AMC Update Tuesday 4/6/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/6/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Jack confronts Bobbie after Bobbie tells Jack he wouldn’t tell him where Erica was if he knew. Jack finds out for the first time, through Greenlee that Bobbie and Erica went to Philly together. And Jack finds out, for the first time, from Bobbie that Erica told him that she wanted to get away from Jack. Bobbie learns, for the first time, from Jack that Jack is Erica’s fiancé.

Kendall and Ryan stand outside the maternity ward looking in the window at the baby whom they believe is Bess Chandler. She asks him how it was a miracle Bianca was found and saved, but how could Miranda be gone? Ryan does everything he can to encourage her to believe that there must be a miracle somewhere if they look for it. She tells him that the only way for things to be all right for her would be for Bess and Miranda to grow up together. But he tells her that maybe what this tragedy was meant for, was to make people who love each other realize how much more important the love is than the petty differences. For the first time, she faces him and doesn’t have anything contradictory to say.

Babe is in her hospital room, drifting in and out of consciousness, saying something about Paul Kramer and indicating that something is not right. JR expresses, to Krystal, his anger toward Paul. But she urges him to let it go and be happy for what they have, for Babe’s sake. He leaves and Krystal goes to her daughter, telling her that that was a close call and that she will make certain that her marriage to Paul is annulled and that neither Adam nor JR ever knows about it.

After catching Liza red-handed going into his home and getting on his computer, Tad tries to sound like he wants her out. But does he really? And she has as much trouble looking like she has no feelings for him.

Maggie and Jamie have breakfast together. He sounds depressed and like he’s feeling guilty for his misguided belief that he’d hook up with Babe, which almost ended his friendship with JR and his family. She consoles him telling him she knows he only wanted what he thought was best for people he cared for. She mentions how devastated she is over losing Miranda. Jamie mentions how he wishes he had a friendship as good as her’s with Bianca. They also talk about their own relationship and confirm that they are not emotionally attached or in love, but they are good friends and glad to be together.

Greenlee urges Bobbie to tell her and Jack anything he might know about Erica. He truthfully tells them that he knows nothing about where she might be right now and that he didn’t get to know her that well. But Greenlee points out, and reveals to Jack, that when he and Erica ran into her and Ryan, they looked pretty cozy to her.

Jack goes to find Kendall and Ryan and asks if Ryan might have heard from Erica. He says he doesn’t but offers to help Jack and Tad find her. Kendall still has her resentment of her mother. At that moment, Greenlee appears which instantly causes Kendall to lash out at her and demand she leaves. But Greenlee says she is there for her father and accuses Kendall of not caring about her own mother. Kendall tells Greenlee that nobody will ever forgive her for what she’s done. But Jack informs Kendall that he has forgiven his daughter and urges her to do so also, although she refuses.

Bianca tells Lena that she will not give up on trying to find Miranda. She tells her that she needs to get in contact with Paul Kramer, that she already left a message for him but he did not return it. Lena promises her that she will do everything she can to get to the bottom of what happened in the crash and what happened to Miranda. Lena finds Paul and demands that he starts talking. Although he tries to blow her off, tells her he’s busy and gives the reason for not getting back to Bianca, as not wanting to cause her more pain for her loss, Lena knows he’s hiding something and she cannot believe a word he says. She tells him that if he doesn’t start coming clean, she will make him the sorriest son of a bitch who ever walked the face of the earth.

Reggie goes to visit Bianca. He cannot speak and is ready to cry. But she’s happy to see him and they hold each other. At that moment, they are interrupted by a phone call for Jack. She asks Reggie if he can go and find Jack to give him the message. He finds Jack and notices he’s walked right into a nasty argument between Kendall and Greenlee, which Jack is trying unsuccessfully to resolve. Jack leaves the three of them alone to get his message. And Kendall discovers, to her dismay that Reggie has also forgiven Greenlee. The two women keep arguing until Jack comes back and demands that all of them stop this behavior and says that if this family cannot pull together for Bianca, and in order to help Erica in her time of need, then they have no chance. At that point everybody shuts up. Greenlee asks him what his message was about. He says it was from his daughter, Lily. She is having problems and he needs to be there for him. When Jack is alone with Kendall, she apologizes to him if her behavior was out of line. But he tells her that he’s not so concerned about that as he is about her and how she cannot allow herself to love and trust.

Ryan goes to Tad’s and observes Tad’s uncanny knack of flirting with flight attendants in order to find out all the information he needs. At last, it looks like they have a lead on Erica and the two of them walk out the door, looking as though they have finally made some headway in their investigation.

Babe and JR are ready to take the baby they believe is their “Bess” home. But at that very moment, Bianca somehow knows that Miranda is leaving and she gets out of her hospital room in order to find Miranda.

Paul finds out that his sister Kelly and her husband have bonded with their new baby, whom he stole for them. But Kelly demands that Paul finds out medical information about the baby’s biological family so that she can protect him if gets sick or needs medical care. Paul knows there could be a problem if he has to do that.

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