AMC Update Friday 4/2/04

All My Children Update Friday 4/2/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

With JR by her side, Babe continues to mutter for Paul not to take her baby. Meanwhile, Bianca dreams about Miranda and wakes up in her hospital room to find Lena and Maggie sleeping in the room. She tells them she was dreaming about Miranda. "I need to hold her again," she says. "Will you bring me to her?" Greenlee's at the hospital and tells Kendall she wants to see Bianca. Kendall tells her she'll have to kill her first.

A robed-clad Krystal, who has been in the nursery with baby "Bess", rolls the infant into the hallway with Anita. The baby is just outside Bianca's room and Bianca hears the baby's cries. "It's her, that's my baby," Bianca says. She tells Lena and Maggie to bring her baby to her. Lena tells Bianca that her baby is not here. Bianca claims her baby is right outside. Krystal rolls the baby past Greenlee, Kendall and Ryan and says she's taking the baby to her momma. Bianca notices the baby has stopped crying. Lena tells her that was not Miranda. She asks Bianca is she remembers how she got here. Bianca thinks back and remembers that her baby is gone. But she says Miranda still feels so close. Kendall stares into Bianca's room and tells Greenlee that Bianca is off limits. Greenlee says she wants to say she's sorry. Kendall says the last thing Bianca needs is Greenlee's sympathy. Kendall goes into see Bianca. Bianca tells her that Miranda could still be alive. Earthquake survivors sometimes are pulled from rubble days later. Someone could have found Miranda. Kendall says no, she's sorry. Bianca asks who's baby she heard crying. Kendall says it was Babe's baby. Her name is Bess, she says. Bianca says Babe must be on Cloud 9. She realizes something is wrong by the looks on Kendall's and Lena's faces. She asks if Babe and her baby are all right? Kendall tells Bianca that Babe has an infection but she's going to be OK. Bianca says Babe was so strong for her, now she has to do the same for her. She asks Kendall to take her to see Babe.

Babe continues dreaming about Paul taking her baby right after she gave birth. She remembers him putting the baby in the incubator. "My baby, don't take him," she calls out. She also mentions Paul's name. JR tells her that Kramer is not here and he won't be coming back. Krystal rolls the baby into Babe's room. JR picks her up and tells Babe she's absolutely perfect. "My baby," Babe says. JR brings the baby to Babe and tells her "it's our Bess." Babe looks confused and JR asks her what's wrong. As she looks at the baby, she sees her with blurred vision. She says everything is blurry and she can't see her baby. Anita says Babe is delirious with fever. Krystal takes the baby and leaves.

Outside the nursery, Adam and Tad are arguing about Tad's role in the new baby's life. Adam says he doesn't want Tad to be a part of Bess's life but Tad says JR was Dixie's son too and he's going to be involved with the baby. Adam tells Tad that Krystal and Babe are playing him like a fiddle. He knows a gold-digging con artist when he sees one. He would have gotten rid of them long ago if it hadn't been for Tad and Jamie interfering. Tad reminds him he got a grandchild out of the deal. Krystal rolls the baby by Adam and Tad. After Adam leaves, Krystal gives Tad a robe he can wear while he holds the baby. As Tad sits and holds the baby, he and Krystal share a tender moment.

Greenlee tells Ryan that Kendall is right. It wouldn't help Bianca to see her. She asks Ryan to give Bianca the "yesterday, today and tomorrow" necklace that Leo gave her. She says she has hundreds of memories with Leo, so she doesn't need this one. Leo loved Bianca and she wants Bianca to be reminded that Leo is keeping her baby safe and loved. She hopes it brings Bianca some comfort. Ryan gives the necklace back to Greenlee and says she can give it to Bianca herself when the time is right. Ryan is upset after the Cambias estate lawyers try to reach him. He says he wishes he never met Alexander Cambias and that the estate was buried with him. Greenlee says Alexander saw something in Ryan and trusted him enough to turn over his estate to him. Ryan is upset that Bianca is left with nothing. Greenlee tells him he can use the Cambias money to build hospitals and conduct research in the name of Miranda. That way some good can come from this bad. Greenlee says she hopes she didn't mess things up with Ryan and Kendall. If he chooses Kendall over her, she'll be cool with that. Ryan doesn't want to talk about this and leaves. Bobby approaches Greenlee and says her friend has it bad for Kendall.

Kendall takes Bianca to see Babe. Bianca says she wants to thank Babe and ask her everything she remembers about Miranda. As Bianca enters Babe's room, JR tells her how sorry he is. Bianca says she wants to talk to Babe. Babe, who has a 103-degree fever, wakes up to talk to Bianca. She says she was so scared she was going to lose her friend. Babe asks Bianca how is that precious baby of hers. A stunned Bianca glares at JR. Miranda is OK, isn't she, Babe asks. Bianca tells her everything is OK and not to worry. She just needs to worry about getting well. Babe asks Bianca to take care of Bess if she dies. Bianca tells her she's going to be fine but she'll always be there for her and Bess. As Babe drifts off again, Bianca starts crying.

Jack finds a note from Erica in her penthouse. He reads it, looks dismayed and notices an empty wine glass. Worried, he leaves. He runs into Kendall, who notices he is distracted by something. Jack tells Kendall about the note from Erica. Kendall reads the note in which Erica says she's going away for awhile and doesn't want to be found, especially by Jack. She signs the note "Erica Kane." Jack says he has to find Erica. Kendall urges him to not take the bait. Erica wants him to chase after her so she can tell him everything he's done wrong and crush his soul. Jack says he won't turn his back on Erica, not ever.

Kendall goes back into Babe's room and finds comforts Bianca. As she takes Bianca back to her room, they run into Ryan. Ryan hugs Bianca as she cries. She tells them she needs to see Babe's baby.

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