AMC Update Thursday 4/8/04

All My Children Update Thursday 4/8/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Tad notices Krystal and David kissing in the hospital. Seeming as though she is unaware she’s being seen by Tad, she lets go of David and tells him that she just wanted to thank him for saving Babe’s life. He pulls away and tells her that he is still very upset that they’ve lost Miranda. When he leaves, Tad enters and asks Krystal if she needs a fire extinguisher. Acting like she has no clue what he’s talking about, she asks why he’d say that and where he’s seen a fire.

Anita runs into Aidan in the elevator. She sounds like she wants to defend her husband to him after having had a good interaction with Bobbie the previous day. He sounds like he does not think she should trust Bobbie and she asks whether he has the attitude of “there’s a sucker born every minute”. He evades the question, but she urges him to tell her whether he believes that someone who is once a cheater is always a cheater. But he seems to have something else on his mind. He’s afraid that the elevator is stuck. She says it cannot be stuck. She reminds him that she has a young patient with them in the elevator, a little boy. Anita tries to assure her patient not to panic, telling him that if he goes to sleep she will make certain that he gets plenty of ice cream. She tells Aidan that she needs him to tell her that they are really going somewhere. And she is still obsessed about their discussion of Bobbie. The boy tells them he’s scared that it’s taking too long. Aidan talks to him and tells him he looks like a captain of a big discovery ship. He informs the boy that this is a big ship that’s going to Mars. But it needs to wait for video games and ice cream before it can take off, and tells the boy that they can’t go to Mars without video games and ice cream. The boy affirms that. Hearing this, Anita is very impressed and grateful to Aidan and remarks that he really has a way with kids and looks like he’s been around them his entire life. The boy falls asleep and Anita apologizes to Aidan for putting her on the spot and looking for answers he cannot find. She also recalls their interaction where he attempted to help her learn to box. She admits that she is taking out her problems with Bobbie on others and that it’s very stupid of her. He tells her she must not be so hard on herself and tells her he understands what she’s going through and he’s been there himself. At that moment, the elevator opens and they get out.

Kendall and Ryan are at the Valley Inn. She asks him if it is really true that he felt betrayed and hurt to have lost her on more than one occasion. She tells him that she wonders how it was that she never saw that. He says he knew that she was too caught up in her own situation. She admits that Erica, strangely enough, pointed out to her that she knew her daughter has a tendency to get so caught up in her own pain that she cannot see how she hurts others. And she admits that maybe Erica was right about her, and maybe she was wrong about Ryan.

In the wilderness, Bianca tells Greenlee that she knows she heard Miranda. Greenlee walks with her and wants to be supportive. But when Bianca asks Greenlee if she heard Miranda also, Greenlee at first hesitates and does not know what to say. Then she finally tells Bianca that she believes her. Bianca urges Greenlee to help her find Miranda. She says that Miranda is somewhere out here and she is alone and she’s cold. Greenlee informs Bianca that she had the very same situation when Leo died, being outside in this very region looking for him, since she also had no proof that he was dead. And when she wanted to hear his voice and see him, she did. She says that for a while there, she really believed that he was there. But in time, she realized that the voice she loved so much was coming from inside of her, inside her heart. And she realized that Leo was gone and would never come back, no matter how much she loved him. But Bianca keeps saying that this is totally different, she absolutely knows that Miranda is out there somewhere and needs her and asks whether Greenlee is with her or not.

Babe is having a flashback of Paul delivering her baby boy and admitting to her that he died in the crash. JR can tell she is lost in thought and asks her what’s wrong. She admits to him that she thought she had a baby boy. She tells him that all of her memories about what has happened are so fuzzy. But he assures her that they had a girl, and confirms that with all that she’s been through there’s no wonder she was confused. But all that should matter now is that she is better and that they have a beautiful little girl. Hearing that, she smiles and holds the baby girl.

Kendall gets a call on her cell phone from Lena, who informs her that Bianca is missing from her hospital room. Immediately, Kendall and Ryan head out the door to attempt to find Bianca.

In the wilderness, Greenlee tells Bianca that she knows how much she misses Miranda and how much she loves her, but Miranda is gone. But Bianca does not believe that and says she does not want her to be alone. Greenlee holds Bianca’s hand and gives her the necklace that Leo gave to her. She urges Bianca to take it, as a gift from Leo, so that she will know that Miranda is not alone, Leo is looking out for her.

