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All My Children Update Thursday 4/1/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee is at a coffee shop by herself when she gets a call on her call phone. It’s Reggie. He’s afraid that she will hang up on him. But she says she could not resist his insults, in a joking way. He is calling from the music shop, where he’s still staying, surrounded by Danielle, the store manager and cops. He tells Greenlee he needs her help. When she arrives, Reggie asks if they can cut him a break. Greenlee tries to defend her foster brother. The cop asks if she’s his lawyer. She replies no. He suggests that, in that case, she needs to keep quiet. Danielle protests that it is they, not she and Reggie, who could be busted for locking them in the store. They could be charged with unlawful imprisonment. She inquires what would happen if there were a fire. When Greenlee is alone with Reggie and Danielle, she confronts Danielle about her very foolish behavior and how she has no consideration for Reggie, setting him up for consequences, with his previous rap-sheet and his good faith effort to stay on the right side of the law and clean up his act. Greenlee talks privately to Reggie and asks why he did not call Jack instead of her. He tells her that he knows that Jack has too much going on, right now, Jack is devastated with what’s happened and does not need this. She agrees but warns him that he needs to stop this ridiculous behavior and his trusting of this girl. When they rejoin Danielle and the cops, Danielle surprises them, telling them that she has persuaded the cops to drop charges against her. The three of them then go to the coffee shop and Greenlee inquires just what Danielle could have said to convince the cops to drop the charges. Danielle doesn’t answer but tells Greenlee that maybe in the future she can trust her.

At that moment, Mia and Simone enter the coffee shop. They wonder, seeing Greenlee, what they are supposed to say to her. Should they go over and say: “Hi, Greenlee. Have you ruined any lives, lately?” Greenlee goes over and sits with them and apologizes for all she’s done. But it sounds as though they don’t buy it. Mia speaks about what Greenlee has done to Kendall and how it looks like Greenlee has “hooked up” again with Ryan. Greenlee tries to assure her two former colleagues that she is not about to “move in” on Ryan and take him from Kendall. She says she and Ryan are just friends. Mia doesn’t seem to believe a word she says. Simone sounds friendly, admitting that she misses the days when the four of them were the fab four, but her tone sounds somewhat sarcastic. Greenlee can sense she is not welcome talking to the two of them and she gets up and leaves and rejoins Reggie and Danielle.

Kendall wakes up on her couch and is surprised to notice that Ryan is still there, watching over her while she sleeps. She tells him that it was very kind of him to stay there. She tells him he did not have to. She assures him that she is o.k. now. But he tells her he knows that she is not. She tells him that it’s o.k. if he leaves. He asks if she wants him to go. She tells him she’s not kicking him out; she’s not that callous. She tells him she can make him a cup of coffee. She goes to make the coffee and tells him that she knows she’s hardly ever home and doesn’t have a lot of food in her home. Ryan notices the fire is dying and suggests putting on another log. She notices something, and right away he can tells it’s something very important to her. He notices that it’s a brochure from the animal shelter and asks if Kendall is adopting a pet. Kendall says that was her present to Bianca and Miranda at the baby shower. She was going to give Miranda her very first puppy to raise and to love with Bianca. She cries when she remembers it. She tells Ryan that she cannot spend time and energy worrying about anything except staying strong for Bianca. He tells her that she needs to realize the enormous good she’s already done for Bianca. He tells Kendall that he knows that she can help Bianca get through this. At that moment, there is a knock on the door. A strange man says he’s looking for Ryan Lavery. He says he’s an attorney representing Cambias Industries. Ryan informs the man that he no longer has any financial interest in Cambias Industries. But the man makes a comment about the “current heir” of Cambias Industries being diseased. At that moment, Kendall lashes out at him, demanding he shuts up and gets out of her home. She tells him how dare he barges into her home after what has happened to her sister and her niece, as if they don’t even matter. Ryan restrains her and tells her he will handle this. He takes the man outside. The man tells him that if he is the head of Cambias Industries, he needs to address some legal matters. Ryan urges him that this is not a good time and these issues need to wait. And he tells the man that if he bothers Ms. Hart or goes near Bianca Montgomery, he will not only fire the man, he will kill him. The man agrees to Ryan’s terms. And sensing a meeting of the minds, Ryan courteously tells him to have a good day and sends him on his way. Kendall tells Ryan that she wants to get back to see Bianca. He offers to drive her. She asks if he does not trust her to drive herself. But the defensiveness ends and they agree to go and be there for Bianca, together.

David Hayward informs a worried Krystal that if she leaves her daughter in this hospital, it’s going to kill her. He tells her Babe needs to be moved somewhere else where she can get better care.

