AMC Update Wednesday 4/7/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 4/7/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan and Palmer Cortland are at the Valley Inn. Tad appears. Palmer can tell that the two of them are up to something and doesn’t want to talk to them or help them. He asks why he should give them the time of day. Ryan answers that there are two reasons; Erica is missing and they know he might have enabled her to get away on his private jet. He keeps evading their questions until Kendall appears and tells him she’d like to know also.

Greenlee tries to urge Kendall to believe in her and forgive her. But Kendall will not. She says Greenlee cannot do anything to help Bianca, short of bringing Miranda back.

JR and Krystal sit by Babe’s bedside encouraging her to rest and get better and be proud of her beautiful baby girl, whom they are about to take home. She smiles. But she is still aware that something fishy happened when the chopper crashed. She drinks some water and says she feels better. She also speaks about remembering having her baby and the next thing she remembered was waking up in the hospital, but she wants to remember what happened in the crash. JR tells her she should not worry about the crash. All she needs to think about is getting better and going home with her baby. Krystal agrees. She tells them all she remembers about her heroic mission where she helped Bianca, and how she went into labor herself unexpectedly thereafter. They both sound very proud of her. Speaking about Bianca’s baby, she strangely still seems happy as though she knows that Bianca’s baby is all right.

Right when Bianca is walking out of her hospital room, determined to get her baby, she runs into Greenlee at the door, who asks her where she’s going. She replies that she has to go and get her baby. Greenlee questions her but she demands Greenlee gets out of her way. Greenlee asks Bianca where she plans to go in order to find her baby. She says she’s going back to the crash site. Greenlee informs her that she was there, with all the others, and knows what happens. Bianca tells Greenlee she needs to leave her alone and get a life of her own. But Greenlee demands that Bianca listens to her. Bianca says she knows all about Greenlee’s plans to hurt Kendall and that what Greenlee did to her sister and to everybody was inexcusable. But Greenlee urges Bianca to be practical and realize she is not dressed nor does she have a car to drive to the crash site. She then realizes that perhaps Kendall can help Bianca so she gets on the phone and calls Kendall, informing her that her sister needs her. But oddly, Bianca informs Greenlee that she does not need Kendall, she needs her. She tells Greenlee that she wants her to lend her her coat and walk her to the crash site and then lend her her car and she will go there. But Greenlee refuses and tells Bianca she needs to get back in bed and rest and only call Kendall if she needs help. Bianca tells Greenlee that she knows there were numerous heroic rescuers there to find Miranda, and she informs Greenlee that she somehow knows that Miranda is still alive, she can feel Miranda in her arms and knows she’s there. Greenlee sounds sensitive to Bianca’s feelings but believes she needs to see a counselor because the reality is that she will never see her baby again. But Bianca tells Greenlee that if she helps her then the two of them might actually have a shot at this “sister” thing after all. But Greenlee inquires to Bianca how she would be helping her if she takes her somewhere that will only make her feel worse. But Bianca keeps saying that she knows that Miranda is out there somehow and she cannot give up on finding her. Greenlee reflects that she had similar feelings when Leo died. And on that note, Bianca reminds Greenlee that Leo would want the two of them to get closer and for Greenlee to help her find Miranda. At that point Greenlee agrees and accompanies Bianca out the door. She also scribbles on a note that falls off the hospital bedside table.

Babe speaks to her husband and mother all about birthing, and how it’s all worth the pain. At that point, David Hayward and Anita enter and sound as though Babe can leave soon. JR kisses her and tells her he wants to go home and make everything right this time. Anita secretly exhibits a feeling of emptiness watching their intimacy, knowing that it’s missing from her marriage.

