AMC Update Monday 4/5/04

All My Children Update Monday 4/5/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Jack is on the phone at the hospital. He tells someone that they will be the first to know when he finds Erica. He's going to keep looking, but he's running out of ideas. He hangs up and finds Tad. Jack asks for his help. He tells Tad about Erica and says no one knows where to reach her. Tad says maybe that's the way it should be. Jack says Erica is tied up in knots over the baby situation and she shouldn't be alone. Tad asks that if he does find her, how can he bring her home. He can't throw her into the trunk. Jack tells him to just find her and make sure she's safe. He tells Tad that Erica is drinking. Tad agrees to help.

Bianca tells Ryan and Kendall that she promised Babe she would care for Miranda. She insists on seeing the baby. She stands up out of her wheel chair and says that little girl is going to know how much her mother loves her. Kendall tries to talk Bianca out of looking at the baby because it will make her pain deeper. Bianca protests and says Babe wants her to. She has to do this. She walks to the nursery and sees Anita from behind holding the baby. While Bianca doesn't see the baby, she says "my baby" and cries hysterically. Ryan leads Bianca back to her room. Back in her room, Bianca apologizes. She says she thought she could do it. Ryan and Kendall tell her there is nothing she has to apologize for. Bianca says when she went to the nursery she thought the baby was Miranda. She can still feel her presence. She asks Ryan if he saw the search. Is there any possibility Miranda could have survived since her body was not found? Ryan says if he thought that he would still be out there. Bianca says if there's one chance in a million Miranda is alive, she'll find her. She will never give up looking for her. Bianca tells Ryan she wants to settle the Cambias estate. It's all his now, she says. Ryan says they can do that later but Bianca wants to do it now. She's ready to sign the paperwork. Ryan says if there's ever anything she needs, it's her's. Bianca says she wants to be alone, and Kendall and Ryan leave her room. Bianca calls for Dr. Martin.

Greenlee asks Bobby why he's following and watching her. Bobby says he just happened to be walking by and heard her conversation with Ryan. He asks if she's mad because he wants the other girl and doesn't want her? Greenlee calls him a nameless intruder who's trying to comment on her life. Bobby agrees he's an intruder and apologizes. As he leaves, she stops him. She tells him about the relationship of Kendall and Ryan. She asks how can you love someone who doesn't trust you. Bobby says he can, relating it to himself. Greenlee asks whose trust he lost. Bobby only tells Greenlee that she's like him. They both screwed up while trying to make it right. He tells Greenlee that unlike most women he meets, he likes her. Greenlee tells him he's growing on her too. Bobby finds that Anita has walked into the room. Bobby introduces Anita to Greenlee as his wife. With Greenlee listening, Anita tells Bobby she can't take him to the airport because she's too busy at work. He says he'll wait for her. After Anita leaves, Greenlee asks if she's the one who doesn't trust him. Bobby admits that she is.

Later, Anita finds Bobby waiting for her. She tells him waiting is not a good idea. He tries to explain his conversation with Greenlee but Anita is not interested. Bobby says he'll do anything to get her back. Anita says she hates what goes through her head when he sees him with another woman. She hates going back to how she felt when she learned he was having an affair. She thought their marriage was solid until Tracy dropped the bomb. She says that one phone call detonated her entire life. Bobby suggests they go to counseling, but Anita says she can't trust him. She can't trust that he won't cheat again. She says they need to go on with their lives. It's not fair to either one of them. Bobby tells her not to walk out on them.

Greenlee finds Jack at the hospital and sees he is dejected. She asks if it is about Miranda. He says it's partially Miranda. He can't lose anyone else. Greenlee assures him he won't lose her. She asks if there's anything she can do to make him feel better. He says no, but she urges him to talk to her about it. He shows her Erica's note and tells her he's going to find her. Greenlee says she's met someone who could give him a lead. She takes Jack to Bobby. Jack asks Bobby if he knows where Erica is. Bobby says if he did, he sure as hell wouldn't tell him.

Liza meets Mia at BJs to talk to her about Tad. She says that while Tad is taking a sabbatical from women, Krystal is turning up the heat. She wants to learn Krystal's secret in an attempt to get rid of her. Mia says she wont' help her. Liza tells Mia that she's the one who told her to go after Tad. Mia tells her to look at how she screwed things up with Aidan. She turned into a stalker and didn't listen to him when he said it was over with Kendall. Mia suggests that spreading this secret around could hurt JR and Babe. Liza says she might be able to make Krystal leave town without harming JR and Babe. She's not going to let Tad toss her aside to play house with Krystal.

Later, Liza goes to Tad's house and searches for a key. She finds one under a flower pot and lets herself in. She turns on his laptop computer but before she can find anything she hears someone coming. She dives behind the sofa as Tad lets himself in. He is perplexed to notice his computer is still on and yells to see if Jamie is there. He decides to sit down and begin his search for Erica. He says he needs a number upstairs and goes to get it. Liza manages to stay hidden and tries to sneak out after he goes upstairs. As she opens the door to leave, she is surprised to see Tad standing outside the door.

Dr. Martin goes to see Bianca and tells her everything looks good. He asks why she really wanted to see him. She says she wants to talk to the pilot of the helicopter. Later, Bianca is seen calling Paul Kramer and leaving a message for him to call her. After hanging up, she says she needs to find out what happened to her baby. Kendall and Ryan look at "Bess" in the nursery. Kendall asks why that couldn't be Miranda. She starts crying and says she'd give anything if it was. Ryan says he would give anything to take the pain away. They embrace.

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