughts tonight. She leaves.

Tad, Aidan and Edmund are still at the bar when Maria arrives. Edmund says he has a feeling the party is over. Maria says it is over if they're winning at pool because she's going to kick their collective butts. Maria and Edmund play pool and burst out laughing when a pool ball accidently hits Tad in the head. Rubbing his sore head, Tad tells Aidan he is worried about Erica. Aidan asks for the registration number of the plane she was on, makes a call and tells Tad that Erica flew to Las Vegas. Tad is impressed Aidan was able to learn this information. As they sit around the table drinking, Tad raises a glass to his new partner, Aidan. He asks Aidan to come aboard with him and Aidan says he's in. Tad turns to Edmund and demands a rematch in pool. He mentions his upcoming surgery, prompting Maria, who has been sitting on his lap, to get up and walk away. Later Maria tells him she's a liar and a fraud. She's pretending to have fun when all she thinks about is his surgery. Edmund says this way he's only surviving, not living. He has to do this. Maria tells him she's with him.

Bianca is holding Miranda in the nursery, telling the baby she's safe now because her mommy is with her. The nurse comes in and asks what in God's name is she doing with that baby. Bianca tells the nurse to be quiet because she'll scare her. The baby needs to be held, she says. The nurse says she can only be held by people with the proper authorization, and she doesn't have it. She prepares to call security but Anita walks in and tells her not to call anyone and leave Bianca alone. The nurse says Bianca's name is not on the clearance list. Anita grabs the list and writes Bianca's name on it, saying it was an oversight that she was not on the list. She tells Bianca to take as much time as she needs and pulls the nurse into the hallway. "They told me you were gone, but here you are," Bianca tells the baby. Now that she has her, she's never going to let her go. In the hallway, Anita tells the nurse that Babe gave Bianca permission to see her baby. Bianca is having a hard time right now, Anita says. The nurse comments about how Bianca murdered her baby's father and maybe this is justice. How dare she say such a thing, Anita says, threatening to report her. The nurse tells Anita she didn't earn her job here, suggesting she's there only because her sister is a doctor there. A doctor walks by and tells the nurse she's needed in the operating room.

Reggie takes Danielle to Jack's condo and shows her around. He turns on some music and they flirt with each other. He assures her that a real man knows how to control his urges and he sees her for what's inside. So he respects her, Danielle notes. She tells him she never meant anyone like him. As they sit on the couch with space between them, she asks if he's lonely so far away. He moves toward her. They kiss.

Greenlee hears loud music in her condo and realizes it's coming from Reggie. She walks over to Jack's condo and finds Reggie and Danielle in a passionate kiss on the couch. She angrily turns off the music. Danielle excuses herself to the bathroom to let Greenlee and Reggie talk. Greenlee tells Reggie that he's her responsibility while Jack's away with Lilly. Does he even know what he's doing? Does he have protection? He asks why he would need a gun. She tells him he is so not ready for this. She says that girl is trouble. He doesn't even know who she is. She tells him not to drink, do drugs or have sex. If he does it anyway, her advice is to be careful. Greenlee returns home and David is still there. He asks her to explain the box. She says it's from Leo. He gave it to her about a month ago. He sent it as a sign about Ryan. David says it's just a hunk of rusty tin that should be thrown away. Greenlee says she tried to throw it away but here it is again.

Reggie asks Danielle to take up where they left off, but she says it was good that Greenlee walked in. She likes Reggie but when making love happens she wants it to be special. She says they have lots of time. She asks if she can still stay there and Reggie tells her to take any room she wants. After she goes to a room, Reggie tells himself that Greenlee is going to pay for that interruption. He's going to kill her.

Anita and the nurse go back to the nursery and quickly discover that Bianca is gone with Miranda. "Oh God no," Anita says. "Bianca what have you done."

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