Babe tells JR, jokingly, that she must have made a mistake believing she had a boy. He tells her they can always have a boy at another time. But she tells him that they only need one little angel. She tells him that she wants to go and meet Miranda. He does not know what to tell her. She says she knows she doesn’t look great right now, but she doesn’t think she will scare a baby away. She holds the baby she believes is Bess, momentarily forgetting about meeting Miranda and tells her husband that she believes the baby looks like her grandma Krystal.

Tad attempts to persuade Krystal to stay away from David Hayward and tells her the man is dangerous. She tells him she believes David is drop dead gorgeous and gives her no cause for alarm. She tells him that she’s a social type of girl and likes action. He indicates that he’s jealous and doesn’t want to be dumped although he doesn’t actually say it. But she reminds him that he’s told her and the other women in his life that he’s on a “hiatus”, and implies that she does not believe that’s what he really wants. She then distracts him by kissing him. He tells her that she need not do that. He is not jealous of doctor David Hayward.

Bianca and Greenlee return to the hospital room where they are greeted by Lena, Kendall and Ryan. Kendall hugs her sister, tells her how worried she was and asks where she was. Bianca replies she went to the crash site and Greenlee took her there. Kendall momentarily looks at Greenlee, but turns to face Bianca and tells her she needs to get some rest. Bianca tells Kendall and Ryan that when she was out in the wilderness she heard Miranda, she felt her, she knew she was there. Kendall sounds positive and keeps her anger toward Greenlee away from Bianca as she urges Bianca to get back into bed and get some rest. She then pulls Greenlee outside the door and demands to know what she planned to do to Bianca, taking her out to the crash site. What did she want to do? Devastate her? Kendall reminds Greenlee that she has been warned too many times to stay away form Bianca. Greenlee protests that Bianca asked her to take her to the crash site. She also informs Kendall that she realized that maybe Bianca should contact Kendall for help, instead of herself. And she protests that Bianca did not want to contact Kendall, but instead begged Greenlee to take her to the site because she believed that Miranda was still there. Ryan tells Greenlee he knows how much she loved Leo and that he realizes that may have been her common bond with Bianca and Miranda. Greenlee leaves and Kendall tells Ryan that Greenlee should have called someone to offer Bianca assistance, or at least let security, or her family know where they were going. But Ryan doesn’t want to argue about Greenlee anymore.

Babe speaks about getting Bess her own pony. JR holds the baby and says he needs to get her two ponies, as well as a cat and a dog and all the animals she wants. He tells the baby, if she wants to be a ballerina, he’ll by her her own dance studio. His wife tells him he’s crazy. He says he’s crazy in love with both of his girls.

Once again, Babe goes to sleep and has a vivid dream of Paul informing her that the helicopter crashed and that her baby’s incubator fell in the river. She wakes up gasping and panicking. But JR comes to her, holds her and assures her that everything is o.k, she just had a bad dream and has nothing to fear. He tells her there will be no more bad dreams, because he promises that nothing will ever happen to Bess, and he urges her to get some rest.

Krystal finds David again. He asks if Babe is o.k. She happily says her daughter is fine and tells him that he saved more than one life. But David looks like he’s still depressed and tells her it’s not necessary for her to keep thanking him. She asks if he’d like to have dinner. He replies yes.

Tad goes to the bar and asks the bartender for a draft. Then he notices a fire hydrant by the wall and says he will cancel that and instead order a double scotch. JR joins him and informs him that since he came so close to losing Babe and Bess, he cannot wait to have a new life together. Aidan joins them

In Bianca’s hospital room, Lena informs Bianca that she already talked to Paul Kramer. But Bianca tells Lena that it’s not necessary to ask Paul anything and that he cannot tell her anything she does not already know.

Anita enters Babe’s room and asks how she’s feeling. She says she’s happy to be better and have her baby and her husband there for her.

Greenlee sits by herself at the Valley Inn. The waiter asks what she’s having. She says she’d like to order somebody who cares about her. Something tall and cool, and something else; he cannot be hung up on another woman. Suddenly Kendall appears. Greenlee asks what she wants. She says she wants to settle this thing between them.


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