AMC Update Friday 4/9/04

All My Children Update Friday 4/9/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Tad, JR, Ryan and Aidan are in a bar drinking toasts. David walks in, bumps into a man and snaps at him. Tad tells him if he's looking for a good old-fashioned rumble he came to the right place. David tells them about the big date he has that night. He asks Tad how his dates with Krystal went. What was she like when they stayed in? Tad walks toward David as if to punch him and JR angrily tells him to watch how he treats Krystal. David says if he treats her too good he could be JR's father-in-law. Ryan orders David to leave them alone and David goes to another area of the bar. Aidan has an idea and the four of them leave.

Kendall sits down with Greenlee and says they need to get on with this. Kendall says they need to talk because something has changed. She understands now why she took Bianca to the crash site. She was trying to help. Kendall says she's struck by the horrible notion that she isn't all that bad. Greenlee asks how Kendall is feeling about her and Ryan. What about her and Ryan, Kendall asks. Greenlee tells her that nothing's going on. Kendall asks about their road trip. Greenlee says it was the two of them on a motorcycle with her arms around his waist. There was no hanky panky. Kendall tells Greenlee she wants things to return to the way they were when they were at Fusion and were friends. Greenlee acknowledges that they did have some good times there. Kendall says they let it slip away. Mia and Simone approach them and can't believe they're talking about being friends again. Greenlee says the four of them back at Fusion flies in the face of logic. Kendall says people change, and as a team they worked. She makes the offer official, asking Greenlee if she would pour her mind, body and soul into Fusion. Greenlee says she may hate herself in the morning, but she's in. As the women begin to celebrate their reunification, Kendall says she needs to leave. The remaining three women celebrate with a toast. Greenlee asks them if they're sure they can make this work.

Lena is in Bianca's room watching her sleep when Anita walks in. Anita tells Lena to go get something to eat and she'll stay with Bianca. Bianca wakes up aching because of milk forming in her breasts. She asks Anita how Babe is doing. Anita tells her Babe is making good progress. Bianca tells Anita she's always either leaking or aching. Anita tells her there is an injection they can give her to stop the production of milk. Bianca says she doesn't want it. She doesn't want the milk to stop. Crying, she says if she takes the shot it's like giving up. She knows Miranda is gone but she still feels her. Once the milk is gone what else will she have? She needs to have it a little longer. Anita assures her that whatever she decides is fine. Bianca goes back to sleep and Lena returns. Bianca dreams about the times she had with her baby.

Krystal is in the nursery holding baby "Bess." Later Anita goes into the nursery and Krystal admits that she is there after visiting hours. Krystal asks Anita who she thinks Bess looks like, but Anita says she never answers such questions. A nurse who enters the room tells Krystal she has to go.

Bianca sees Ryan coming into her room with news that Miranda was found. She wakes up from her dream to find Lena sleeping in her room. She hears a baby cry and gets up and leaves her room. She walks to the nursery and sees her baby. "Miranda, there you are," she says, smiling.

Brooke and Edmund are at Wildwind talking shop when Maria notices them and listens undetected. She hears Edmund tell Brooke that after his recovery from surgery he'll go to Jakarta. Maria enters with a firm "no." She tells Edmund that it's late and Brooke should go home, but Edmund isn't ready to quit work and continues to talk to Brooke. Maria says that she thought they decided that Edmund would take it easy before his surgery. Edmund says no, that's what Maria decided. Edmund apologizes but Maria says it's OK. Brooke leaves the two of them alone while she goes to use the phone in the library. Maria tells Edmund she doesn't want them to be on opposite sides. She says only one thing has changed. Edmund disagrees, saying he's not the man he was. They hear a loud ruckus outside and find Ryan, Tad, JR and Aidan have come to the door. They are there to kidnap Edmund so they can pick his brain about women. They leave, leaving Maria and Brooke alone. Brooke says she won't leave until Maria says what she's been wanting to say to her. Maria tells Brooke she probably already knows what she wants to say. The chances are good that Edmund will die in surgery and if that happens she'll blame Brooke. Maria tells her she should be telling Edmund that the surgery is a bad idea. Brooke says Edmund makes up his own mind and she doesn't want to be in the middle of this. But she tells Maria that she's not the only one frightened by this. She wants to shout out loud for him not to have the surgery and if he dies it will be her worst nightmare. Brooke asks if they can work together. Maria says it's a lovely idea but...Brooke realizes it's not possible and leaves.

The men, with Edmund, return to the bar. Edmund attempts to play pool but realizes the table is too high for him. He says he should have brought a booster seat. Ryan grabs a chain saw and says he's going to make the table legs shorter. When the bar owner objects Tad informs him that the table violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. JR plops a pile of cash on the table and offers it for the table. The owner asks for $1,200. The men say they'll give $600. When the owner says he wants $750 they agree, and Edmund joins in a game of pool and the men talk about women. When David tries to enter into the conversation some of the men grab him and throw him out. After awhile Ryan leaves, giving Edmund a hug as he walks out.

Ryan arrives home and finds Kendall with a six pack of beer. "How's this for delivery service," she says.

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