JR leans over his wife’s bedside assuring her that their baby is perfect. But she seems to know that something is not right. Babe is mumbling something about Bess not being the right baby. JR assumes what she’s trying to say is that she’d rather name their baby something else. He suggests the name Charlotte. He keeps assuring her that they have all the time in the world and she must get some rest so she can get out of there. But she keeps telling him that she needs to know something. It sounds like he has no clue what she’s thinking and feeling.

Paul Kramer stares through the glass at the newborn babies, having a flashback of how he delivered Babe’s baby. At that moment, he is startled when Adam Chandler grabs him by the collar and demands that he stays away from that baby girl. Paul makes nice to Adam, telling him that he knows that the baby and Babe were in his care. But Adam informs Paul that it’s odd that paul would look so nervous, after everything turned out o.k. with Babe’s baby. But he also informs Paul that Bianca Montgomery and her family are devastated by Paul’s failure in his rescue effort. Paul tries to convince Adam that he has misjudged him. But Adam can see right through his falseness.

Dr. Joe Martin tells David and Krystal that Babe is just fine with the care she’s getting in his hospital. But David protests that Babe is delirious, she’s running a fever. He says he knows what he’s talking about. He’s a cardiologist and knows that her fever could affect her heart. Hearing that, Krystal declares that she only trusts Dr. Hayward to be treating her daughter. But she finds opposition. JR comes by and announces that he will not let David Hayward treat his wife. Dr. Joe informs Krystal that David has been suspended from practicing cardiology at his hospital and if Krystal were to choose to entrust David’s help, it would have to be done elsewhere. Krystal asks Tad what he’d do if his family member were dying. Tad admits that David is not exactly his favorite person. But he tells her that when it comes to saving Babe’s life, David is her best bet. JR protests that he cannot trust David Hayward. But Krystal says that Babe’s life is more important than his attitude about David. David agrees that the time they spend arguing is time that Babe does not have. JR talks to Tad alone and protests that David ruined his deceased mother’s life. But Tad manages to convince his stepson that they must put aside their personal differences with David and trust his medical expertise to save Babe’s life. When they rejoin the other people involved, in response to Adam Chandler’s reminding Dr. Joe that David is presently not on the hospital staff, Joe announces that he will grant David temporary authorization to practice cardiology and be Babe’s doctor.

Paul goes and talks to an unconscious Babe, assuming she cannot hear a word he says. He tells her that she needs to keep his secret. He tells her that she needs to get it through her “cotton candy-head” that she had a baby girl, the one that survived in the crash. She seems not to respond. And he makes some comment about what would happen if she did not wake up at all. Paul’s voice speaks his thoughts while he remains silent. In his thoughts, he justifies himself, telling her that he knows that she and her family can take care of Bianca’s baby. And he knows that his sister, Kelly can take care of Babe’s real baby. But he mentions JR and Adam Chandler threatened him so he had no choice except to lie and tell them that the baby, who is really Bianca’s is theirs. He speaks to her, pointing his finger at her. He says: “Kelly deserves this baby. She’d make a much better mother than you!” Unknown to him, he is heard by JR and David Hayward who just walk in the door. JR demands to know what Paul has just said to his wife.

Krystal later goes and acknowledges Tad for doing the right thing by her daughter. Tad makes a comment that although he did not beat David to a pulp, there’s always tomorrow. But, she speaks, on a serious note, telling him that it takes a mighty big man to put aside his personal attitude as he just did. Tad tells her that David is a snake but he’s an excellent doctor and he will save Babe’s life.

JR confronts Paul, outside the hospital room. Paul attempts to explain to JR, his “history” with Babe. JR tells Paul that their “history” is annulled. But Paul reminds JR that he delivered Babe’s child, in the cabin, and JR was not there. JR tells Paul that he cannot entirely “praise” him with what has happened to Bianca’s baby. Paul sounds, almost as if he has a conscience, that if there was anything he could do to prevent what happened to Bianca’s baby, he’d have done it. JR tells Paul that Babe does not yet know what happened to Bianca’s baby and they will not tell her because it would devastate her. Paul makes a comment about how telling her that would slow her recovery process, and “acknowledges” JR for making a good call. JR snaps at Paul, telling him he does not need any “validation” from him. Paul says he will come back and visit Babe again. But JR tells him he needs to leave and not come back. At that moment, David comes out and informs JR that Babe has regained consciousness. JR is still hostile to David. He tells David that if he fails to save Babe, he will never forgive him. David tells JR that will not happen. He says he realizes JR dislikes him, but he will save Babe and JR will praise him and apologize when she gets better. JR tells him he’s one arrogant bastard. David tells JR that he always wins and proves people wrong, and that makes JR’s wife a very lucky woman.

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