At the airport, standing by the phone, Bobbie has a flashback of urging his wife to take him back and his determination to get their marriage back, at any cost. He remembers telling her he had to go back to Vegas without her. But while remembering their last conversation, he hesitates to call her. He sees a woman who looks like Anita from the back. He turns her around and discovers that it’s not Anita, but Simone Torres whom he’s never met. Simone tells him that he can help her, since she just missed her flight. She offers to buy his ticket from him and pay double plus buy cocktails. She also seems to be interested that this strange man mistook her for someone else who must be very important to him. And she tells him he need not be disappointed. It sounds like she wants to get over Tad and find somebody else who may be feeling similar with wanting to get over somebody. She remains very persistent about getting his ticket from him, although he refuses. Her next offer is to give him a Fusion makeover. He refuses. Then, she offers a free gift certificate to give to his mother or his sister or his woman. And right then, she notices Tad standing by the phone. At that point, she starts pawing Bobbie in order to make Tad jealous. Assuming the two men do not know each other, Simone turns Bobbie around and greets Tad. Tad talks to both of them in a condescending way, informing Simone that Bobbie is married and makes a comment about Bobbie’s bad behavior with Tad’s niece and advises him to keep his pants zipped in the future. Then he departs. When Bobbie is alone, out of nowhere Anita appears and he forgets all about his interaction with Simone and Tad.

Palmer informs Tad, Ryan and Kendall that he put his plane at Erica’s disposal and his pilot would not tell him where he went. He tells them that Erica came to him and asked him for help and he could not deny her because he saw her in a desperate state unlike he’s ever seen her. Kendall and Ryan ask why, then, he did not stop her or at least contact her family and friends. He tells them that he intended to help Erica by respecting her wishes. But Tad reminds him that the last time he tried to help Erica, she almost confessed to a murder she did not commit. Palmer still sounds like he has no interest in disclosing the information that they want. After Palmer leaves, the waiter asks Kendall if she wants a drink. She says no, but Ryan informs him that the lady will have a Cosmo.

In Babe’s hospital room, David informs Babe, JR and Krystal that he only needs to run a few more tests, but as far as he can see, Babe is good to leave soon. JR surprisingly humbles himself by telling David how grateful he is to David for saving his wife’s life. When David leaves, Babe tells her husband, she’d like another car. They joke about what happened to her car during the flashflood. And she asks for something else, although she cannot get the words out.

Ryan expresses to Kendall that although Erica was out of line with her attitude about Bianca having the baby, Bianca must have really hurt Erica, no more justifiably, and that’s why Erica is missing. But Kendall fiercely defends her sister and says she will never forgive Erica. He takes her hand and tells her it is al right to be angry. She informs Ryan that she has pure anger toward Erica, in how Erica supposedly loves both Jackson and Bianca more than anything, until something does not go her way, and then they become meaningless to her. But Ryan seems to understand and justify more what Erica has been feeling and why she’s doing what she’s doing.

Greenlee and Bianca are out in the wilderness at the scene of the crash. Bianca somehow can sense what happened and she breaks down and cries. Greenlee also seems like she senses something. Bianca notices a teddy bear and some flowers. Greenlee apologizes for not warning her and informs her that the bear is from Jackson and the flowers are from Kendall, in memory of Miranda. Bianca pets the teddy bear and holds him in her arms as if he is Miranda.

Anita brings “Bess” into Babe’s room so Babe can hold her. JR is very happy to give his baby to her mother. Babe looks happy holding the baby that is supposed to be hers, but right at that moment, something hits her where she somehow knows that something is just not right. Krystal tells her daughter that she remembers herself having a shock when she held her as a baby for the first time. Babe, then returns to her loving way toward the baby.

Outside the hospital room, Krystal rushes to find David Hayward. She tells him she could care less what anybody says about him and tells him she will always be so grateful to him for saving her daughter’s life. She impulsively kisses him; right when, unknown to both of them, Tad appears. David kisses her back. And Tad looks jealous at what he witnesses.

Right when Greenlee urges Bianca to get out of the cold and get back in the car, Bianca can hear a baby crying.

While Babe is with the baby girl, she has a memory of Paul delivering her baby and announcing that she had a boy. JR asks her what’s wrong.

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